Hustlers University Review: The Truth Revealed

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Hustlers University Review

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This is a definitive Hustlers University Review.

First, this is a course revolving around helping you make money online.

That said, I took a deep dive into the course to find out if it is all hype with no substance.

  • In this definitive review, I've covered the following:
  • What the course is all about
  • Who created the training
  • Whether the program is worth your money
  • Hustlers University alternative

Let's get cracking.

Quick Facts About Hustlers University

For starters, Andrew Tate had closed Hustlers University registration after a series of his infamous ban. He only reopened it recently.

While the course highlights some legit strategies to help learners make money online, there are also alternative programs for people looking to quit 9-to-5 or create a side hustle.

There's one thing Tate has mastered over the years — the art of marketing. He's a super-marketer who knows how to pull the right string to draw his audience's attention.

Still, Tate isn't the star entrepreneur he claims to be. He's not even a master digital marketer, crypto investor, or eCommerce expert.

Sure, Andrew Take is pretty smart. I'll give him that. And Hustlers University can help you learn the ropes of making money online. However, the course offers basic affiliate marketing training, among other entry-level skills.

Here's the thing.

You cannot build a stable business making $50 per month, which equates to $600 per year — which is what Hustlers University purports to help learners do. 

Make no mistake about it; anyone can make money online and find financial freedom. First, however, you need to establish a sustainable business model. 

In fact, all you need to do to find most of the information in Andrew Tate's Hustler University is to conduct a simple Google or YouTube search. 

It is important to note that Tate has a cult-like following, and perhaps that's his biggest asset. He knows how to stir conversations, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's always right or you should follow him blindly. 

I want to point out that it is definitely possible to learn how to make money online by enrolling in the right courses. 

Take Legendary Marketer, for instance.

The company was built by David Sharpe, one of the most successful digital marketers who's amassed over 500 million in online sales. 

Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine named Sharpe as an internet marketing icon.

What does this tell you?

Sharpe has hands-on experience building a successful online business, so he knows tried-and-tested online money skills. 

While Hustler University isn't a get-rich-quick or an MLM pyramid scheme, it is based on helping students make money online as fast as possible. 

Andrew Tate is on record pushing learners to promote the course heavily for a 50% lifetime commission. As a result, the course generated rave reviews, albeit incentivized. 

Tate ushers thousands of young, budding entrepreneurs into his luxury world, showing them "how to get there" while encouraging them to promote his teachings. 

In reality, it takes more than just beginner-level copywriting or affiliate marketing knowledge to make a big buck online.

Simply put, Hustler's University money-making skills aren't practical or sustainable. 

What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University

Hustlers University is an online course that claims to equip learners with high ROI skills to enable them to create wealth.

The program brings together a community of money experts and entrepreneurs training hundreds of thousands of students across the globe with skills like eCommerce, crypto, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and copywriting.

Hustlers University promises to help learners lay the foundation required to generate a passive income online in a few weeks.

The core of this program is a shrewd strategy — enroll as many students as possible, show and motivate them to promote Hustlers University, pay a 50 percent commission, and rake in positive feedback and frequent student success stories in the process. Rinse, repeat.

Hustlers University was founded in 2021 after the success of another online program, The War Room, by the same creator. I'll talk about the founder in a short while.

How Created Hustlers University?

Andrew Tate

Hustlers University is the brainchild of Andrew Tate.

Born Emory Andrew Tate III, he is a controversial online figure and sensation.

He's also a kickboxer, media personality, influencer, and entrepreneur. Tate is the son of an American chess master, Emory Tate, and a kickboxer. Tate's family moved to the United Kingdom when he was a teenager.

As a kickboxer, Tate achieved significant success, bagging four world championships. He retired early to focus on influencer marketing and entrepreneurship.

Outside the kickboxing ring, Tate has attracted all sorts of controversy, primarily due to his anti-feminist remarks.

While Tate has a huge following on socials, he's loved and hated in equal measure.

So controversial is Tate that he has been banned from almost every major social media platform, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, because of violating community guidelines under the dangerous individuals and organizations clause.

He was recently reinstated on Twitter after Elon Musk took over, where he earned a million followers in 24 hours.

Back to the Hustlers University Review.

Who is Hustlers University Created For?

Andrew Tate Hustler's University undertakes to help you build a profitable online business from the get-go through high ROI money-making skills. I am not a pessimist, but this promise is too over-ambitious.

Tate talks about several business models, and different from other online courses, learners have access to private Discord servers, enabling them to compare notes freely.

Still, you can find most of the information in this program free elsewhere. Besides, most tactics taught in the course no longer work.

In my honest opinion, I feel that Tate launched Hustlers University as a way of preying on his vulnerable following, which is mostly made up of young people.

The course is about enabling Andrew to expand his brand and make more money with zero regard for how his students will benefit.

Andrew Tate's Controversy and Wealth 

The spotlight started to shine on Andrew Take inside the kickboxing ring, where he performed well, rising the ranks to become a world champion. 

He's also featured in several British reality TV shows.

It wasn't until he got into online businesses that he started to draw "real" attention.

Tate peddles the narrative that he generates money from running casinos, a webcam business, and investing in cryptocurrency.

Indeed, you can make money using these business models. Still, I've seen ordinary folks who've made money in cryptocurrencies, and they're nowhere near being called "experts."

For instance, some people bought Bitcoin when it was trading for a few dollars and sold it at over $60. That doesn't make them experts. I'd call such investors risk-averse, at best.

Andrew Tate's webcam business exists, and there's lots of evidence. The irony is that Tate says he generated his money from this business, not e-Commerce, writing, or the other skills he teaches in his course.

He seems to have made his money from the webcam business and invested it in cryptocurrency.

Tate's Controversy

Tate wasn't as popular during his kickboxing career days as he is now.

People started to notice him after his teachings became viral on social media. But he went a step further.

Andrew started flaunting his wealth on social media, targeting young, ambitious men with an identity crisis.

The idea was to position himself as the figure to look up to millions of youths worldwide, still trying to figure out how to make it in life.

Tate courts controversy because of what he intuitively says to gain views without caring about the negative impact his statement may have on the audience.

He's on record, for instance, saying it's wrong for women to drive and that men own them.

Even though some of his statements are blown out of proportion sometimes, it'd be best if Andrew toned down a little bit, especially with his language.

Besides, it's not good to trigger controversy to attract attention.

If Andrew Tate's Hustler's University were what it claims to be, the founder wouldn't use unscrupulous strategies to promote it.

And Who is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate is a name that comes up whenever you talk about Andrew Tate.

Tristan is Andrew's brother and a former MMA fighter who also manages webcam businesses.

And just like his brother, he is an accomplished digital marketer.

Hustlers University Review

As I mentioned, Andrew Tate's course teaches nothing new. Most strategies he advocates for making money online no longer deliver the desired result. Plus, the info is available for free on the internet.

There is a lot of bad advice and hogwash in the program.

While Tate has upgraded the course by releasing Hustlers University 2.0 and 3.0, the information is still basic.

Plus, the program contains lots of pushy pitches to promote the training — not good.

Hustlers University 2.0 Review 

One thing that caught my attention about the Hustlers University video lessons right out of the box is the audio.

The sound is horrible throughout the entire course.

Despite all the glitz Andrew Tate flaunts on social media platforms, he needed to invest in a good microphone. Or maybe he recorded the course in his basement.

You need to listen to the program in bits lest you spoil your eardrums. Better yet, don't use your earphones.

The sound is a turn-off.

As you continue listening to the course, you'll quickly notice that Tate digresses from teaching you how to earn money online.

He rambles on and on about how the system is skewed against you and how you can wrestle your way out.

Anyone looking for legitimate business ventures would be disappointed with what Andrew Tare claims in the course.

I recommend joining other online programs like Legendary Marketer if you're looking for practical advice on making money with TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

Otherwise, check out My #1 Recommendation for Building an Online Business

Hustlers University Structure

Here's what you'll be ushered into once you join Hustlers University;

You'll start by choosing a skill, including Amazon FBA, eCommerce, freelancing, and copywriting.

Hustlers University structure 1

These are more or less marketed like a get-rich-quick scheme that promises to help generate profits fast and scale your efforts to build a six-figure income.

Once you've hit the ceiling, Andrew Tate claims he'll show you how to double your income with stocks or crypto.

Hustlers University structure 2

In addition, Tate will show you how to grow your business even further by teaching you how to change your mindset.

While there are some valuable nuggets inside the three steps, it is something you can find in free courses online.

Hustlers University structure 3

The information isn't worth the $50 ongoing monthly subscription.

All Hustlers University students have direct access to a Discord account. At this point, you can choose between the following:

  • Amazon FBA campus
  • Freelance campus
  • Affiliate marketing campus
  • Stocks campus
  • Copywriting campus
  • Ecommerce campus
  • Crypto campus

Tip: If you really want to learn Amazon FBA, many better alternatives are available. Check my full list of the best Amazon FBA courses if you want to start an Amazon business. 

Hustlers University 2.0 Professors

Nearly 90% of the professors in Hustlers University 2.0 and 3.0 feature in War Room.

For starters, War Room is one of Andrew Tate's earlier programs that cost $5,000. It also has a Telegram channel that seeks to connect with Tate's fans. 

The War Room targets young in their 20s who are cash-poor and time rich. This group of men doesn't know who they are, where they are, and what they want to be. They consider Andrew Tate as their to-go-to person for life advice.

Hustlers University claims that young men should be running a profitable business despite living in a world that's against their pursuit of success. 

The question is if the system were rigged against young men, would Tate and his cabal make money online in the first place? Everyone would be poor if that's how the world works. 

So, to drive the point home, Andrew Tate brings in reasonably successful "professors" to show you legitimate businesses you can start to help you prosper.

A good online course should help you in detail how to leverage an individual business model to generate a sustainable income. The program should take you through a step-by-step process to help you make passive income.

The last thing you want is a person bragging about how rich they are and the women while pushing you to promote their course.

Besides, when you take a closer look at the crypto and stocks the professors recommend in the course, you'll see they're just being speculative. They have little grasp of what's going on in the stock or crypto markets.

✨My #1 Recommendation for Building an Online Business

Hustlers University Reviews

By now, you know that there are tons of reviews about Hustlers University.

But, even more depressing, the positive feedback is from people who've signed up for Hustler's University affiliate program.

Do you know what this means?

It implies that the person promoting the course will get paid if you join Hustlers University. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for a positive review from an independent student.

So, if you come across a person who is head over heels about this program, they're doing it to fatten their bank account.

After all, the program pays a 50% commission for every monthly subscription that you bring in.

The Discord Server 

Despite the name, this is an online course, so the Hustlers University physical location doesn't exist.

Instead, the video lessons are hosted in a single Discord server. Think of it as a private community with lots of discussions going on.

Hustler's University models the same strategy used by the likes of Netz Trades, Stock VIP, Tai Lopez, and other flamboyant influencers.

But even more shocking, Discord is primarily designed for gamers. It isn't created for people to exchange business ideas as with the Hustlers community.

The funny thing is that Andrew Tate and his team claim to hate gaming, referring to gamers as losers.

Moreover, there's no moderator to control the discussion, which makes the entire process chaotic and spammy.

Shocking as this may sound, the random instances of moderation were done by students who'd agreed to take the job to please Andrew Tate.

Plus, Discord is designed for live streaming while enabling private communication between users.

Perhaps, Andrew chose Discord because of its appeal to young, shy men. Besides, the platform allows him to interact with students in private without the risk of being censored.

So, if the shy men would rather hide in Discord, why not use it to reach them?

In addition, Discord's setup makes it hard to learn everything seamlessly. The interface is confusing and disorganized for online courses.

Better crafted online business programs like The Real World are easier to follow and progress from one lesson to another. Also, you have access to a thriving community of current and past learners where you can interact freely and openly.

Further, the courses' creators organize live question-and-answer sessions where you get insights from true experts. That's a complete shift from Hustler's University, where random, inexperienced kids run the show.

Hustlers University Review – Student's Results 

As I mentioned, there is a sufficient number of frequent student success stories from Hustler's University.

I am not convinced these students are making money online by leveraging the skills they learned in the course.

For instance, the course teaches basic affiliate marketing training. However, the lessons and skills aren't enough to help students to generate a reasonable income through affiliate marketing.

Let's analyze this review by a user by the name of kai-typhoon.

"Hey guys, been on here for 2 months now! Just released my second collection for a clothing brand. I made 3.6K in a day. So grateful for the e-Commerce campus and the professors."

Kai-Typhoon review about Hustlers University

While this is possible, there needs to be some vital information added to the review.

How many products did you sell? How much did you invest in your business? Which e-Commerce platform are you using to run your store?

This review focuses on the money instead of the actual process that helped get these results.

Further, Hustler's University's Twitter account uploaded the following text to go with the above review.

"Almost everything you've been taught is a lie, especially regarding money. Society has no benefit in making you wealthy and free. It's all a trap."

HU Twitter feedback

Notice how the statement trashes other courses that assist learners in making money online. It says, "everything is a lie." That is too much audacity for a program that believes in what it teaches.

Even more telling is the fact that most of the students generate all of their income by promoting Hustler's University.

In my opinion, Andrew Tate simply collected information available freely online and repackaged it in Discord. He then tries to convince gullible students that the system is engineered against them and that only Hustler's University can help them find their freedom.

Let's talk about the students' names for a minute.

Most of the students at Hustlers University go by cheesy names like Kai-typhoon. Anyone can come up with such a name. I'd instead go with a program whose students have real names. I am talking about people you can look up online on social media platforms.

I have come across other reviews where students claim they're making money online by implementing what Andrew Tate teaches on copywriting campus.

With all these reviews, I am not shocked that Tate hasn't faced a lawsuit yet. If you want to become a master copywriter, SEO expert, or successful affiliate marketer, there are better and more detailed courses.

Besides, I haven't seen any students who have generated millions of dollars by implementing the skills Hustlers University teaches.

Remember that Andrew Tate and his professors claim to be highly successful by applying the skills they teach in their program.

Hustler's University isn't the course for you if you want to generate a real and sustainable income online.

✨My #1 Recommendation for Building an Online Business

Hustlers University Pricing 

Hustlers University is available for a monthly subscription fee of $49.99 or, as Andrew Tate calls it, $50 brokies for all the lessons.

This fee is inclusive of fees and taxes. There's no discount or coupon code.

Fifty bucks a month translates to six hundred dollars per year. You can get legit training that offers practical advice for this money and allow you to build a solid foundation for your business.

I'd place the value for Hustler's University anywhere between $10 to $20 for the entire course. Even more shocking is that the course's monthly subscription fee will go up next year!  

Hustlers University Affiliate Program

Tate allowed students to promote his course by placing an affiliate link in their content. However, the program is now closed.

About Hustlers University 4.0

Andrew Tate has just released Hustlers University 4.0

How different is it from the previous versions of HU?

I will tell you this from the get-go.

Hustlers University 4.0 is a relaunch of Hustler University 3.0

Andrew Tate even says it on the official website "Hustler's University - the world's biggest financial education platform got even better! After helping thousands to escape their 9-5, it was time for step 2 out of our 3 step plan."

The only new module is the Artificial Intelligence class, which purports to teach you how to use AI to make money online.

The other modules remain the same.

Like the other courses in the previous version of Hustlers University, the new AI module isn't in-depth. It doesn't teach anything you can't find online free of charge.

Andrew Tate has not even shown students how to leverage AI himself but rather has an "AI expert" teach the module.

Hustlers University FAQs

Is Hustlers University 4.0 Legit?

Hustlers University 4.0 teaches skills that can bring you money, that's for sure. However, the course doesn't go past the basic stuff you find online without paying a dime.

So, is Hustlers University legit? Based on what I've seen in other courses, I would term Hustler's University as a program that's not out to genuinely help students.

It is another avenue for Tate to generate more money while purporting to help gullible students escape poverty.

Is Hustler University 4.0 Worth It?

Joining this course may sound like a good deal. I mean, if it only costs you 49 bucks per month to learn the secrets that have made Andrew Tate rich, why not spend your money on the training?

However, most of what Tate teaches can be found free of charge on the internet. While the course may not be a scam, it is not a high-level program either. In fact, it won’t get you rich as Andrew. 

Is Hustlers University 4.0 Monthly?

Yes, Hustlers University 4.0 is a monthly plan. You'll pay $50 per month for 12 months. However, that's quite expensive for the information you can easily get from a simple Google search.

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Is Hustlers University Shut Down?

Andrew Tate shut down his course after facing backlash from members of the public. Most critics brought out that the program borders on being a scam by teaching people skills that aren't applicable anymore.

Come to think of it. Would Tate have shut down the training if he believed in his own campus? No!

Hustlers University Review – The Bottom Line

Andrew Tate is a smart guy; there's no doubt about that.

However, Hustlers University doesn't meet the benchmarks of a course that's supposed to teach learners how to make money online.

It is total hogwash that doesn't offer any value.

You see, while making money online is possible, it isn't as easy as Tate puts in his course. Plus, the tactics required to make money online keep changing from time to time.

Tate's course isn't regularly updated. In essence, this means you'll be learning outdated skills that don't necessarily guarantee that you'll make money online.

✨My #1 Recommendation for Building an Online Business

By taking the leap, you have a realistic chance of building a thriving online business.

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