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Hey, I'm Jussi and welcome to my blog.

This is my story from a corporate drone to an online entrepreneur.

Here is my story of how and why I became an online entrepreneur. Being an online entrepreneur was something that I never planned, nor did it even cross my mind. It was something I had to do. 

I know my name can be hard to pronounce. But if you translate it into English word for word - it is "John Goodman". 😊

Jussi Hyvarinen

My younger years

Jussi Savo2

I was born in 1967 in Finland as a firstborn in a working-class family. My childhood was very secure. We lived in a small town in the Eastern South of Finland where the biggest news is that someone has lost his dog.

There I also had my years of elementary school and high school. I was a very short boy when I was a kid. I got taller only when I was already 15 years of age. As the shortest kid, I was always the one who was chosen as the last person to a football team or whatever we were playing at the school breaks. Maybe that is the reason I had never been a very good team player. I always have wanted to figure out everything by myself.

When I was only 16, I had my first summer job at the same company where my father was working. That was the time my 9-to-5 life kind of started.

My 9-to-5 years

I got my first full-time job in 1991. I did change employer a couple of times until I found the job I was working for 20 years in the same firm. I had quite a well-paid job as a CIO of a large company. It was the same grind from day to day that most of us do, but I wasn't too unhappy. I thought I had a secure job, and I would be there as long as I retire. 

All and all, I have had a pretty typical life as maybe most of us. Go to school, get a 9-to-5 job, work until retire, and so forth.

The big turning point

Life went on a pretty steady way year after year, and you could also argue a dull way. Until 2016, everything changed for me when I lost my job.

It was something I couldn't expect, and it was a total shock to me. I was devastated for nearly a year, and I couldn't do almost anything. One thing I knew - I didn't want to go back to the 9-to-5 life where I had been for such a long time.

My sister is an entrepreneur, and I thought that that is one possibility for me also. As I never considered myself a good team player, it could be even better to be my own boss. So, I started to look for different opportunities in the information technology field. I had a lot of experience in the IT sector, and I knew I could utilize it in my online business. I wanted to have a passive income source from my online business to have more time and freedom.

Being an online entrepreneur

Succeeding in an online business isn't easy. I have been through many struggles trying to find the right business model and figure out what I really want from this endeavor? I have practiced and gained knowledge of many online businesses during my career as an entrepreneur. I have done digital marketing, building websites, and Amazon FBA, among other things. 

I noticed that I had put myself in the same situation as in my corporate job - I still changed my time to money, only now on my own terms.  

I needed to change the course.

Therefore I eliminated everything that didn't move the needle and start focusing on one platform and one business model. The platform is my blog, and the business model is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most passive online business model, which is exactly what I wanted.

After joining Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine Course and following the process, I saw much better results with my blog.

Where I am today

Today I have experience in many online business models, and I know all the pros and cons of the different models. After many years of being in the trenches every day, slugging it out in this wild world of the internet, I can confidently say that I know how to get results. It has been a long and bumpy road to get where I am today.

Now I'm making more income when I did back in the corporate years. I have learned a lot along the way, and I can surely help you avoid making mistakes. 

Some key learnings

  1. Perfectionism is your enemy that comes to entrepreneurship. I have been struggling a lot being a perfectionist myself. I have been tweaking ofter minor things. launching something new doesn't have to be perfect. Minimum viable is enough. 
  2. Focus. Choose one business model and go all-in. Choose one platform and master it. Don't put your effort into minor things. Concentrate only on things that move the needle.
  3. Learn from them who have succeeded. Don't try to figure everything on your own. Examine what successful people are doing. Please don't copy them but have ideas from them.
  4. Don't quit. Keep pushing. The reward is worth it. 

How I can help you

My blog exists to help you succeed online. Whether you are just starting your online journey or have some experience, you can have guidance from me. I have vast experience in online business models, education, and software.

My blog is a place to learn about the best software, tools, and courses you need to succeed online.

No matter your goals, my goal is to be your trusted source when you need reliable information to help you get where you want faster and help you make the right choices.

My site is where you can find valuable information about software and courses related to today's online business.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading

Jussi Hyvärinen

Jussi Hyvärinen aka "John Goodman"

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