Local Marketing Vault Review: The Good, The Bad & The Unexpected Truth

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Local Marketing Vault Review

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Local Marketing Vault


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  • Strong testimonials and success stories
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  • 72-hour money-back guarantee

Local Marketing Vault is an online training program that teaches individuals how to generate leads for local businesses using paid advertising and sales funnels.

This is a Local Marketing Vault review.

By the tail end of this post, you'll learn the following:

  • What local marketing vault course is
  • What the program contains
  • Local Marketing Vault cost
  • How to max out what Local Marketing Vault teaches

I'll also tell you a little bit about the course's founder and what makes Local Marketing Vault legitimate. And then I'll throw in a few Local Marketing Vault reviews by real students who've leveraged the program's training to grow their local businesses.

Let's dive right in.

What is Local Marketing Vault?

As the name suggests, Local Marketing Vault is an online training program that teaches how to generate leads for small businesses using paid ads, typically Facebook and Google ads.

The course is wide-ranging, teaching lead generation strategies for various businesses, including electricians, plumbers, medical facilities, stores, and more.

The program shows you how to draw the attention of potential customers and how close the prospect is. It breaks down the ins and outs of how to run Facebook ads and Adwords and how to retain the client.

Furthermore, the Local Marketing Vault sales strategy training comes with pre-installed landing pages to help you convert visitors to your website into paying customers.  

Who Created Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault is a product of James Bonadies and Jason McKim. Bonadies and McKim are seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in online marketing and sales.

James Bonadies and Jason McKim

Bonadies is an experienced online marketer running various thriving businesses. On the other hand, McKim brings valuable experience in sales and marketing.

Together, the duo created Local Marketing Vault to help local business owners navigate lead generation and internet marketing, enabling them to acquire more customers.

Local Marketing Vault program provides comprehensive training modules, resources, and tools that empower small business owners to hone their online and client acquisition strategies.

A quick search online tells me Bonadies and McKim have successfully implemented the local lead generation business model.

Bonadies is on record saying he's generated $75,000+ from a single customer using the same strategies he teaches in the Local Marketing Vault training.

Furthermore, Bonadies and McKim claim to earn $40,000 monthly using lead generation. Bonadies says his business is worth $30 million. 

Local Marketing Vault has been featured on Yahoo Money, further cementing the course's legitimacy. Plus, Bonadies and McKim are former students of Dan Klein, a mentor and business partner for Ippei Lead Generation. 

What Does Local Marketing Vault Offer?

LMV offers 9 core modules geared to helping you build a stable business by generating leads consistently. Here's a breakdown of these modules.

Introduction and Overview

This is the introductory module, giving you the orientation to the course.

In this lesson, Jason guides you on what to do and what not to do regarding lead generation for your local business. You're also ushered into the LMV private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get responses from other vault members.

Jason emphasizes the need to ask questions to other members to help you get things done faster.

The introductory module sets the stage for the entire course and helps establish a strong foundation for the journey ahead.

It covers the importance of engaging effectively with them to ensure a successful learning experience.

How To Get Clients

In this module, you'll learn the various free and low-cost strategies to attract new clients.

The Local Marketing Vault vouches for using landing pages to generate leads and recommends Clickfunnels.

It also teaches outbound marketing techniques and guides you to create your own sales funnel to acquire clients. It addresses the challenges of acquiring customers, such as dealing with negative responses and attending networking events.

In a nutshell, the "How to Get Clients" module doubles down on helping you acquire quality clients who can become repeat customers instead of chasing many one-time buyers.

The Vault Mindset

In this module, James and Jason stress the importance of having the right mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur. They teach the importance of perseverance, patience, and consistency for keeping your small business running.

They discuss why focusing on delivering quality service to a few clients is crucial rather than trying to acquire thousands of clients.

Furthermore, the duo highlights why you need a backup plan to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Learn Marketing Strategy

With the basics out of the way, the Vault Marketing strategy training dives into the nitty gritty of operating a thriving business.

"The Value Ladder" teaches lead generation tactics and how to convince business owners to work with you.

You will learn how to provide additional services based on your customers' particular needs. You'll also access a free advertising action plan that ties in with the Vault ladder strategy.

Get To Know the Vault Services

The "Get to Know the Vault Services" module discusses the key factors for the success of a brick-and-mortar and an online business — brand, current customers, and future customers.

You'll learn tips to help you optimize your Google My Business Listing. That way, you can improve your business's online visibility, a crucial factor in local business lead generation. 

The module also covers Google AdWords training and how to leverage social media marketing strategies to help you acquire new customers.

Learn Sales Strategy

To generate sales, you must understand the customer language. You need to communicate in a way that resonates with your target audience and, most importantly, provide the appropriate offer.

The "Learn Sales Strategy" module helps you understand your client's perspective and how to craft your marketing message to suit them.

In the next module, Local Marketing Vault shows you create your own lead generation business. When looking to sign up clients of your lead generation agency, you may have to explain what "landing pages" or "SEO" are. The "Learn Sales Strategy" prepares you for this step.

And even if you don't plan to start a paid ad agency, this module helps you learn the correct business language to close deals.

Build Your Agency

This module walks you through starting your digital marketing agency. James and Jason provide strategies for building your business framework, including naming your agency, choosing the right tools, estimating costs, and targeting traffic.

The lesson focuses on giving you greater confidence and assurance in starting and growing your own agency.

A "Done for You" Value Ladder

This module teaches everything about reputation management.

You will learn how to provide a "Brand Reputation Report," which includes reviews from Google, Facebook, and other sites. This report is essential for managing your online reputation and building trust with your clients.

All About Funnels

This module discusses Clickfunnels and how to make the most of it to grow your business. You will learn about the Clickfunnels Affiliate Badge and how to manage it to avoid distracting your customers.

In addition, this module breaks down the functionalities of Clickfunnels and how to use the software to build your sales funnels effectively. You also get access to module pre-installed custom sales funnels.

You'll also learn:

  • How to build forms with Wufoo as a ClickFunnels alternative.
  • How to pick a domain name for your sales funnel.
  • How to use CallFire, a highly rated tool for recording calls and forwarding texts.

Local Marketing Vault Added Features

Besides the above core modules, LMV comes with additional features geared to helping you run a successful paid ads campaign. These are:

  • Learn The Vault Software: Here, you get a detailed overview of two essential tools: The Vault's automated follow-up function and the automated review section.
  • Knowing how to operate these tools effectively is crucial for managing customer relationships and online reputation. The session will guide you on using these tools to streamline your business operations, enhance customer engagement, and make more money.
  • Master Funnel Automation: This session demystifies the complexities of funnels. You'll learn how to automate client notifications each time a new lead comes in.
  • Mastering funnel automation is critical to managing your leads efficiently and keeping your clients informed in real-time.
  • Learn FB Messenger Chat Bots: This lesson explains the differences between Messenger and email lists. It also teaches you how to use Messenger's automated texts to welcome visitors to your page.
  • Understanding these communication channels is essential for optimizing your customer engagement strategy.
  • Become an FB Ads Expert: This session covers the most important aspects of running a Facebook ad campaign. You will learn to set up a tracking pixel, research Facebook ads, and build marketing campaigns.
  • This knowledge is crucial to successfully running paid ads on Facebook and tracking performance.
  • Learn Google Ads/PPC: In this lesson, you'll learn how to optimize keywords, create a landing page, and choose a domain name.
  • These are essential skills for running successful Google Ads campaigns and driving traffic to your landing pages.
  • Listen to Questions & Answer Calls: In this additional module, you can watch replays of Q&A forums from the Local Marketing Vault website.
  • This is a valuable resource for clarifying any doubts and learning from the questions asked by other members.
  • The Vault Campaigns: In this module, you'll access Local Marketing Vault's 32 funnels, allowing you to start your business setups and campaigns quickly.
  • You will learn what you need to do to generate leads, essential for growing your business and your clients.

Local Marketing Vault Bonuses

Apart from teaching paid ads, lead generation models for local businesses, and how to start your own ad agency Local Marketing Vault offers 6 bonuses designed to power your marketing services.

These are:

LMV Partnership Program

The Local Marketing Vault partnership program provides access to LMV-Approved Partners, helping you run your paid ads agency by finding partners already successful with this business model.

For instance, if you want to focus on sales and skip tech-related tasks, you may want to hook up with a tech partner would be ideal.

Conversely, a sales partner would benefit if you are tech-savvy but find sales challenging. The LMV partnership program offers the flexibility to maximize your strengths and mitigate your shortcomings.

LMV Accelerator

The LMV Accelerator is a premium one-on-one training program with top vault coaches. The course seeks to help you acquire multiple clients paying quickly, ideally within the first six weeks.

The Accelerator includes services such as AdZombies, managed by Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz, for outsourcing copywriting tasks.

The LMV Accelerator will be helpful if you need extra support to kickstart your efforts to get paid ad clients.

Private Facebook Group & Live Coaching 

Local Marketing Vault operates a private Facebook group with over 3,000 members. Here, live coaching calls happen every week. The Facebook group provides an opportunity to interact with other members, ask questions, and receive real-time guidance from experienced coaches.

Pre-built ClickFunnels Landing Pages

The Local Marketing Vault lead generation coaching program also comes with over 50 customizable niche funnels. These landing pages are optimized for paid traffic generation.

Meanwhile, the copywriting and design of these pages will help you maximize conversions, making it easier for you to achieve better results with your ad campaigns.

This add-on is particularly valuable if you do not have the expertise or time to create optimized landing pages from scratch.

The 10K Club

The Local Marketing Vault also operates a reward program called The $10K Club. Once you hit $10K in revenue, you receive a t-shirt and a plaque as a token of achievement.

Reaching 10K in income is a significant milestone, as running paid ads involves spending a considerable portion of the revenue on Facebook or Google Ads.

As a paid ads agency, you retain a 15%-20% management fee from the paid ad clients, so hitting the $10K mark is a notable accomplishment.

The 10K Club provides a sense of achievement and motivates you to aim for higher revenue targets and grow your businesses.

Local Marketing Vault Cost

Local Marketing Vault costs $2994, a price that gives you lifetime access to the online course.

You can also pay in installments, structured in monthly and custom payments. While paying in installments offers a convenient way to get the Local Marketing Vault program, it's a bit more expensive.

You also spend an extra $997 for the LMV Accelerator.

Furthermore, Jason recommends signing up for the Agency Toolbox for $97 per month, albeit with a 30-day free trial.

The Agency Toolbox hosts your site, sales funnels, customer communication, backend sales pipeline, and marketing automation. In addition, it enables you to run your lead generation services agency for one client and provide 2-way SMS marketing, website design, and reputation management.

The Local Marketing Vault offers a 72-hour refund policy.

Who is Local Marketing Vault Created For?

Local Marketing Vault is a training program that suits a wide range of students.

It is suited for anyone looking to learn more about the lead generation business model. Think of it as an alternative to other strategies of making money online, such as house flipping, affiliate marketing, and Amazon FBA.

The Local Marketing Vault services training is a good program for building a solid business, running a local ads agency, and generating income quickly. And because of the many add-ons, you can set up a thriving business even if you're technologically challenged.

It's fair to say that success in lead generation is achievable if you are willing to put in the effort, but it might be challenging if you have limited financial resources.

It is also good to factor in additional ongoing expenses for several tools recommended by James and Jason.

It is also important to highlight that having solid sales skills will likely improve your chances of success in lead generation with Local Marketing Vault. Although LMV includes sales training and online and offline SEO, it'd help if you know a thing or two about sales and marketing.

Local Marketing Vault Review - What the Students Say

Besides helping you know what to expect with LMV, this Local Marketing Vault review also highlights real stories by real students.

You see, teaching your lead generation is one thing. However, showing you results by students who create a successful online business by leveraging what LMV teaches is entirely different.

So, does Local Marketing Vault deliver what it promises?

Yes, it does.

All you need to do is look at the program's official page, and you'll be met with tons of rave reviews by successful students.

You can also conduct a quick search online for "Local Marketing Vault reviews" to see independent feedback from current and former students.

Here's a sample of a few reviews: 

Local Marketing Vault Review 1
Local Marketing Vault Review 2
Local Marketing Vault Review 3
Local Marketing Vault Review 4

Local Marketing has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars, which denotes Excellent on TrustPilot after 970 reviews — at the time of writing this.

Local Marketing Vault Trustpilot

Is Local Marketing Vault Legit?

Yes, all factors considered, Local Marketing Vault is a legitimate and valuable platform for those looking to excel in local marketing lead generation business models. It is also a good course for helping you build a passive income.

The comprehensive training modules, tools, and supportive community provide a solid foundation for success.

Furthermore, the creators, James and Jason, are experienced online marketers who don't hold back in the course.

Plus, the positive reviews and successful student results further attest to the course's legitimacy and effectiveness.

While the investment required is significant, it reflects the quality and potential ROI of the program. Success, however, is ultimately determined by your dedication and application of the knowledge and resources provided.

Local Marketing Vault vs. Wealthy Affiliate

While Local Marketing Vault and Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to make money online, they differ significantly. 

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on creating a blog and ranking for product or course reviews, strongly emphasizing promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

However, the relatively low payout is the challenge with affiliate marketing programs, including Wealthy Affiliate. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate's payout is $8 for the first month's $19 special offer and then $23.50 monthly.

That said, however, doesn't mean affiliate marketing isn't profitable.

Learn how to start a profitable affiliate marketing blog and some of the best affiliate programs you can join. 

Conversely, convincing small business owners to pay you $500 or more monthly to generate leads for them is a significantly more lucrative business model. This is the approach taught by Local Marketing Vault, which focuses on using paid ads to generate leads.

LMV suits individuals or businesses looking to generate leads locally and convert them into customers. It is particularly beneficial if you're willing to invest in paid ads.

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for beginners and intermediate online marketers who want to build an online business through affiliate marketing and content creation.

Local Marketing Vault vs. Ippei Lead Generation

Local Marketing Vault (LMV) and Ippei teach online marketing and local lead generation, albeit with different methodologies and focus areas.

LMV provides a comprehensive toolkit for local marketing and lead generation, covering various strategies such as Facebook and Google Adwords, sales funnels, and landing pages. It also offers pre-built funnels, ad templates, and a supportive Facebook group.

On the other hand, Ippei, created by Ippei Kanehara, zeroes in on generating leads for local businesses using free traffic. It teaches students how to build and rank websites in local niches and then sell those leads to local businesses.

In comparison, LMV is a one-stop shop with ready-to-use resources focused on paid advertising. Ippei hones in on generating leads via free traffic and imparts the skills needed to build and rank websites.

Ippei Lead Generation, however, is considerably expensive compared to LMV. Ippei goes for $4,860 for full-time access, almost double what Local Marketing Vault costs.

Some unofficial sources say the course can go up to $7,860 when you factor in the add-ons.

So, while Ippei is a well-put-together course, LMV is an excellent alternative, especially if you don't have a hefty investment amount required for the training.

Local Marketing Vault Pros and Cons

Like any online course that teaches you how to get more customers or create a passive income, Local Market Vault has its upsides and downsides.

Here's a rundown of the pros and cons of this training program.


  • Numerous testimonials and success stories from students showcase LMV's effectiveness.
  • Vibrant and engaged private community fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Thorough and well-structured course training materials.
  • Authenticity and credibility of the creators
  • Regular live group calls for real-time interaction allow students to interact directly with the instructors and fellow learners.
  • Various bonus materials, tools, and resources add immense value to the overall package.


  • The 72-hour money-back guarantee may not be sufficient to evaluate the program.
  • Prospective students must hop on a sales call with the team before joining the program, which could be a deterrent if you prefer a straightforward enrollment process.
  • The total cost of implementing the training, including any additional tools or software, may lead to unexpected expenses later.

What Else Should You Know About Local Marketing Vault?

Indeed, LMV will equip you with the skills you need to generate leads for local businesses. And, as long as you can implement what you learn, you can build a profitable passive income with a digital marketing agency.

And while you learn how to leverage free traffic for business growth, LMV enables you to master paid traffic. The beauty is that paid ads generate results quickly compared to other strategies, such as SEO or cold calling.

If you're considering starting your own marketing agency, you can utilize AI ad generators to run your customers' paid ad campaigns.

Even though Local Marketing Vault does cover local SEO, James and Jason recommend outsourcing it so you can focus on getting more customers for your business.

Local Marketing Value isn't overhyped by the creator. That said, generating local leads isn't as simple as the course outlines. You can create passive income with this business, but it requires significant time and effort. In addition, you need to hone your selling skills to create a stable business.

Should You Join Local Marketing Vault?

Yes, as a seasoned digital marketer, I recommend joining Local Marketing Vault based on the following facts.

LMV was created by industry experts James Bonadies and Jason McKim. The two have a proven track record and actively practice what they teach.

The comprehensive and robust core training, paired with a vibrant and engaged private community, regular live group calls, and a generous collection of bonuses, make LMV a value-packed offering.

The course will equip you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to succeed in local marketing and generating leads for small business owners.

Sure, the 72-hour money-back guarantee may seem limiting. And the requirement for a sales call before enrollment and undisclosed full implementation cost may raise eyebrows.

However, the many successful student stories and the authenticity and credibility of the creators overshadow these minor drawbacks.

Furthermore, Local Marketing Vault does focus on theory alone. It provides practical, ready-to-use resources and real-world insights, which are invaluable if you're willing to put in the effort.

Considering all these factors, joining the Local Marketing Vault is a worthwhile investment. You only need to put in the work.

Interested in enrolling for LMV?

Join free local lead generation training to see whether it is the right choice for you.

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