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The Real World Review Andrew Tate

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This is a hands-on review of the latest course by Andre Tate, The Real World (TRW).

I'll tell you this from the get-go, TRW is a massive upgrade to Andrew Tate's Hustler's University. Unlike the preview version, though, The Real World" is a solid, well-packaged program for anyone keen to earn money online.

So, if you're looking to become a high-value man like Andrew Tate, you'll want to read this piece.

I know. Tate is a controversial figure. But what he's done with this course is impressive.

At the time of writing this, there were 16,000+ real-world students and like-minded individuals on the program online, out to find financial success through what the program teaches.

The Real World online users

I've taken many courses over the years, and not to be left out of the loop, I signed up for this one, if for nothing else, to find out firsthand if it can help me make enough money online.

In this review, I give you my experience with Andrew Tate's program sharing some nuggets to help you make the most of the training.

I wi dive deep into the following topics.

  • What Is The Real World?
  • What Does The Real World Teach?
  • Modules Covered
  • Who Is The Real World Best For?
  • How Can You Use The Real World to Make Money Online?
  • The Real World Cost

In addition, I'll address a question that often pop's up when your mention Andrew Tate's training programs — is The Real World Legit?

Let's dive right into it.

I'll start by addressing the "elephant" in the room.

Andrew Tate's Controversy

Andrew Tate

Having signed up for this online education platform, I'll first want to address Tate's somewhat controversial life.

I agree; Andrew's life has been riddled with drama and controversy. He has, for instance, been accused of being a misogynist.

However, Tate has come out in the open to deny these claims. In an interview with BBC, he clarified that most people, especially the media, have a negative opinion of him and are out to damage his reputation.

He said, "I preach hard work, discipline. I'm an athlete, I preach anti-drugs, I preach religion, I preach no alcohol, I preach no knife crime. Every single problem with modern society I'm against."

Andrew adds that his comments have been taken out of context and that most people don't understand context and sarcasm.

Tate dismissed testimonies of women online who accused him of rape, exploitation, and running an illegal webcam business. While Andrew was arrested in Romain for rape and human trafficking, no evidence has been found to put him behind bars.

Hate him or love him, Andrew Tate knows his stuff. He has a massive following online, and his teachings, if implemented to the core, can help you make money online.

The Real World is created following business models proven to generate revenue.

That said, making money online requires hard work, consistency, and implementing what you learn in online courses — which also applies to TRW.

With that out of the way, let's now explore The Real World review.

What is The Real World?

Andrew Tate's Real World is an online based learning platform teaching people how to build a profitable business. The course focuses on wealth-creation methods to help you find financial freedom.

One of the students narrates how he went from zero to generating $15,000 per month, managing to quit their day job and live the life they've always wanted.

Creating the lifestyle you want is not as easy as it sounds. However, The Real World teaches money-making methods to get there if you put in the work.

Unlike most courses I've seen, TRW has a robust global community exchanging ideas and helping hone each other's crafts.

Apart from the global network, the program has dedicated tutors, or professors as they call them, to help you succeed with detailed lessons and support. In addition, the modules are easy to follow and are broken down in a step-by-step format. That way, you can learn at your own pace.

Moreover, the lessons are regularly updated, so you'll learn strategies that align with today's market demand.

Professors also post daily lessons to the community and arrange live streams regularly.

The Real World Campuses

The Real World has 11 campuses, each with multiple online courses, making this one of the most comprehensive and detailed training about making money online.

Here's a breakdown of the TRW campuses and what they teach.

1. Business Mastery

The Real World business mastery campus

The business mastery campus will empower you with strategic knowledge and practical tools for running a successful business.

The program starts with helping you understand business fundamentals, including goal setting, business models, and market analysis. It explores various aspects of product development, such as ideation, launching, and scaling.

The course then goes into marketing strategies, teaching you how to create compelling value propositions, harness digital marketing, and build a strong brand. In addition, Andrew Tate brings his real-life experience in creating a business model that'll set you on the right path to making money online.

With this program, you'll hone your leadership, sales, social, networking, team management, and communication skills.

By implementing what you learn in this course, you'll become an efficient business leader capable of steering your new venture toward sustained growth and profitability.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Business Mastery campus:

  • Sales Mastery: Teaches how to become a smooth operator and skilled persuader (2 courses)
  • Learn From Andrew Tate (1 course)
  • Business Mastery: Learn the fundamentals of business and finance to accelerate your growth (1 course)
  • Social Skills & Networking: Become a world-class networking expert (2 courses)
  • Peak Performance: Master yourself in all realms (1 course)
  • Arno About: Arno covers money, business, life, sales, storytelling, success, and much more (2 courses)
  • Captains Lessons (1 course)
  • Financial Wizardry (1 course)

2. Affiliate Marketing

The Real World affiliate marketing campus

The affiliate marketing campus provides a comprehensive understanding of making money by promoting other companies products or services. The module starts with defining affiliate marketing, explaining how it works, and exploring its benefits and challenges.

Furthermore, the affiliate marketing course goes into strategies for selecting profitable niches and products, which is crucial in setting a solid foundation for your online business. It also provides advanced education for building an affiliate website or blog.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Affiliate Marketing campus:

  • Start Here: The fundamentals of affiliate marketing (7 courses)
  • Knowledge Hub: You can access tutorials after completing the introduction phase (12 courses).
  • Library Information: Comes with step-by-step lessons to help you stay motivated and grow your business.
  • AI Magic: Teaches how to leverage artificial intelligence to increase productivity and scale your business.
  • Luc's Brain: Luc is Andrew Tate's cousin, often called the "third Tate brother."

3. E-commerce

The Real World ecommerce campus

TWS' e-commerce campus teaches how to succeed in E-commerce business using the dropshipping model. It equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to enable you to make more money running an online store.

It starts with an introduction to e-commerce (3 lessons), defining its scope and significance in today's digital economy. It then delves into different models and strategies to enable students to create a self-reliant infrastructure to drive conversions.

On this campus, you'll learn about the following topics:

  • Branding: How to Pick a Winning Product to Sell (4 modules, 17 lessons)
  • Store Setup: How to Build a High-Converting Online Store in Shopify (4 modules, 18 lessons)
  • Paid Traffic: How to Drive Traffic to Your Store Via Paid Ads (3 modules, 8 lessons)
  • Organic Traffic: How to Drive Traffic to Your Store Via Organic Traffic (2 modules, 12 lessons)

There's also a "Knowledge Hub" packed with 8 lessons and resources to help you on your e-commerce business journey.

4. Copywriting

The Real World copywriting campus

The copywriting campus is designed to equip you with the art of persuasive writing to help you secure high-paying clients. It covers copywriting, defining its role and significance in the marketing space.

The courses explores different types of copywriting, including sales letters, ads, emails, website copy, and social media content.

The lessons focus on the principles of persuasive writing, teaching how to craft compelling headlines, write engaging content, and implement strong calls to action. That way, you can sell your copywriting services to clients and make good money.

You'll be introduced to the psychology of selling and how to appeal to various customer personas. The course aims to transform you into a proficient copywriter capable of writing copy that sells.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Copywriting campus:

  • What is Copywriting: Discover how to use the skill of copywriting to earn money (1 module, 6 lessons)
  • Copywriting Beginner Bootcamp: Teaches the basics of copywriting (4 courses)
  • Toolkit and General Resources: Mini trainings, daily checklists, and resources (6 courses)
  • Use AI To Conquer The World: Teaches how to use AI to work faster, smarter, and more creatively (3 courses)
  • Copywriting Challenges (1 course)
  • Advanced Resources (3 courses)

5. Content Creation + AI

The Real World content creation + AI campus

The content creation + AI campus aims to help you familiarize yourself with the intersection of artificial intelligence and content creation. That way, you can leverage AI tools to improve content productivity and creativity.

The program discusses AI's role in SEO and how to optimize content for better search engine ranking. The program focuses on AI tools for graphic design, video editing, and animation, showcasing how these can simplify content creation.

The course includes hands-on exercises with various AI tools and platforms to give practical tips on making the most of artificial intelligence for content generation. 

Upon completing this course, you should be able to utilize artificial intelligence-powered writing tools to churn out high-quality content for your website, online store, and social media channels.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on Content Creation + AI campus:

  • The White Path: The Path to Content Creation: Unlock Your Creative Potential (8 courses)
  • The White Path+: The Path to AI: Leverage Artificial Intelligence Within Your Content Creation (5 courses)
  • The Gold Path: Master Talk-to-Camera Skills (10 courses)
  • The Black Path: The Path to Influential Speaking & Personal Branding (2 courses)

6. Freelancing

The Real World freelancing campus

The freelancing campus guides you in establishing and growing your independent work business successfully.

It outlines what freelancing entails, its benefits and challenges, and the key characteristics of successful freelancers.

Furthermore, it teaches you how to identify your niche, and marketable skills, research market rates, and set competitive pricing. Better yet, you'll be ushered into freelance side hustles to help you generate quick cash.

You'll learn branding strategies, how to create a compelling portfolio, and effectively market your services on various platforms. The program teaches client acquisition tactics, including networking, pitching, and leveraging freelance job sites.

The freelancing campus goal is to help you confidently navigate the freelance landscape and achieve financial freedom.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Freelancing campus:

  • Freelancing: Daily lessons on Mindset, AI, and Making Money (8 courses)
  • Side Hustles: Make quick cash and get started fast (4 courses)
  • Social Media Command Center: Grow and leverage social media to build your business (5 courses)
  • AI Command Center: Use AI to crush your competition and create unfair advantages (1 course)
  • Knowledge Command Center: Daily lessons on Mindset, AI, and Making Money (2 courses)

7. Stocks

The Real World stocks campus

This campus will help you get acquainted with the stock market dynamics, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.

It explains the basics of stocks, including what they represent, their types, and how they trade. The program dives into the principles of stock market investing, discussing risk tolerance, diversification, and the difference between investing and speculating.

You'll learn to read and interpret stock charts, financial statements, and key metrics to evaluate a company's financial health.

The course introduces you to various investment strategies, from value and growth investing to momentum and income investing. It also highlights the importance of having a disciplined investment plan and managing emotions. Plus, real-life case studies offer practical insights on the campus dashboard.

Side Note: Andrew Tate is on record saying a significant portion of his wealth and extensive car collection trading stocks.

On the Stocks campus, you'll have the following courses available:

  • Beginner Basics: Here, you will find everything you need to familiarize yourself with the topic (3 courses)
  • Price Action Pro: Everything you need to read price like a pro (2 courses)
  • Supercharge Your Progress: Material that can take you further (3 courses)
  • Long-Term Investing Essentials (2 courses)

8. Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency campus

The cryptocurrency campus provides comprehensive insights into digital currencies, enabling you to participate in this exciting investment frontier.

The program overviews cryptocurrencies, their history, and the blockchain. It further explains key concepts such as mining, wallets, and keys.

You'll learn about cryptocurrencies and their unique attributes, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins.

Moreover, the program teaches strategies for researching and analyzing potential cryptocurrency investments, covering the reading of crypto charts, understanding market signals, and considering project fundamentals.

Meanwhile, the Daily Sucess Checklist ensures you're on the right path in your business journey.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Cryptocurrency Investing campus:

  • Crypto Investing Bootcamp: Learn how to make millions in crypto (5 courses)
  • Beginners Toolbox: Basic guides on how to perform simple cryptocurrency transactions (1 course)
  • Crypto Investing Signals (2 courses)
  • Crypto FAQs (1 course)
  • Adams Rants: Short and effective voice lessons by Prof. Adam on investing

9. DeFi and NFTs

Defi and NFT campus

The DeFi and NFTs course will help you comprehend the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens.

It explains the fundamentals of blockchain technology and the concept of decentralization. In addition, it talks about DeFi, explaining its principles, benefits, potential risks, and key applications such as lending and borrowing platforms, decentralized exchanges, and yield farming.

The course also covers the mechanism of smart contracts, which underpin DeFi applications. Further, the program highlights the legal and ethical considerations around DeFi and NFTs.

By the end of the course, you should thoroughly understand DeFi and NFTs and how to navigate these new digital economies to find financial freedom.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the DeFi and NFTs campus:

  • Main lessons (6 courses)
  • Airdrop Steps: Steps explained for the recommended airdrops (1 course)
  • Alpha Hunter (1 course)

10. Crypto Trading

Crypto trading campus

The crypto trading campus will equip you with the knowledge and skills to trade cryptocurrencies effectively.

You'll learn about different trading strategies and when to apply each one. The program covers technical analysis, including how to assess the potential of a cryptocurrency based on project fundamentals.

The course also teaches about the regulatory environment and tax implications of crypto trading. With this program, you'll have a deep understanding of the crypto trading landscape, enabling you to make investments that'll bring in the money you need for financial success.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Crypto Trading campus:

  • Trading Lessons: Find your edge in the Crypto market (5 courses)
  • Trader Bootcamp: The Path to Profitable Trading (4 courses)

11. Fitness

Fitness campus

Andrew Tate's The Real World is not just about making money.

Unlike traditional education systems, this course emphasizes the need to stay healthy. The key to finding financial freedom depends on your health, and that's what the fitness campus teaches. It empowers you to take control of your physical well-being.

The course covers effective workout planning, incorporating various exercise types like strength training, cardio, HIIT, yoga, and flexibility exercises. It also covers the principles of diet and nutrition.

The program's education providers share instructions on proper exercise technique, safety, and injury prevention. You'll also get video lessons to help you stay motivated and form a habit of sustaining an effective fitness regimen.

Here's a breakdown of the courses on the Fitness campus:

  • Fitness Learning Center (4 courses)
  • Fitness Tools (1 course)
  • Nutrition (2 courses)
  • FAQ Center (1 course)

The Real World Default Dashboard

The Real World dashboard

This review wouldn't be complete without talking about The Real World dashboard. I recommend starting here to get the hang of things and prepare for the lessons ahead.

Here, you can connect with other individuals after financial independence. You can also ask questions and sample success stories.

That said, I'd like to draw your attention to the courses available on this dashboard.

These short courses provide the information you need to achieve success with TRW. Think of it as the section that puts you into the right mindset to succeed with The Real World program.

Courses included in the dashboard include:

  • Campus Discover: You'll learn how to navigate The Real World platform through subjects like community guidelines and FAQs. You'll also learn how to change your account settings and get help/support.
  • Tate Answers Questions: Here, the former professional kickboxer turned online entrepreneur answers questions to help clear your doubt about achieving wealth.

In addition, Tate talks about TRW students who've achieved success and how they did it. You also get lessons on self-improvement, how to set the right mindset in life, and more.  

What Makes The Real World Different?

The Real World isn't the only course that teaches you how to earn online. However, TRW is significant from other similar programs on multiple levels.

The Depth

TRW is detailed and current. While there are many courses teaching how to earn online, most cover topics like blogging, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and so on. The Real World, however, goes a step further to include areas such as crypto, stocks, and fitness.

TRW is an all-inclusive package not available elsewhere, teaching you the skills to be a high-value man.

A Collection of Hands-On Tutors

As you've seen from The Real World review, this expansive course covers various areas to help you make money online.

I like that Andrew Tate has gone out of his way to bring in tutors who understand what they're doing, making this a truly educational platform.

One unique thing about this course is that the tutors are multi-millionaires, all successful in their line of business. In The Real World, these tutors equip you with the same skills that have generated millions of dollars.

The Community Aspect

The Real World has an active global community of like-minded individuals. Apart from providing the support and encouragement you need to achieve financial success, it is easy to get answers whenever you're stuck.

As I mentioned, the platform has tens of thousands of students enrolled. That's a significant number, so it can take a while before the tutors can answer your questions.

However, with the global community available to lend a hand, you don't have to struggle to maneuver around issues.

Speaking of support, The Real World has elaborate resources that answer common questions, errors, issues, and alike. Besides, you can always send a quick message to the TRW team for additional help. In my experience, they'll answer your questions within a few minutes.

The Straightforward Structure

Making money online requires a systematic, well-informed approach.

Andrew Tate's The Real World is as straightforward as it can get. The program:

  • It has dedicated professors, so a real professional teaches each topic.
  • Has separate campuses, each with a separate global community. That way, it is easier to chat with like-minded individuals pursuing the same goal as yours.
  • It is broken down in an easy-to-follow structure. The program teaches you how to create an online business and how to do it.
  • It allows you to learn as you go. You have to implement what you learn at each step to ensure you're setting yourself up for financial success.

In addition, TRW is mobile-friendly. You can access the course on your mobile phone via the web browser. Better yet, you can use the TRW app on Apple App Store and Google Play. There's also a desktop app.

The Regular Updates

A significant percentage of online educational programs aren't updated frequently. Some teach obsolete methods that are no longer applicable in today's online business world.

The Real World is different. The course is regularly updated, ensuring the skills you learn are relevant. Also, as I mentioned before, daily lessons and live streams are available on each campus. Moreover, the platform is custom-built, enabling developers to make changes on the fly. TRW is current, backed by a global community to keep things interesting.

How to Learn in The Real World?

TRW doesn't have a minimalist interface.

The interface is a bit cluttered, so it's crucial to understand how to navigate the features and lessons to make it easy for you to learn.

The program has 11 campuses, each with different lessons.

Once you've gone through the introductory courses on the main dashboard, you'll join the "Campuses," depending on what skill you what to learn.

To do this:

  1. Go to the "Choose a Skill" button below The Real Word button.
  2. Hover your mouse above the + sign, and a list of campuses I've highlighted above will pop up.
  3. Click on the one you want to join.

You'll access the courses available on that campus.

How to join a campus

The process works for every campus. Take the courses following the order they're arranged within the dashboard. Avoid skipping lessons, and move to the next class only when you've attained the 100% mark on your current lesson.

Take note of the global community available on each campus. You can share your thoughts or ask a question by typing in the space labeled "Start Here" at the bottom of your screen.

The image below shows how to navigate the eCommerce campus. These steps are the same across the entire program.

How to navigate the campus

The Real World Pricing

The Real World comes at a monthly cost of $49.99.

The Real World pricing

The payment allows you to access The Real World membership, all the premium courses, and updates forever.

The monthly price point is affordable compared to other education providers covering the same topics as TRW. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Besides the reasonable monthly membership fee, TRW has its own payment processors, making the sign-up process smooth and straightforward.

Is The Real World Legit?

A quick search online for The Real World review paints a somewhat unclear picture of the program's legitimacy.

Most of these reviews stem from the controversial life of Andrew Tate.

Let's put Tate's controversy aside. All The Real World reviews that I've come across are by people who haven't even tried the course. How can they then purport to talk about a program they haven't experienced?

TRW is a legit course teaching proven strategies to help you earn online. I like that the program covers many topics to let you build multiple businesses. You can, for instance, start an affiliate blog and double up as a copywriter at the same time.

However, I will insist that you work hard and implement what the course teaches. If you're looking for an online program to help you get rich quickly, TRW isn't the program for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before I wind up my Real World Tate review, let me answer a few questions about the course.

Is The Real World a Pyramid Scheme?

No, The Real World is not a pyramid scheme.

It is an online educational platform offering courses designed to equip learners with practical knowledge and skills in different fields.

The program focuses on providing valuable content, from e-commerce, copywriting, and freelancing to fitness, business mastery, and advanced subjects like cryptocurrency investing and AI in content creation.

The course aims to foster learning and personal development, helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

Unlike pyramid schemes, which typically focus on recruitment for monetary gain, The Real World emphasizes education and skill enhancement.

Your investment in The Real World is for knowledge and learning, not recruitment or a promise of high returns.

How Do I Join The Real World?

Joining The Real World is a straightforward process.

You'll start by visiting the official website. There, you'll find an option to sign up, prompting you to enter your personal information, including your name and email address.

You also need to enter your credit card information to complete the registration process.

Once verified, you can log in to your account, browse the courses available, and enroll in the ones that align with your learning objectives.

Can A 14-Year-Old Join The Real World Tate?

Yes, a 14-year-old can join The Real World online course platform, but starting with less technical courses is advisable.

As a 14-year-old, you're still at a foundational stage of learning and may not have the complex understanding required for highly technical subjects like cryptocurrency or AI.

Starting with less technical courses allows you to build up your knowledge base and avoid feeling overwhelmed gradually.

Courses like content creation, fitness, or introductory business concepts could be ideal starting points, sparking curiosity and laying a solid groundwork for future learning.

It's also essential to enjoy the process and feel motivated to continue learning, and starting with accessible topics can help ensure this. That said, parental guidance is recommended for online learning at this age.

Do I Recommend The Real World by Andrew Tate?

Yes, unlike Hustlers University, I recommend The Real World by Andrew Tate.

TRW provides diverse educational content that is highly relevant in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

By covering such a wide range of topics, the course caters to many interests and goals, making it suitable for learners looking to find financial success online. The convenience and flexibility offered by online learning also make it a valuable resource.

However, as with all educational programs, the outcome will largely depend on your dedication, effort, and application of the knowledge gained.

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