Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Great Fit for Beginners?

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If you're reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, there's every chance you're here because you want to know:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate
  • If you can leverage Wealthy Affiliate to earn money online
  • If Wealthy Affiliate still works
  • If Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or legit
  • If Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time, effort, and money

Well, you're in the right place! I'll tell you everything you need to know in this post.

You only need to read it to the very end.

Let's dive right into it.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing and training program designed to help you make money online.

More specifically, it teaches you how to set up a website, promote products on your website and generate commission for referred sales.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate offers training sessions, live classes, expert support, web hosting, and access to a thriving community.

The program offers two core training options; free and paid membership.

Free membership grants you access to limited training materials and website building tools for seven days.

Paid membership gives you access to ALL training programs and bonuses to help you scale your affiliate marketing business.

Who Created Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

Loudon and Lim have been running online businesses since 2005, trading under the name Niche Marketing, Inc.

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

According to their official website, the program has helped 1.4 million affiliate marketers launch and grow flourishing affiliate marketing businesses.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The program is designed for starter and seasoned affiliate marketers.

It is also an excellent pick for anyone looking for a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program to enable them to start an online business from scratch.

While a significant part of the platform focuses on teaching beginners to set up a successful online business, it offers a collection of tools that seasoned affiliate marketers will find helpful.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Their business model is pretty straightforward; to give you the tools and training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. Basically, show you how affiliate marketing works.

That includes showing you how to choose your first niche, monetize your website using free traffic methods, and understand social media and content creation. 

Check out the image below for a sneak peek at how affiliate marketing works. 

How Wealthy Affiliate works

What's Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

WA boasts a collection of resources and training sessions with everything you need to help you get the hang of things when it comes to affiliate marketing.

These include:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Interactive Video Classes
  • Thousands of text-based and Video Training and Tutorials
  • Webhosting for up to 10 websites or free and registered domains
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Website Builder
  • SiteContent, a platform that helps you edit your content seamlessly
  • An Active Community

Now that you know what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, let's unpack the program to see what it looks like inside.

The Intuitive Dashboard 

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

The dashboard is where all the action takes place. As you can see, the dashboard looks more or less like a forum where you pose questions and wait for the community to answer. 

You can also access blog posts created by members on various Affiliate and online marketing topics. 

Online Entrepreneur Certification [5 courses, 50 lessons]

Wealthy Affiliate courses

You can access this affiliate marketing course by clicking the "training" button on the dashboard. The certification is structured as follows:

  • Level 1: Intro – A 10-lesson intro that takes you through the basics of setting up an online business.
  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – 10 lessons teaching you how to generate free traffic.
  • Level 3: Making money – 10 lessons on multiple ways you can use to earn a passive online income with your website.
  • Level 4: Mastery Social Media Engagement – 10 lessons covering various social media aspects 
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation: 10 lessons on how to use content to engage your audience

Side Note: You'll need to complete one lesson to unlock the next.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training (7 courses, 70 lessons)

Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp focuses on promoting Wealthy Affiliate and is structured as follows:

  • Phase 1: Show you how to launch your business 
  • Phase 2: Focuses on content, conversions, and keywords
  • Phase 3: Show you how to give your website social value
  • Phase 4: Shows you how to fine-tune your website visually and brand it through media
  • Phase 5: Shows you how to understand your audience and boost your referrals
  • Phase 6: Focuses and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo and introduces you to PPC
  • Phase 7: Teaches you how to scale your PPC campaigns successfully 

Live, Interactive Webinars 

Wealthy Affiliate interactive webinars

Available to premium members, these webinars include live Q&A sessions with online marketing experts.

The weekly webinars cover in-depth topics, revealing strategies other successful affiliate marketers use to give you a head start in your affiliate marketing journey.

SiteRubix, the Website Builder


SiteRubix is an integrated site builder with a set of powerful tools to help you create and manage your own affiliate website.

It includes:

  • Domain registration
  • An integrated website builder to help you create your website in seconds
  • Managed WordPress hosting complete with premium support for 10 websites
  • Website speed and spam protection
  • Free SSL certificates

Jaaxy, the Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy

Keyword research is an integral part of starting an affiliate marketing website. In fact, if you get keyword research wrong, you'll struggle to generate money with your site.

Wealthy Affiliate comes with one of the most advanced keyword research tools, Jaaxy. You can leverage the tool to uncover valuable keywords for your content.

Jaaxy can also help you analyze your competition based on keyword research.

SiteContent, the Content Editing Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Sitecontent.

High-quality content, like keyword research, is vital for running a successful affiliate marketing business.

On that front, WA offers SiteContent, a fully-fledged writing platform designed to help you churn high-quality, engaging content for your affiliate websites.

The tool allows you to set your writing goals, generate content, and keep tabs on your performance against your goals.

SiteContent also comes with a grammar checker to help you correct spelling and grammatical errors. The beauty of it is that you can publish your content from the tool to your website with a click.

The Community

As stated, there's a very active community of members inside the program. Here, you can ask any question related to affiliate marketing or making money online, and the members will answer you in a couple of seconds.

The community can be very beneficial for new affiliate marketers.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate pricing

The pricing plans are structured as follows:

Free Plan

You won't pay for this plan, of course. Still, you can access the following:

  • Basic affiliate marketing training
  • 7-day access to the community
  • One basic website
  • Access to the platform
  • 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy

Choose the Free Plan

Premium Plan - $49 per month

Premium membership gives you access to the following niceties:

  • Host 10 websites
  • Unlimited support
  • All levels of core training
  • 52+ expert classes per year
  • Jaaxy Lite - worth $19 per month

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the most popular package

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium

Premium Plus - $99 per month

You can access the following functionalities as a premium member in the Wealthy Affiliate Plus package:

  • Power-user package
  • Host up to 50 websites
  • Unlimited priority support
  • Over 200 expert classes per year
  • Jaaxy Enterprise valued at $99 per month

Choose Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

The premium membership for both packages is paid annually.

Still, the cost is reasonable compared to other affiliate marketing programs, mainly because it covers web hosting charges for 20 to 30 websites, a keyword research tool, and SSL certificates.

Throw in the core training offered in the premium membership and what you get is a solid program for anyone trying to earn money online.

How YOU Can Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

If you're reading this, you probably know how affiliate marketing works.

If you don't, affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn an affiliate commission for marketing other people's products or services.

Let's be more specific because this review intends to show you how to make money using the platform.

First Wealthy Affiliate is the "Make Money Online" niche. So, you can promote the program as a tool to help people generate income online.

However, you shouldn't join with the sole intent of promoting the program.

WA has a lucrative affiliate program that I use to make some good money. Still, if you're a beginner affiliate marketer, I recommend leveraging the program to make money using a different strategy.

There are ENDLESS opportunities to earn a full-time living online with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is only one of the many affiliate partnerships I have with different companies.

WA shows you how to pinpoint a good industry, find a lucrative affiliate program, set up a website, generate content that ranks highly in search engines and convert your readers into buying customers.

The program comes with all the training tools and resources any budding affiliate marketer can use to grow a flourishing business. These include:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Conducting industry research
  • Building your first website
  • Converting your first customer and more.

The takeaway here is that Wealthy Affiliate, at its core, teaches you how to make money with OTHER programs.

Sure, you can earn money recommending Wealthy Affiliate, but you're better off using the knowledge gained in the course to create a passive income online through affiliate marketing.

Put differently, your #1 goal for joining Wealthy Affiliate is to help you promote any product or service and earn commissions for your efforts.

Make no mistake; I am not saying that you shouldn't create a website that exclusively promotes Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, you can create a full-time living promoting the affiliate marketing platform.

However, I recommend using the training to start affiliate sites in niches that you're passionate about. You can, for instance, sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program and start promoting Amazon's products on your niche site.

You can even launch your own digital products and create an affiliate program that allows other people to market your product for a service for a commission. How about that!

Speaking of launching your own digital products and paying affiliates, here's a roundup of the best sales funnel builders you can use to customize your affiliate program and commission payouts.

One more thing — Whether you promote Wealthy Affiliate or a product or service in a different niche, you must understand making money with an online business based on an affiliate marketing model takes time.

Indeed, you can earn six figures in commissions using affiliate marketing — you only need to be patient and, of course, put into practice everything you learn in Wealthy Affiliate program.

Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most popular affiliate programs online. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate can earn you as much as $121 for every sale in lifetime commissions.

Below are the details of how much you can make when you promote Wealthy Affiliate as displayed inside the program.

Wealthy Affiliate - affiliate program

That said, here's what you should know about promoting WA.

  • You'll earn $8 in commission for the first month and $19 special offer referrals, then $23.50 after that.
  • You can only earn the stated rates if you're a premium member. Free membership will earn you $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 per month, and $87.50 annual commissions.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers lifetime commissions and cookies. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few affiliate marketing platforms with such an offer.
  • In essence, this means that once you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to someone, that person will be your Affiliate FOREVER.
  • One of the stand-out points of the program is that as a premium member, you can communicate with your referrals within WA, usher them to the program, offer support and encourage them to sign up for premium membership.
  • Better yet, WA has an integrated autoresponder that sends automatic messages to your referrals if they don't take specific actions.
  • As a premium member, you can also participate in the $1 credit affiliate program, which enables you to earn from the free members you recommend to open an account. On top of that, you'll make money with each domain your referrals purchase.        

Side Note — Premium membership gives you access to an affiliate link button on almost every page on Wealthy Affiliate platform. That way, you can add an affiliate link to anything you want.

Reasons to Promote Wealthy Affiliate

While Wealthy Affiliate equips you with the skills to create a passive income online, you can also promote their affiliate program, especially after you've gained enough experience in affiliate marketing.

Below are six reasons to promote it.

Wealthy Affiliate is Distinctly Different

The program delivers what it promises.

Since its inception in 2005, WA has taught hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers how to launch, grow and scale thriving and profitable online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate is founded on a solid business model that focuses on education, with Kyle and Carson indicating from the get-go that this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

The duo, however, promises results if you follow the training to a T and do the work.

Keeps Going from Strength to Strength

According to their website, over 1.4 million affiliates have enrolled in the program since its inception.

And, it's not difficult to see why this is the case. From the platform's stellar website builders to free domains, hosting, and an advanced keyword research tool, Wealthy Affiliate keeps improving with time.

There are No Up-sells

Wealthy Affiliate bundles everything you need to know in a comprehensive package as follows:

  • Top-notch affiliate marketing training comprising step-by-step guides, interactive areas, walkthrough videos, and tutorials.
  • Experts help to guide you whenever you're stuck. If you have questions during the training, community support enables you to make strides quickly, especially during the weekly Q&A sessions.
  • Free websites, domains, and hosting with free membership. Premium members get up to 50 websites.
  • Intuitive website builders with over 6,000 templates to help you customize your website. You also get site health checks and back-ups as a standard.
  • All the resources and business tools are in a central location to enable you to start your affiliate marketing journey without looking elsewhere for support.

The Community is Nothing Short of Amazing

If I can use one word to describe the community inside Wealthy Affiliate, it'd be selfless. The community is not only committed to helping others succeed but also willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand what you're doing.

How does unlimited access to seasoned affiliate marketers sound? Amazing, right? Well, that's what you get with this community.

And the beauty of it is that you can shoot your question at any time of day or night and still get an answer. How nice!

You Can Test Drive Wealthy Affiliate for Free!

I've seen people ask whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or legit. The good news is that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free. While free membership offers limited functionalities, you can have a feel of what the program offers to decide if it is a scam or legit.

Of course, if Wealthy Affiliate were a scam, they wouldn't let you access the program without swiping your credit or debit card. 

How Much Can You Earn by Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

The sky's the limit!

How much money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate primarily depends on the work that you put in.

As per the success stories I've seen, top affiliates generate six-figure incomes per year.

A Wealthy Affiliate success story is told of Nathaniel, a Chinese national making a full-time living in the United States by leveraging skills he acquired through the program.

Nathaniel has a successful affiliate website where he promotes Wealthy Affiliate. He also runs other niche websites he monetizes using Amazon affiliate and other affiliate programs. 

Nathaniel joined in 2010 and has been a member ever since.


Louie Luc is another success story.

Like most of the success stories, LouieLuc operates many affiliate websites and monetizes using various strategies, including Amazon PPC, email marketing, and more.

Louie Luc has been making money online since the 90s. He is an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, helping upcoming affiliate marketers find their footing in the affiliate marketing world. 


If these success stories are anything to go by, you promote Wealthy Affiliate or start your own affiliate websites to make money online.

Still, the Wealthy Affiliate program isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

You must put in the work to have a successful affiliate site. Most importantly, you must implement what Wealthy Affiliate teaches to attract visitors to your website and generate an online income from them.

Simply, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the fundamentals of making money online, including all the steps you need to launch and scale profitable affiliate sites.

If you've always wanted to become a successful affiliate marketer and are willing to work hard, join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and try the platform yourself.

Be my guest if you want to read the entire Wealthy Affiliate review before joining.

Wealthy Affiliate Incentives

When you promote Wealthy Affiliate successfully, you qualify for special treats to celebrate your achievement. The treats include:

Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship

The members can stand a chance to become brand ambassadors. Here's what you need to do to become a WA ambassador:

  • Helping other WA members
  • Create educative blogs — every WA member has a personal blog
  • Welcome new members, including those with free membership
  • Contributing to discussions within the platform
  • Creating training materials

Las Vegas Incentive

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliates with 300 sales in a calendar get to hang out with Kyle, Carson, and other successful affiliates with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Conference

Apart from hanging out with Kyle and Carson, you'll also attend the annual conference.

On top of that, you get a fully paid accommodation ticket, flight expenses, and entertainment on the Vegas show.

The Wealthy Super Affiliate Conference

This special conference is for members who hit over $3,000 in sales in one calendar. Perks include:

  • Fully paid air tickets
  • A Rolls Royce ride from the airport
  • 3-day interactive super affiliate conference
  • A meet-up with other super members
  • VIP treatment in Vegas

The thing is, the Wealthy Affiliate program is not all about making money online. It's also about having fun after the hard work.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

This review wouldn't be complete without considering the upside and downside of joining the platform.


  • Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive program for anyone looking to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. The program comes with other add-ons like weekly live webinars, fully managed web hosting, a free SSL certificate, a content editor, and advanced keyword research tools.
  • Leveraging the free plan, you can start the membership without paying a dime.
  • The training is pretty straightforward, which makes it easy to follow and implement the lessons.
  • Ton of additional training sessions that show other strategies you can leverage to make money online.
  • You can implement the training in ANY niche.
  • Access to a community  helps you avoid common mistakes most affiliate marketers make when starting their affiliate marketing journey.
  • Top-notch technical support for your affiliate website.
  • Training modules include SEO classes that show you how to grow your affiliate website organically.
  • Raving reviews from students who've achieved results by implementing the program's core training.


  • You must pay for premium membership to unlock all the features. On the flip side, the program is reasonably priced, so you can still join without burning through your wallet.
  • While the core training covers what you need to make money as an affiliate marketer, the training modules can be more in-depth.
  • The program is broken into many bits and pieces, which can be overwhelming.
  • It doesn't train students about email marketing, a crucial strategy for growing a profitable affiliate website.
  • Affiliate marketing in some niches may be pretty saturated, meaning you must be willing to go the extra mile to succeed.

Can You Cancel the Subscription?

Yes, you can.

You can manage your subscription inside the platform so that you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Simply log in to your account, head over to settings, the subscription, and hit the cancel button.

While you can cancel your subscription anytime, the platform doesn't offer refunds. Your best bet to get a refund is to contact Kyle and Carson or the billing team and politely ask for a refund.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

There's so much around Wealthy Affiliate that you can't help but question whether the program is a legit affiliate program. In fact, this is one of the most common questions I encountered as I assembled this review. 

I'll say a couple of things about the scam claims.

First, there are several Wealthy Affiliate reviews claiming the program is a scam. A close look at these independent reviews shows that the reviewers are trying to promote a different affiliate marketing program.

Think of it as a strategy to trash Wealthy Affiliate to sway you into signing up for a different affiliate marketing course. 

Further, most negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews are by people who haven't even signed up for the course, so they're basing their argument on hearsay.

There are tons of positive reviews from students who make a good affiliate income by doing what's taught in the program. These are real people with real websites.

Besides, the Wealthy Affiliate marketing program has been around since 2005 — that's almost two decades of existence.

I agree on one thing, though — the affiliate marketing course could have been more in-depth. In my opinion, that's where Wealthy Affiliate scam claims might emanate. 

So, is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Yes, it is 100% legit. 

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million members and has helped thousands of people create successful businesses online. These numbers already tell that Wealthy Affiliate isn't a scam.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Yes, it is worth your time and money.

Students continue to enroll and succeed. So, if you want to generate passive income or own a successful online business, I recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate.

But like I mentioned earlier, signing up for the program is one part of the puzzle.

Affiliate marketing requires consistency and leveraging the right strategies to rank your content high on search engines and, by extension, place your offer in front of your target customers.

So, to become a successful affiliate marketer, you must ensure you have your basics right from early on — and that's what this program enables you to do.

Also, it might take a while before you make money through affiliate marketing. So, be patient. Still, keep churning out content and promoting your offer. With time, the customers will come.

I've been an affiliate marketer for many years, and I can tell you that consistency is critical for any online business, including affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, but I will try to answer the most crucial ones to help you decide if this program is for you and dispel some falsehoods about the course.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

There's quite a difference between affiliate marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

MLM marketing is a business model that allows you to sell products or services and train people to join the company's sales team and reps.

The trainees can either:

  • Sell the products through an affiliate program to generate commissions.
  • Enlist a team and earn commissions from their sales.

In fact, MLM gets its name from the two-prong business model

Wealthy Affiliate has a fully-fledged affiliate program that allows you to market the platform and earn a commission when someone signs under you — that's just about it. You cannot generate income if you're referrals decide to promote WA.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn't offer multiple levels of earning money, as is the case with multi-level marketing.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it isn't a pyramid scheme.

With a pyramid scheme, your work is to recruit people into a well-orchestrated downline without offering them any value in return apart from compensation from your downline.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate offers real products like keyword research tools, web hosting, affiliate marketing training, etc.

On top of that, these are valuable products that you can use to build a successful online business.

Perhaps, the primary reason people think Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme is the presence of an affiliate program.

And then there's the platform's ambassador system. What you may not know, however, is that this ranking system is in no way connected to pyramid selling,

It is simply a scorecard to gauge a member's activity within the community. That way, the most active members are rewarded, ranked, and given activity credit.

Pyramid selling is illegal. Pyramid schemes are out to con people out of their money. Wealthy Affiliate has products that can give you tangible results with your online business if you implement what you learn to a T.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Still Work?

Despite its long history and proven track record, some people are skeptical about whether Wealthy Affiliate still works. However, the company is still going strong and helping its members achieve their goals.

The training and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate are constantly being updated to keep up with the latest trends in online marketing. In addition, the company offers 24/7 support to its members, so they can always get help when needed.

Wealthy Affiliate is still a powerful platform that can help anyone succeed in online marketing.

Want to know if Wealthy Affiliate still works?

Simply go to the company's official website and take a sneak peek at people joining the program. I took this screenshot a few seconds ago.


Notice how super active the community is, which wouldn't be the case if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, I do.

That's the primary reason for doing this Wealthy Affiliate Review. I want to dispel some negative vibes about the platform.

I recommend it for beginners searching for a straightforward training program to teach them the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

Why beginners?

Well, because Wealthy Affiliate is super comprehensive. The program offers everything you need as a newbie to wet your feet in owning an online business, including training, research tools, hosting, domains, private coaching, and more.

The best part is that you can start Wealthy Affiliate for free. If you, later on, need all the tools and training, the Premium Plan is pretty affordable. At $49 per month, WA seems like a fair bargain to me.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active community, so you can rest assured that you'll get the help you need immediately after signing up.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through the modules, I can confidently say this is a well-put-together program worth every penny it goes for.

Wealthy Affiliate is the course for you if you've ever wanted to make money through affiliate marketing. It is reasonably priced and detailed.

Further, the many success stories about real people who've leveraged Wealthy Affiliate and are now making money with affiliate marketing is proof that the program indeed works.

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