Content at Scale Review: Legit Content or AI Fluff?

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Content at Scale Review – New Tool For High-Volume Content Creation

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This is an in-depth Content At Scale review.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn the following:

  • What Content at Scale is
  • How you can use the platform to power your content creation strategy
  • How much Content at Scale cost
  • How the service stacks against
  • Whether you should be worried about Content at Scale taking your job if you're a freelance writer.

So if you're ready to go all in with Content at Scale, you'll need to read this guide end to end.


AI Content Generator for Quality SEO Long Form Blog Posts.


Creates long-form content quickly, ability to scrape the internet - even Youtube videos.


You have to come up the keywords for yourself, pricey.


One of the best SEO AI writing tools with high-quality output. Good choice for SEO agencies.

Let's dive right in;

What Is Content At Scale?

Content at Scale review

Content at Scale is an AI writing tool used to create high-quality articles with a press of a button. That is something other AI tools aren't able to do.

As an AI writing software, its primary purpose is to enable you to generate content optimized for search engines and your audience. That way, you can rank on Google for your targeted keyword.

If you've been around for a while, you know that Content at Scale isn't the only AI copywriting software.

Still, this tool stands out because it offers something you won't get with other AI content generation tools.

Content at Scale generates long-form SEO-optimized copy with a press of a button. If you are familiar with ChatGPT, you know that it takes many iterations to produce any longer content, and the same goes for a popular tool like Jasper.

Did you know that Google changed its stance to AI-generated content?

According to Google, using AI tools to create content is now acceptable.

Google doesn't care how the content is created as long as it's high-quality and valuable to readers.

Content at Scale can also mimic a human writer by arranging your blog posts, email sequence etc., in a way that's easy to understand and follow through.

Moreover, this content-generating platform comes with Copyscape integration to help you write plagiarism-free content.

As I mentioned, the platform is meant to generate long-form content, like;

  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Articles

Content at Scale 2.0

Well, Content at Scale has gotten way better with its new 2.0 version. In fact, they have addressed all the shortcomings I have mentioned in this review.

Here's a rundown of Content at Scale's top new features:

  • A completely new app, rebuilt from the ground up with an all-new UI
  • The content quality update includes external links, better optimization using NLP-related keywords discovered in crawling, formatting, less fluff, and higher accuracy
  • You can write about ANY topic. You are no longer limited to just informational keywords, but now ALL kinds of topics (reviews, comparisons, recipes, etc.)
  • A never before seen ability to create content from YouTube video links, podcast episode URLs, existing blog posts, and even a custom audio or video file
  • New content optimization scoring model – so you know precisely how well-optimized your content is
  • All new text editor (much cleaner and easier to use)
  • Google Docs export
  • Built-in AI detector within the new research tab
  • Improved user permissions and custom roles for those on Team plans

Let Josh Slone from their team explain all the new features in this short video.

Content at Scale Key Features

Content at Scale has a collection of time-saving features, most notably being;

Ability to generate SEO-ready articles: The platform creates posts from top-ranking articles' data. It picks target keywords and uses the NLP system and semantic analysis to write high-quality content. It'll even craft an optimized meta description. 

Ability to write long-form articles: Content at Scale generates blog posts that average 2,667 words.

  • On-page SEO Checklist: The software provides a Surfer SEO style checklist to enable you to optimize your content further, including how article length, outbound links, main keywords, etc.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard: Content at Scale dashboard is clean and well-laid out. Using the tool is straightforward.
  • WordPress Plugin: This platform can integrate with your WordPress site, making publishing the already optimized content easy. You can even schedule the publishing routine. 
  • Ability to Bypass AI Detectors: This is the only tool whose content can bypass AI content detection. And it does, as you'll see down this review. 
  • Reliable Customer Support: Content at Scale's team is always at hand to help you sort out problems and glitches if they happen. 
  • Team Management Functionality: The platform allows you to manage your team with multiple members. 
  • Integrated Plagiarism Detector: Duplicate content will get you penalized by Google. However, that shouldn't be something to worry about with this AI tool. It comes with a built-in plagiarism detector powered by Copyscape.

Key takeaway: Content at Scale produces plagiarism-free long-form content that bypasses AI detection in less then five minutes by entering a keyword.

First Impressions of Content at Scale

On paper, Content at Scale sounds more impressive than other AI writing software I've used, so I decided to check out what the tool was all about.

And, true to its claims, Content at Scale is a seamless tool.

Once you log in to your account, you will land on the dashboard. The interface is pretty straightforward, making it easy to locate the key functionalities.

However, one can see that the platform is new and will evolve as time passes.

Here's what the dashboard looks like.

Content at Scale screenshot 1

There are two main navigation tabs — Dashboard and Projects, as shown in the image above.

Let's explore Content at Scale more.

Creating a Post within Content at Scale

To create content, hit the Project Tab, then "New Project."

Content at Scale screenshot 2

Then, enter the following fields Project Name, Project URL, Project Context, Monthly Posts, Target Audience, Tone of Voice, and Word Count.

Hit "Create Project." 

In this case, I'll create a blog post for the keyword "Goldco Review".

Content at Scale review screenshot 3

After hitting the Create Project tab, I am guided to another screen that prompts me to enter the finer details: what keyword I want to rank for and the word count.

Then, I'll hit "Create Content Now."

Content at Scale review screenshot 4

Lo and behold, Content at Scale generates an entire blog, "Goldco Review: All You Need to Know Before Investing in just a few minutes.

Content at Scale review screenshot 5

Content at Scale creates table of contents automatically.

There's even a key takeaways section that summarizes entire paragraphs.

CAS key takeaway

I am impressed!

Sure, this will need a human touch to fine-tune it, but the tool comes with a comprehensive editor to help speed up the content creation process.

Side Note: Content at Scale allows you to upload many keywords in a CSV file to write multiple articles simultaneously.

Editing a Content at Scale Post

With the entire blog post up and running, it's time to fine-tune the document.

The first thing I'll want to do is to ensure the content is grammatically correct. So, I'll copy and paste the post on Grammarly, my grammar-checking AI tool.

As you can see from the image below, I used Content at Scale to create form-long content with a Grammarly score of 90. That's decent, by all means.

Grammarly Screenshot 1

I now use Grammarly to fix the suggestions.

For starters, Grammarly highlights the mistakes you need to correct. All you need to do is click on the highlighted suggestion, and the toll will fix it automatically.

Two minutes later, the Grammarly score is 99. How cool is that!

Grammarly Screenshot 2

With the grammar fixed, the next step is to ensure the content is plagiarism free.

Content at Scale comes with an integrated plagiarism checker, so that's what I'll use.

Indeed, the content is plagiarism free.

While this AI content-generating platform offers an on-page SEO checklist function, I still recommend using more advanced Surfer SEO to optimize your article for SERPs.

Surfer SEO screenshot 1

While this SEO score needs some improvements, I can quickly fix it by inserting the keywords suggested by Surfer SEO. The idea is to achieve an SEO score of 80 and above.

I'll also want to check if Content at Scale can write an entire article that passes the AI detection test, as it claims.

The platform has an AI detector available on the official site. It'll head over to the AI detector and copy/paste my article.

The results show my post was created by a human writer, with a 100% score.

Content at Scale AI detection

You can also use other platforms like to check for AI-generated content.

I must mention that most AI writing tools struggle to write content that can pass AI detection.

While the AI content score may vary from tool to tool, the key is to ensure the content feels like an experienced human writer has written it.

You'll therefore want to proofread the content to pinpoint the smallest mistakes.

Notable Content at Scale Features

Besides enabling you to write long-form content, this platform offers functions you won't find in others AI tools. 

  • WordPress Integration: The tool integrates with your WordPress website through API. The benefit is that it lets you publish content automatically on your WordPress site. 
  • On top of that, it uses semantic analysis algorithms to interlink internal links per the content you've created. 
  • Team Management: You can manage projects with your team members.
  • White Label. This allows you to white-label and integrate it with your WordPress site subdomain. 

Content At Scale Pricing

Content at Scale pricing

Content at Scale pricing is structured in three tiers as follows:

  • Solo Plan: $250 for 8 posts per motnth ($31/post)
  • Starter Plan: $500 for 20 posts per month ($25/post)
  • Scaling Plan: $1,000 for 50 posts per month ($20/post)
  • Agency Plan: $1,500 for 100 posts per month ($15/post)

You can buy additional posts at the rate of your plan.

Content at Scale has also a trial offer. You can test out the software for $39.99.

Here are the perks for each package.

Starter Plan

  • One-off or bulk keywords upload
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and SEO recommendations
  • Copyscape integration
  • Ability to add multiple projects

Scaling Plan

Everything in the Starter Plan and,

  • WordPress Plugin to enable you to sync publishing content
  • Post interlinking with the WordPress plugin

Agency Plan

Everything in Agency and,

  • Ability to white label your subdomain
  • Custom development to interface with the platform's AI with your version of the app

What happens if you don't use all your credits by the end of the month? No worries. The service will carry the credits over to the next month for 6 months.

In addition, the platform offers a done-for-you service. The company's team will handle everything from keyword research, editing, optimization, and publishing 20 blog posts for $2,000 per month.

The done-for-you service is ideal for businesses that want to focus on other aspects of the business than content creation.

So, let's say your writer charges 0.10c per word. It means you save at least 10x compared to the writer:


CAS Plan 1

CAS Plan 2

CAS Plan 3

2500 word = $250




Content at Scale Review - How Good is the Content Quality?

Let's be honest. 

AI copywriting software is still in its infancy.

However, the rate at which AI engines are evolving is incredible. 

ChatGPT, for instance, amassed an impressive 1 million users during the first launch week. The AI tool has undergone massive changes since then.

Indeed, Content at Scale can generate decent results. In fact, it writes better than an entry-level content writer.

The content is readable and understandable. 

However, the tool still needs some level of human intervention. You usually have to edit the content a little bit to ensure it is up to par.

On top of that, you have to use other tools, such as Surfer SEO, to ensure the content is fully optimized for SEO.

Because the essence of using an AI writing tool is to improve speed and efficiency, you can hire a human editor to enable you to complete tasks faster. 

This tool can generate quality content, but you might need to edit the content to fine-tune results. But when you consider the pricing, it is better than hiring human writers yet to hone their skills.

Should Freelance Writers Be Concerned?

The popular opinion is that natural language processing and AI engines are not better than human writers. 

I share the same sentiments.

One undeniable fact, though, is that AI is becoming part of freelance writing, and the sooner you embrace it, the better. 

So, will Content at Scale take your job as a writer?

The answer is - it depends.

If you are a rock star copywriter, you should be fine for the time being.

But as an entry-level writer, you must learn to use AI tools to fast-track your productivity.

Instead of worrying about how AI will affect your job, you should perfect the ropes of using AI tools to your advantage. 

As you've seen, you still need a human editor to improve what tools like Content at Scale generate. 

Instead of writing the article yourself, you let AI do the heavy lifting, and your job is to optimize the article for SEO and grammar, give it a human touch and ensure it passes the content AI detection. Content at Scale calls this moving over from SEO writer to AIO writer.

If you can get the skills to polish AI-generated content, you'll produce more articles for your clients faster. 

In addition, learn how to use tools like Surfer SEO to enable you to generate perfectly optimized articles.

The tool can create long-form content in minutes, making it an invaluable platform for freelance writers looking to boost their productivity and revenue. 

Key takeaway: Instead of being concerned, freelance writers should leverage AI tools to their advantage.

Content at Scale vs. Jasper AI

It'll be unfair to conclude this Content at Scale review without addressing the all-important.

How does Content at Scale compare to Jasper AI?

Why is this essential? …because users tend to think these two tools are the same regarding functionalities.

I'll address the issue by addressing the following three topics.

  • The main differences between the two tools
  • Using the two tools to create long-form content
  • Pricing

Content at Scale vs. The Main Differences

Jasper is an AI writing tool for creating shorter copy: generating paragraphs, ad copy, Youtube descriptions, etc. In my opinion, Content at Scale and Jasper are competing in different leagues.

The real contender here for Jasper is ChatGPT because it can perform similar tasks as Jasper. 

Did you know you can even utilize ChatGPT to create your own blog from scratch?

Content at Scale is ideal if you're looking to create long-form content faster. Its AI engines speed up the entire process from creating the first draft to publishing the content.


  • tends to generate more repetitive words
  • Plus, its content struggles to pass AI content detection tests
  • Content at Scale AI writing tool offers valuable elements like a featured image, title, and meta description, among others

Regarding quality, the tool delivers better articles regarding readability and content structure.

On top of that, CAS;

  • Produces content faster
  • Allow bulk keywords
  • Allows you to customize inputs
  • Runs on three AI engines
  • Can automatically generate a table for content for articles
  • Allows internal linking
  • Supports Google QA schema

Content at Scale vs. for Long Form Articles

Jasper uses "blog post workflow, while Content at Scale offers "a one-shot post" for long-form content generation.

The blog post workflow comes with a walkthrough that generates the topic and subheadings.

The most important thing to note is that Jasper writes up to 700 words for long-form content.

On the flip side,

Content at Scale one-shot template allows you to write with a single keyword input to generate over 2,500 words of long-form content.

Key takeaway: Content at Scale is easier and faster for long-form articles and generates more words than Jasper out of the box.

Content at Scale vs. for Pricing

Jasper is available via subscription and credits. Content at Scale is a credit-only platform.

  • Jasper offers credits per word count.
  • Content at Scale credits, on the other hand, is based on articles.

Based on these pricing models;

  • The longer your article is, the more you pay with Jasper.
  • With CAS, one credit equals one article.

Content at Scale Pros and Cons

As I come to the near end of this Content at Scale review, let me go over the upsides and downsides of this AI writing platform.


  • You can generate content in bulk, making the creation process fast and effortless
  • You can save significant amounts of money that you'd otherwise paid and experienced human writer
  • The tool uses 3 AI engines, enabling it to generate high-quality content
  • It can write over 2,500 words in one shot
  • The tool comes with a built-in Copyscape plagiarism checker
  • You get an integrated on-page checklist
  • You can schedule and publish content straight to your WordPress site
  • It offers semantic keywords by leveraging two natural language processing, boosting your chances of ranking higher in SERPs
  • It comes with a content editor and robust text formatting
  • Lucrative affiliate program


  • The tool doesn't have a keyword research functionality
  • It is still in the beta phase
  • Not the cheapest tool

Content At Scale Alternatives

Content at Scale is an incredible tool that will change how we write long-form articles with AI.

That said, here are a few alternatives if you're looking for options.


AutoBlogging enables the creation of an article from scratch using the power of AI. You only need to add the keyword and a few subheadings.

AutoBlogging's standout functionality is its capacity to include your keyword in every subheading you provide, enabling the tool to generate better content per your needs.

Jasper AI

As I mentioned, Content at Scale doesn't create short-form articles — and that's where Jasper comes in.

You can use it to generate shorter content for your social media pages, ad copy, etc.

It is essential to note that while Jasper can help you write blog posts, you need to feed it with more information than Content at Scale, making the task more complicated.

Still, Jasper is a good alternative if you don't mind spending more time on the blog creation process.

Article Forge

Article Forge does an excellent job of helping you write AI content.

You only need to feed it with keywords and sub-keywords to generate articles up to 1,500 words long.

It also allows you to key in subheadings manually for better results. It also offers plagiarism checking through Copyscape.

Final Thoughts on Content at Scale - Should You Get It?

Content is an integral part of ranking on Google.

I am not talking about any content, though. You must create high-quality articles that align with your audience's search intent to build online businesses generating a decent income.

Another crucial factor you must consider is the frequency at which you publish content.

Gone are the days when you could post one article and hope to rank.

In the face of cut-throat competition, you need to keep tabs on the rate at which your competitors generate content to survive.

You don't stand a chance with a competitor posting content daily if you keep uploading your articles twice a month.

I understand getting an experience human writer who knows their craft takes work. Still, you must adapt or perish — and that's where Content at Scale comes in.

This AI tool can generate a 2,500+ word article in less than 5 minutes! That means you can create many articles in a day.

Sure, you have to edit and optimize the post, but the tool's turnaround time is remarkable.

With Content at Scale, you can establish a topical authority in your niche with minimum effort and time and without breaking the bank. It is a perfect tool for authority sites and blogs alike.

So, should you try Content at Scale?

Yes, you should. It'll help you develop content faster while saving you money that you can channel to other marketing channels.

You shouldn't use the tool blindly, though.

Always edit, optimize and fact-check AI-written articles before posting. You want to make sure everything is correct before you post.

The bottom line is that you will save a ton of money and time with Content at Scale (using my link, you'll get 20% more credits at the same price.)

You can now test the software for $39.99 without commitment. 

Simply sign up for any Content at Scale plan you'd like, and you'll get the chance to generate your 2900+ word article at just $39.99. After that you can publish the article – it's yours!

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