Content at Scale AI Detector Pro Review: Capabilities, Accuracy and Is It Worth It?

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Content at Scale AI Detector Pro Review

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AI Detector Pro


$49 / month

Free Trial
Yes (free version)

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  • High accuracy in detecting AI-generated text
  • Large 50,000 character scanning capacity


  • Pricing may be prohibitively expensive for individuals
  • Rewrite credits expire monthly

AI Detector Pro has robust AI detection and paraphrasing but its limitations around credits and pricing make it better suited for larger organizations over individuals and small teams. The tool shows promise but needs some improvement to justify the high monthly cost.

Artificial intelligence has transformed content creation and SEO. With advanced AI tools like ChatGPT generating human-like text at scale, maintaining quality while avoiding detection has become vital.

This is where Content at Scale's AI Detector Pro comes in - an enhanced AI detection and humanizing tool designed for content creators and SEO professionals.

In this review, I'll cover how AI Detector Pro works, its key features, accuracy, and pricing to help you determine if it fits your content workflow correctly.

Why AI Detection Matters in Content Creation?

Back in February 2023, Google stated that AI-generated content is acceptable as long as it is original, high-quality, people-first content. However, robotic-sounding AI text may produce a bad user experience, which search engines want to avoid.

Many content creators want their material to read naturally for engagement and branding purposes. This is why tools like AI Detector Pro can come in handy.

AI detection helps:

  • Maintain quality and readability
  • Avoid ranking drops in search engines algorithm updates
  • Preserve website reputation and trust
  • Sustain user engagement and satisfaction

For student papers, it also deters plagiarism and cheating. Across education and content creation, AI detection is becoming a necessity.

Introducing Content at Scale's AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro is an advanced version of Content at Scale's free AI detector. It offers enhanced capabilities to detect AI content and rewrite it to sound more human.

Key Features

Here are some of AI Detector Pro's most notable features:

  • Accurate AI detection - Uses an algorithm trained on tons of content across blogs, articles, Wikipedia, and AI models to identify AI text with 98.3% accuracy.
  • Text highlighting - Color codes content by AI probability - green (human), yellow (unclear), orange (likely AI), red (highly likely AI).
  • Large capacity - Scans up to 50,000 characters, unlike 2,500 characters for the free tool.
  • Paraphrasing - Manually paraphrase sentences or automatically rewrite all AI-flagged text.
  • Seamless editing - Edit and format text within the platform's intuitive interface.
  • URL scans - Check content from URLs for AI probabilities.
  • Image detection - Get AI probabilities for images, which is helpful due to the rise of AI image generators.
  • Bulk scanning - Scan multiple texts in batches with one click.
  • Undetectable rewrites - Available through integration with Content at Scale's AI writer.
  • Mobile app - Use AI Detector on-the-go through the mobile app.

With these capabilities, AI Detector Pro aims to simplify AI detection and rewriting for all types of content creators.

Hands-On Testing of AI Detector Pro

To share an authentic user perspective, I tested AI Detector Pro on different text samples:

AI detection pro image1

AI-generated (ChatGPT)

  • Correctly flagged as AI
  • Highlighted some sentences as "human" 
  • Gave an overall 0% human probability score
AI detection pro image2

AI-generated (Koala Writer)

  • Classified most sentences as "Highly likely to be AI-generated"
  • Gave a 20% human probability score


  • Classified appropriately as human-written
  • 90%+ human probability score

While not perfect, AI Detector Pro accurately detected AI from various sources. Its paraphrasing also improved some samples to receive 100% human scores from other detectors like

The tool seems to struggle occasionally with AI-generated text that tries to sound more human. But overall, it was precise in flagging AI content while correctly identifying human writing.

Who Can Benefit from AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro suits the needs of:

  • Content writers - Verify written content passes as human.
  • Content teams - Check writers aren't using AI more than needed.
  • Publishers and blogs - Maintain high-quality, non-AI content.
  • SEO professionals - Optimize content while avoiding AI penalties.
  • Marketing agencies - Confirm content sounds natural before publishing.
  • Teachers - Detect AI usage in student papers and assignments.

AI Detector Pro helps preserve quality and originality through AI detection for any individual or organization publishing content online.

AI Detector Pro Pricing

AI Detector Pro costs $49 per month with no long-term commitments. The Pro plan includes:

  • 50,000 characters per scan (that is around 7,000-word article)
  • Unlimited AI detection scans
  • Unlimited image AI detection
  • 2,500 undetectable rewrite credits (meaning you can rewrite only 2,500 words)
  • URL scans
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Text editor
  • Export to Word/Doc/HTML
  • Compatible as a standalone tool or with Content at Scale subscription

The free version permits 2,500 characters per scan. So, the Pro version's expanded capacity and unlimited scans provide more value.

However, at $49/month, it is a more expensive detector compared to alternatives like The unlimited AI rewrites offer added value, but credits expire monthly.

The price is likely too high for individuals and small teams relative to the features. However, larger content teams and agencies creating tons of content can benefit from the unlimited scans and integrated paraphrasing.

Pro Tips for Using AI Detector Pro

To maximize value from AI Detector Pro, keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Use a brand voice - Create a custom voice for your AI writer to make content more distinctive.
  • Check each draft - Don't just scan final drafts. Check AI levels throughout the writing process.
  • Use multiple detectors - Cross-check your content against other detectors to validate scores.
  • Rewrite strategically - Only rewrite phrases flagged as having the highest AI probability.
  • Peer review - Have a colleague scan some of your text for a second opinion.
  • Revise scanned drafts - Edit and enhance scanned drafts before publishing.
  • Add multimedia - Include images, graphics, and videos to improve quality.
  • Optimize formatting - Break up text with spacing, headers, and lists to increase readability.

These tips will help you get the most mileage from AI Detector Pro for creating content that engages audiences.

The Bottom Line

AI Detector Pro brings advanced AI detection plus built-in rewriting to simplify content creation workflows. With its high accuracy, bulk scanning capacity, and seamless paraphrasing, this tool equips content teams to maintain quality standards in the age of AI.

For under $50 a month, the unlimited detection scans can add value for content studios producing volumes of text regularly.

Overall, AI Detector Pro is a robust AI detection platform for anyone relying on AI-generated content daily. It's not perfect, but its precision and easy humanizing make it a solution to consider for content creators who prioritize quality, readability, and originality.

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