7 Best Amazon Product Research Tools to Uncover Top Opportunities

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best amazon product research tools

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What are the Best Amazon Product Research Tools?

Choosing the best Amazon product research tool can be difficult. Many options are available with different features, price points, and interfaces.

We have included the pros and cons of every Amazon product research tool so that you can decide what tools to use on your Amazon marketplace business!

This guide will help you decide which tool will work for you in 2023.

The basic idea of research and finding product opportunities are pretty much the same in all these tools. You make search queries to a product database to find the best products to sell. You can limit the search results with different filters provided by the tool.

The difference between a good and bad Amazon product research tool is how accurate information it provides to you. Some tools have an extensive database, while others offer less detail or accuracy. The best tools, like Helium 10, have an impressive Amazon product database.

Amazon product research is tedious when done manually, and these tools will save you a lot of time and effort.

Many other Amazon product research tools are available on the market, but I have hand-picked the most well-known and trustworthy platforms with a solid user base for you.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 main page

Helium 10 is my top pick for the best Amazon product research tool because it is user-friendly, has very accurate data, and can be used by beginners and experienced Amazon sellers. 

The other reason why I placed Helium 10 at first is you will not only get one of the best Amazon product research tools, but you will also get all the tools you'll ever need in your Amazon business + Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course.

The Helium 10 team provides a lot of support for their members, including webinars and training videos to help you get started with your Amazon business.


  • Very large dataset of products and keywords with accurate Amazon data.
  • By purchasing Helium10, you will not only get one of the best Amazon product research tools, but you will also get one of the most comprehensive all-in-one Amazon seller toolkits.
  • Very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Helium10 has very handy free Chrome extension.
  • Helium 10 has a reverse ASIN tool that allows reverse engineering competitor's product listings.
  • You will get Kevin Kings' Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course for free with your Helium 10 membership. Freedom Ticket costs $997 when bought separately, and it is one of the best Amazon FBA training.


  • You cannot do much with the Helium 10 free version. It has limited functionality.

Helium 10 pricing


$ 39


The training and tools you need to get started


    $ 99


    The must-have solution for your growing business


      $ 279


      Perfect for expert sellers and teams looking to scale

        You can use the codes below to get a discount on your Helium 10 subscription. Simply apply the code at checkout.

        Helium 10 DISCOUNT

        Use the Code

        Every Month 10% OFF


         Six Months 20% OFF


        Out of 5.0

        Best for

        Solopreneurs & Small Businesses


        Starting at $39 per month

        Annual discount


        2. ZOOF

        Zoof Amazon product research tool2

        Zoof is a new Amazon seller software platform with some killer features, and it is one of my top favorite tools for Amazon product research. Gain access to accurate and comprehensive data with the help of a tool that filters through all the noise.

        The best part?

        Zoof is also a multi-feature Amazon seller tool like Helium10, so you don't need any other tools besides Zoof.

        Watch Amazing.com CEO Mike McClary's presentation on how to use Zoof's Spotlight product research tool.

        Filter away hype, bias opinions from other sources, identify opportunities missed by other tools. With Zoof, you'll be able to make better product-picking decisions than ever before! Amazing Selling Machine also recommends Zoof!


        • Zoof data comes directly from Amazon so that you can make informed decisions.
        • All in one Amazon seller tool
        • Get everything with one affordable monthly subscription.
        • Free 14-day trial
        • Includes a reverse ASIN tool and a Chrome extension


        • Supports only the U.S. marketplace

        Zoof pricing


        $ 59


        No Commitment. Cancel any time.


          $ 97


          No Commitment. Cancel any time.

            Out of 5.0

            Best for

            US sellers


            Starting at $59 per month

            Annual discount


            3. Jungle Scout

            Jungle Scout main page

            Jungle Scout is one of the most well-known Amazon seller software. Jungle Scout helps provide sellers with the necessary tools to increase their sales and product information.

            It can be used to find profitable products, track your inventory levels, and analyze the competition. Jungle Scout has a web application and a Chrome Extension.


            • Flexible pricing options for all budgets
            • Excellent tools to research and analyze products/niches/markets


            • Jungle Scout doesn't offer a free trial
            • Some features on Jungle Scout are currently limited only to the U.S. marketplace

            Jungle Scout pricing

            Jungle Scout Basic

            $ 29


            Validate product ideas as you browse Amazon with our famous browser extension

              Jungle Scout Suite

              $ 49


              Everything you need to find new products & expertly manage your Amazon business

                Jungle Scout Professional

                $ 84


                More data, more users, more access — ideal for experienced sellers who need more

                  Out of 5.0

                  Best for

                  JS Chrome Extension Users


                  Starting at $29 per month

                  Annual discount


                  4. ZONGURU

                  Zonguru Amazon product research tool

                  Zonguru offers amazon product research tools that help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It is a software for amazon sellers where they can do keyword, pricing, and competitor analysis effortlessly with the help of one tool only, which gives them an advantage over other tools.


                  • An affordable option for Amazon product research
                  • Free 7-days trial
                  • Great reviews on Trustpilot
                  • Zonguru supports many Amazon marketplaces.


                  • The Researcher plan lack some of the features like keyword ranking tracking

                  Zonguru pricing

                  Researcher Plan

                  $ 39


                  All the tools you need to find the perfect product

                    Seller Plan

                    $ 49


                    All the tools you need to grow your Amazon business

                      5. SELLER APP

                      Seller App Best Amazon PPC Software

                      Seller App is a tool that helps Amazon sellers research profitable products to sell on amazon. It allows you to find the best selling items in every category, analyze your competition and spy on amazon's top sellers, see what keywords they're ranking for, how much traffic they're getting, etc.

                      Seller App also offers additional features such as real-time price and inventory tracking, amazon repricing tool, etc.


                      • Seller App offers full-featured 7 days free trial
                      • Online demo is available by Seller App specialists before committing to a plan.
                      • User-friendly interface that is easy to understand even for beginners in Amazon business


                      • Only two different plans are available

                      Seller App pricing

                      Pro Lite

                      $ 99


                      Track 50 Products


                        $ 199


                        Track 100 Products

                          6. AMZ SCOUT

                          Amz Scout Amazon product research tool

                          AMZ Scout is a software that helps Amazon sellers find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It's easy to use and has helped thousands of successful sellers grow their businesses.

                          AMZ Scout offers up-to-date pricing, reviews, inventory levels, and more for all types of product categories so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.


                          • Affordable tool for Amazon product research
                          • Amazon Seller's Bundle costs only a little more than Pro Extension


                          • Not so comprehensive set of tools like e.g., Helium10

                          AMZ Scout pricing

                          • PRO Extension $45.99 / month
                          • Amazon Seller's Bundle $49.99 / month
                          Pro Extension

                          $ 45.99


                          Legendary tool for product research, loved by sellers for accurate sales data

                            Seller's Bundle

                            $ 49.99


                            A complete tool set for beginner and experienced Amazon sellers

                              7. VIRAL LAUNCH

                              Viral Launch Amazon product research tool

                              Viral Launch is a software and marketing platform that helps Amazon sellers grow their business. Viral Launch includes Amazon product research tools that help sellers easily find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

                              It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for Amazon sellers of any level to use the software and get accurate results in no time. Viral Launch platform has tools for market intelligence, keyword research, competitor intelligence, listing analyzer, to name a few.


                              • The tools are very user-friendly.
                              • Viral Launch has a 14-day free trial.
                              • Includes a Chrome extension


                              • Not the cheapest choice
                              • Quite a lot of negative reviews on Trustpilot

                              Viral Launch pricing


                              $ 69


                              The perfect solution for Amazon product research


                                $ 99


                                Everything you need to sell successfully on Amazon

                                  Pro Plus Ads

                                  $ 199


                                  The all-in-one platform for Amazon advertising & sales optimization

                                    What is an Amazon Product Research Tool?

                                    Amazon product research tools are a great way to find the best products to sell on Amazon. They can help you determine which products have the highest demand and lowest competition. They help you find product ideas that others are neglecting or haven't noticed.

                                    Finding a great product to sell on Amazon is the most crucial part of your Amazon business. Finding the right product to sell makes or breaks your success on Amazon!

                                    Amazon Product Research FAQ's

                                    What is the best Amazon product research tool?

                                    The best product research tool in the market is Zoof. Not only it has the most comprehensive database with a lot of data points, but it also has all the tools you will ever need in your Amazon business. So you won't have to invest in any other tool in the future.

                                    What makes a perfect product to sell on Amazon? 

                                    These are some characteristics of an excellent first product. The more boxes you can tick with your product, the better.

                                    • High demand, trending product
                                    • Relatively low competition, you cannot avoid this totally
                                    • Good profit margin (> 25%)
                                    • No patent or other legal issues
                                    • Low seasonality (especially if you're looking for your first product)
                                    • No brand domination
                                    • No fragile products
                                    • No electrical devices
                                    • Quick and easy to source
                                    • You can add related products to expand your brand
                                    • The product encourages recurring purchases
                                    • Room for improvement (making your product better than your competitors is the way to beat them)

                                    What products are in high demand on Amazon?

                                    There are a lot of high-demand categories on Amazon. The following categories are the easiest to enter as a beginner: Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, Pet Supplies, Beauty & Personal Care.

                                    💡Tip: the smart home is an emerging trend. You can find a lot of great product opportunities in this category.


                                    Amazon product research tools are the way to find products I will sell. In my experience, Helium10 is the best tool in terms of price and features. It's an Amazon product research tool and includes every tool you ever need in your Amazon business.

                                    Helium10 is also a keyword research tool. In addition, you have Amazon sales estimates, keyword search volumes, accurate sales estimates, a profit calculator, and an Amazon listing optimization tool with Helium10.

                                    You can find trending products, inventory management, discover market trends, and more.

                                    Please also read my article about the best Amazon PPC tools if you need a solution to manage your Sponsored Products campaigns.

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