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Amazing Selling Machine 14 is an updated training program that guides entrepreneurs in building an omnichannel brand, enabling them to sell across multiple platforms beyond just Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine has helped over 35,000 students launch successful businesses on Amazon. Now, with ASM 14, they are evolving to teach you how to build an omnichannel brand that can thrive across multiple platforms.

ASM 14 teaches you to build an omnichannel business. Think "Omnizon", not just Amazon. Find the right product, build your brand, and sell on any channel. Expand beyond Amazon with the new Amazing Selling Machine.

In this ASM 14 review, I'll provide an in-depth look at what's new, the course curriculum, pricing, and whether ASM is still the best choice for your e-commerce goals.

What is Amazing Selling Machine 14?

The Amazing Selling Machine is the most popular course for building an Amazon FBA business. Created in 2012 by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, ASM has been the gold standard training platform for aspiring Amazon sellers.

With the just released Amazing Selling Machine 14 (ASM14), the curriculum has been completely revamped to teach a broader approach beyond just Amazon FBA.

ASM 14 focuses on building an omnichannel brand that leverages multiple sales platforms to reduce dependence on one channel. This includes selling across marketplaces like:

  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

The training aims to help you launch products and build a thriving direct-to-consumer brand using the power of platforms like Shopify. Then, you can expand your products onto other marketplaces.

While still incorporating Amazon as a sales channel, ASM 14 takes a modern approach focused on flexibility and leveraging platforms that best fit your brand.

ASM 14 Course Curriculum 

ASM14 main page

Let's take a look at how the brand-new ASM 14 course curriculum is structured.

Part 1: Finding a Product and Building Your Brand

The first section focuses on product research, supplier sourcing, and establishing your brand identity. This aligns closely with previous ASM courses.

Module 1 - Choosing the Right Product

How to brainstorm and validate winning product ideas that can differentiate your brand.

Module 2 - Finding High-Quality Suppliers

Locating and vetting suppliers, ordering samples, and negotiating terms.

Module 3 - Creating a Winning Brand

Logo creation, packaging design, social media, and tips to build a memorable brand.

Part 2: Launching Your Brand on Shopify

Here is where ASM 14 stands out. Six in-depth modules focus specifically on leveraging Shopify to launch your direct-to-consumer brand.

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Step-by-step guidance on store setup, payment processing, fulfillment, and policies.

Module 5 - Build Your Email List

Capturing leads and abandoned carts to market to customers.

Module 6 - Creating Your Product and Landing Pages

Product photography, copywriting formulas, and high-converting page design. 

Module 7 - Launch and Test Ads

Ad creation and tracking for Facebook, Google, and more to drive traffic.

Shopify will serve as the hub for selling your brand directly to consumers. This establishes control and flexibility in a way selling solely on Amazon does not.

Part 3: Expanding Your Brand to Amazon 

Once your Shopify store runs smoothly, ASM 14 trains you to launch your brand and products on Amazon.

Module 8 - Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account

Registering your brand correctly and navigating Seller Central.

Module 9 - Creating the Perfect Amazon Listing

Optimizing listings for Amazon SEO and conversions.

Module 10 - Preparing for Launch

Inventory allocation across sales channels and pre-launch planning.

Module 11 - Launching Your Product

Organizing your launch for maximum sales.

Module 12 - Scaling Your Amazon Sales

PPC ads, reviews, and ongoing optimization.

Module 13 - Launching Only on Amazon

For students who still want to launch exclusively on Amazon, this bonus module shows you how.

Part 4: Expanding to Other Marketplaces

The final section covers expanding your business beyond just Shopify and Amazon to other marketplaces.

Module 14 - Expanding to Other Marketplaces

Optimizing your brand and products for each platform.

ASM 14 offers the best of both worlds. You learn to build a DTC brand on Shopify first. Then, expand it onto Amazon and other marketplaces to scale while retaining control.

Meet The Coaches

Matt Clark

Matt Clark

Matt is the other creator of Amazing Selling Machine, along with Jason Katzenback. He has built multiple 8-figure brands and helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs through ASM's training.

Matt has sold over $267 million in products online. His accomplishments have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Success Magazine, and Business Insider.

In 2019, he launched a 3-time award-winning Inc. 5000 e-commerce brand from zero. Matt brings this wealth of real-world experience in successfully building brands to his coaching.

Mike McClary

Mike McClary

Mike is the CEO of He started his first e-commerce business with just a $500 investment. Within a year, he had replaced his 6-figure corporate salary and quit his job.

Since then, Mike has created multiple million-dollar brands selling across Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. He is passionate about teaching others to achieve the same financial and personal freedom he found through e-commerce entrepreneurship.

Devin Dorosh

Devin Dorosh

Devin is a 7-figure Amazon seller who launched his first product on his honeymoon. He quickly scaled it to $10,000 monthly in sales within two months.
Devin grew his e-commerce business to over $450,000 in revenue one year later. By the second year, he surpassed $1 million in sales. Devin's company was named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing business for his rapid growth.

With this group of founders and coaches, Amazing Selling Machine combines extensive real-world expertise in building, growing, and scaling e-commerce brands across major online marketplaces.

How Does the Amazing Selling Machine Course Work? 

The core of the Amazing Selling Machine is the 8-week web class that walks you step-by-step through starting your e-commerce business.

This training is broken down into 50+ hours of video lessons covering every aspect of the business in a strategic sequence, from product research to inventory sourcing to launching and scaling.

But the training isn't just pre-recorded videos. The course incorporates live-streamed video lessons and up-to-date resources based on the latest industry practices.

Weekly Coaching Calls

A major benefit of the Amazing Selling Machine is direct access to the expert coaching staff. Students can join live video coaching calls with the ASM team each week.

This allows you to get your most pressing questions answered in real time. The coaches also use the calls to provide motivation, share insider tips, and offer strategic business advice.

I found these weekly coaching sessions extremely valuable. Getting feedback directly from experts who have built multi-million dollar e-commerce empires is a huge asset.

The coaches really care and offer encouragement when you hit obstacles. Ongoing coaching is a standout factor separating ASM from cheaper courses.

Private Community Forum

One of the most valuable parts of ASM is the private community forum. All students get access to the forum, which has thousands of members.

Not only does this provide motivation and accountability, but when you inevitably have questions, an entire community is ready to help. I posted questions and usually had multiple detailed responses within hours.

Between the weekly coaching calls and a private forum, you get the support you need to work through problems as they pop up.

The community enhances the core training and provides camaraderie with like-minded entrepreneurs. It's also used for student updates and offering encouragement on business milestones.

Who is Amazing Selling Machine For?

The ASM course is designed for anyone looking to build an Amazon FBA business, regardless of prior experience. The step-by-step format allows both beginners and experienced sellers to benefit.

However, this course does require a significant time and monetary investment. To get the most value, you need to be able to devote focused time to completing the training modules and have the funds to purchase inventory and tools.

ASM is ideal for motivated individuals who want to build a hands-off business that can eventually run without their day-to-day involvement. While you must put in hard work upfront, the end goal is creating an automated income stream.

Some key factors that indicate ASM is a good fit:

  • You want to build a business, not just a short-term project.
  • You have a budget of at least $5,000 to invest upfront.
  • You can devote at least 5-10 hours a week for eight weeks to complete the initial training.
  • You are willing to spend 6-12 months launching your first products.
  • You have the motivation to push through obstacles and solve problems.

ASM 14 focuses on building a brand and selling physical products through Amazon FBA and other marketplaces. ASM won't be the best fit if you want to conduct retail arbitrage or wholesaling without a brand.

And if you're looking to get rich quickly with little effort, you'll want to consider something different like lottery. Building a real long-term sustainable business takes significant work.

If you have the time, money, and motivation required, ASM provides the proven framework for e-commerce success.

Amazing Selling Machine Students' Results

Here are some student testimonials from the previous ASM courses.

Anne Ferris

Anne runs a 7-figure e-commerce brand from the beach in Costa Rica.

"I wanted to be doing $50,000 a month in sales by the beginning of 2020. I hit that goal within the first nine months of starting on Amazon. And this past month, I did over $81,000 in sales."

Ana Silva

Ana sold her e-commerce side business for multiple 7-figures

"Going on vacation out of the country twice a year is not something I need to think twice about now..People still cannot believe what I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time, totally on the side, with just a few hours to spare."

Just a few years ago, Justin and Channing Dyson’s lives looked very different than today. At the time, Justin was in college, working part-time for his dad and Channing was a hairstylist. But, after they learned about the Amazon opportunity from Robert Kiyosaki, they decided to give it a try.

Their first product to sell was a cell phone case. According to Justin and Channing, it failed. Big time! But, they didn’t quit. Fast forward today, their new business brought $4 million in sales in 2018. And they expect it to bring $6 million this year! Check out their story.

Exit Strategy

You can make decent monthly profit with your Amazon business but the big money is made when you sell your profitable e-commerce business.

Many sellers have a build - run - exit strategy. They build the business an exit in mind. After they have sold their business they start a new one.

You can find on the Internet many sites where you can sell your Amazon FBA or other e-commerce business. You will be able to make multiple x your yearly turnover if the business is well managed.

Amazon FBA business exit

Pros and Cons of Amazing Selling Machine

Let's summarize the key pros and cons of Amazing Selling Machine:


  • Comprehensive training: 50+ hours of video lessons teaching every aspect of e-commerce business from start to finish. 
  • Ongoing support: Direct access to weekly coaching calls, a private community forum, and one-on-one mentoring.
  • Lifetime access: All current and future updates included for free.
  • Globally recognized: The most well-known and respected Amazon FBA course.
  • Trusted instructors: Created by successful entrepreneurs with long track records.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Full refund if unsatisfied for any reason in the first month.


  • Time commitment: Building a real long-term business takes significant time and effort.
  • Ongoing costs: Requires ongoing ad spend and inventory investments to scale.

ASM 14 Pricing 

Matt Clark Amazing


How much does it cost to enroll in Amazing Selling Machine 14?

The regular price is $4,997 for lifetime access. However, through my link you can get a 40% discount, bringing the price down to just $2,997.

A payment plan is also available at $750 upfront and three payments of $750 afterward.

Considering you get cutting-edge training on building an omnichannel brand included, the discounted price is a great deal.

ASM also introduced a new membership called Amazing Academy, which offers all their training for a monthly subscription to eliminate the upfront cost.

Introducing Amazing Academy

Amazing has launched an exciting new membership program called Amazing Academy. This provides an alternative way to access ASM's world-class training on a monthly subscription basis.

Amazing Academy offers unlimited access to all current and future Amazing Selling Machine courses, plus other e-commerce-focused training. This includes:

  • Amazing Selling Machine 
  • Spark Selling Machine for Walmart
  • Holiday Sales Machine
  • Live Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Resource Vault
  • SellerCon Recordings

You can access everything without a large upfront investment by paying a monthly fee. There are multiple membership tiers:

Academy - $59/month. Includes just the training.

Academy Gold - $119/month. Adds live coaching calls 3X per week, 1:1 support, private Slack channel, and Facebook community.

Academy Platinum - $149/month. Also includes the Zoof software suite.

All plans offer a 7-14 day free trial period. So you can test drive Amazing Academy risk-free.

This innovative membership approach makes Amazing's world-class training more affordable and accessible. You still gain lifetime access to current and future courses.

For students who don't want to pay the full $4,997 upfront, Amazing Academy provides a flexible way to learn from the best instructors in the business.

The Academy membership tiers allow you to choose the level of software access and expert support needed for your goals and budget.

No matter which option you choose, ASM 14 is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can enroll risk-free.

Is ASM14 Worth It? My Final Verdict

Amazing Selling Machine has always provided tremendous value for the right entrepreneur willing to apply themselves fully to the training.

With the major improvements in ASM14 shifting to omnichannel selling, the program is more beneficial than ever.

The catch is that you get out what you put in. Like any coaching program, ASM14 only works if you dedicate yourself to learning and implementing each step. It's not a passive income solution.

But for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving brand and break free of reliance on any one platform, ASM14 is a proven framework for making that vision a reality.

The addition of sections on building a Shopify store and expanding across multiple sales channels makes the training more flexible and well-rounded than ever before.

With the new Amazing Academy, you can access all the training for e-commerce success in today's omnichannel retail environment without high upfront costs.

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