Alidropship Review

Alidropship review

Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jussi Hyvarinen

Alidropship offers a range of effective automated solutions for dropshipping with AliExpress. They are designed to make it as simple as possible to start your own AliExpress dropshipping business.

Alidroship offers everything you need, from themes to ready-made dropshipping stores. Alidropship makes dropshipping more effortless than ever before.

This Alidropship review covers everything you need to know about Alidropship, what products and features are available on the Alidropship platform, and how much they cost!

What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a retail business model where the seller does not keep the goods in stock. The seller buys the product against the customer's order from the supplier, who delivers it directly to the customer. The seller receives sales profit from the sale of this product on their website or store.

Dropshipping has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its passive income potential and low-cost overhead - no need for warehouses, inventory, packaging, etc. 

The benefits of dropshipping

Easy to get started

It is easy to start a dropshipping business because you do not have to worry about, e.g., storage, packaging, and shipping of products. All you need is an online store where the products are displayed as well as advertising.

Alidropship offers ready-made proven-to-work stores that you can get very affordable to make it even easier.

Low initial capital and overhead costs required

Dropshipping is one of the cheapest business models to start as you do not have to invest in inventory or expensive branding.

The overhead costs are low also - there's no need for warehouses or expensive branding. You can do everything online, and you don't have to hire additional employees, as the platform does most of the work for you!

Passive income potential

Once the business is set up and running, you can sit back and relax as your store automatically takes orders from customers. There are no time limits to how long you keep selling for - it's all about building up a consistent income that continues even if you're not actively working on growing your online shop.

Low risk

Business risk is low because no initial capital is required. If it turns out that the products are not selling, you can easily switch to other products or even quit without considerable financial losses.

Wide product range

Because there is no equity commitment to products, you can keep a flexible selection in your online dropshipping store, and quickly test which products sell best and remove poorly selling products from the collection.

The disadvantages of dropshipping

Margins can be low

Even though the overhead costs are low, dropshipping is still a very competitive market, and it can be challenging to make a sufficient income.

It could take time to build up your online dropshipping store as you need good marketing strategies that will attract visitors from other platforms such as Google or Facebook. There's also no way of knowing how many customers will purchase your products.

High competition

The competition is often tough, and it can be tricky to stand out from other online stores that offer similar or identical goods as you do. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mitigate this problem by selecting products that are well suited for the AliExpress dropshipping business. 

Delivery times are relatively long

The products are usually sourced from China, and the ePacket delivery method is mainly used in dropshipping. The delivery time from China to the US with ePacket is typically 8-15 days. Long delivery time can be a problem for some customers.

Limited branding possibilities

Dropshipping doesn't give you much control over what your customers get. Typically these products come pre-branded or no-branded by the suppliers.

What is Alidropship?

Alidropship review

AliDropship is a company that offers solutions for AliExpress dropshipping. 

Their platform is optimized to work with the largest dropshipping supplier, AliExpress. That means you can quickly start selling thousands of products from different categories, including clothing, electronics, and beauty.

They provide a fully functional platform that automatically updates your online shop with new products from AliExpress.

Alidropship is a low-cost and easy-to-use platform for dropshipping. With Alidropship, you can create a new AliExpress dropshipping store literally in minutes, order products from the supplier at wholesale prices, and ship them directly to customers around the world.

What are the different products and solutions of Alidropship? 

Premium Dropshipping Stores

Building a quality dropshipping store by yourself takes time and effort. But when you get a copy of an already profitable one, you don't have to do that hard work by yourself. Alidropship offers ready-made top-performing stores to buy at very affordable prices.

You can start your dropshipping business in a matter of hours with this option. You only have to pick your favorite store from Alidropship's collection.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start your dropshipping business with a premium store option.

Custom Stores

A custom store is an option where Alidropship team create a dropshipping store for you from scratch. You will make a one-time payment, and everything else is handled for you: niche research, domain name, store design, AliExpress integration, on-site SEO, etc. You will get a fully functional dropshipping store ready to go.

The Alidropship team will take care of everything - you just need to promote your store to get traffic. With the ultimate custom store package, you will get Facebook ad creatives to help promote your custom store.

Every custom store package includes a free video course, "How to run & promote your dropshipping store."

You can include the Sellvia service in your store to have 1-3 days US shipping.

Alidropship Plugin

In case you are going to build your store by yourself, you can utilize the Alidropship plugin. This plugin will help you connect your dropshipping store with AliExpress to get new products from suppliers automatically. It is a simple and secure way of handling the integration between your store and AliExpress.

The Alidropship plugin comes with professionally designed themes that you can easily set up and customize. The Alidropship plugin has loads of features such as product auto-updating, automatic order fulfillment, auto-order tracking, product reviews import from AliExpress, and more. 

Add-ons for your store

Alidropship offers a set of different add-on plugins to your store to increase conversion: Upsell, Countdown timer, Abandoned cart, Recent sales pop-up, just to name a few.


There are also plenty of different themes available on the Alidropship site to choose from. Those themes are specifically optimized for dropshipping.


You can also get hosting services from Alidropship. I think their hosting services are primarily for premium or custom stores, but they also offer hosting services separately.


Sellika is a tool based on artificial intelligence to help you write all the product descriptions for your store. It has a monthly subscription fee. There are also other AI content creation solutions on the market for more multi-purpose use.

Why should I use Alidropship?

You don't have to hire additional employees, as the platform does most of the work for you - no need to worry about updates, inventory, or payment processing.

- You can add products from AliExpress in just a few clicks, and the platform will automatically update your product catalog with new offerings.

- Customers order directly on your online store, and Alidropship takes care of delivering each purchase to their door.

- You can grow your online store by implementing marketing strategies that help you increase traffic and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a premium store and a custom store?

A: "Premium store is a ready-made store that you can purchase and import to your WordPress site. You can add to order an installation package that includes a domain and hosting for the store. You can also add a marketing package to your order to get proven-to-work ad creatives and marketing guides. Salvia is also available for premium stores to get 1-3 days US shipping time.
The custom store is a dropshipping store built from scratch by Alidropship experts based on your preferences. Alidropship will appoint a personal manager to guide you through every step of your custom dropshipping store creation, answer all your questions, and take care of any technical issues."

Q: What's the difference between the AliDropship plugin and AliDropship Woo Plugin?

A: "AliDropship plugin is meant for any WordPress website that has no WooCommerce installed. AliDropship plugin is only compatible with store themes offered by AliDropship.
AliDropship Woocommerce plugin will work only on a website if there is Woocommerce installed. AliDropship Woocommerce plugin utilizes the core dropshipping functions, making it possible to customize your store any way you want.
If you want to switch from the AliDropship plugin to the AliDropship Woocommerce plugin or vice versa, you can do it for free."

Q: Can I use one Alidropship plugin for two or more stores?

A: "No, the Alidropship plugin license is only valid for one website."

Q: Does Alidropship offer a free trial?

A: "Alidropship doesn't have a free trial option, but you can check out their free demo sites to better understand how they are working."

Q: What exactly will I get when I buy the ready-made store?

A: "You will get a fully-functional online store ready for operation and detailed instructions on how you can run your own business. You will also get lifetime licenses for the Alidropship plugin and add-ons, which are included in this package alongside free lifelong personal support by the Alidropship support team."

Q: What do I need to do after my custom store is up and running?

A: "Promoting your store is a vital part of running a successful dropshipping business. When you become the store owner, it's time to do some serious promotion!"

Q: Does Alidropship work with Shopify?

A: "No, Alidropship solutions are built for WordPress sites only."


Alidropship is a low-cost and easy-to-use platform for dropshipping. Alidropship offers ready-made top-performing stores to buy at very affordable prices. The only thing that's left is picking which store you want from their collection! With Alidropship, you can create a shop literally in minutes, order products from the supplier at wholesale prices, and ship them directly to customers around the world.

Alidropship is the best solution for dropshipping because it saves you time, money, and effort. You can successfully start your online store within minutes with the Alidropship platform.

There is no easier way to start dropshipping than with Alidropship solutions.

Jussi Hyvärinen

Jussi Hyvärinen is an online entrepreneur from Finland who has over 25 years of industry experience. With his expertise in digital marketing, he is committed to helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

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