Alidropship Review: Dropshipping Made Easy

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Alidropship review

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So, you want to start a dropshipping business but don't know where to begin. I've been there! When I first got into e-commerce, I struggled to find the right tools and workflows. But eventually, I discovered Alidropship - and it was a game-changer. 

In this comprehensive Alidropship review, I'll share everything you need to know about this powerful dropshipping plugin and service. From its key features to pricing, support, and more - let's dive in.

What is Alidropship?

What is Alidropship

Alidropship is an all-in-one e-commerce solution powered by AliExpress suppliers tailored for dropshipping stores.

It was created by a team of developers and dropshipping experts to automate almost every aspect of running an AliExpress dropshipping business. Their suite of tools aims to simplify product research, order processing, inventory syncing, and supplier communications.

In short, Alidropship helps users minimize the manual busywork involved in AliExpress order fulfillment so they can focus on sales, marketing, and business growth.

The core Alidropship product is a WordPress plugin. But they also offer:

  • Ready-made dropshipping stores 
  • Tailored web hosting
  • Themes and templates
  • Helpful browser extensions
  • And various productivity tools for e-commerce

So, as your business scales, you will have all the solutions and integrations you need without having to piece together different services.

Key Benefits of Using Alidropship

As I tested and used Alidropship over several months, it became clear why it's gained so much popularity with dropshippers. Here are some of the biggest benefits I experienced:

Effortless Product Import

The Alidropship plugin makes it incredibly easy to import products from AliExpress to your store with a simple click. No more tedious copy-pasting of product details across multiple platforms!

Automated Order Fulfillment

Order processing with AliExpress suppliers is fully automated. Alidropship handles everything from placing the orders to tracking shipping status - no manual work is required.

Inventory Syncing 

Product availability, pricing, variants, etc. are automatically synced between your store and suppliers. Say goodbye to inventory headaches!

SEO Optimized Listings

Features like the AI-powered Sellika allow you to optimize product listings for keywords and conversions without much effort.

Customer Service Automation

Order status updates, tracking info, and other customer communications can be automated based on triggers.

Built-In Marketing Tools

From email newsletters to coupons and promotions, Alidropship has out-of-the-box marketing features to boost sales.

In-Depth Analytics 

Detailed sales and traffic analytics help you identify top-selling products and opportunities to improve performance. 

The Automation Factor

As you can see, a huge selling point of Alidropship is automation. From fulfilling orders to customer service and product data - almost everything can be set up to run on autopilot.

This ends up saving dropshippers an incredible amount of time and headaches. Alidropship claims their automation can save users upwards of 10 hours per week previously spent on manual order processing and supplier communications.

Based on my experience, that number seems accurate! Alidropship can literally eliminate dozens of tedious admin tasks - a huge efficiency boost.

Access to the AliExpress Marketplace

Aliexpress main page

With over 100 million products from 10,000+ Chinese suppliers, AliExpress is the ultimate inventory source for e-commerce businesses. 

And Alidropship unlocks full access to this selection, along with AliExpress order fulfillment capacities and free global shipping.

This type of supply chain integration is invaluable for anyone selling imported goods. And it's seamless with the Alidropship workflows.

Affordable Pricing

Instead of a monthly subscription, Alidropship uses a simple one-time fee model for unlimited use. Considering the amount of time and money it saves, this single upfront payment offers great value.

✨Get started with Alidropship for free

Alidropship vs Shopify & Oberlo

Alidropship is designed as an alternative to more complex and expensive solutions like Shopify paired with Oberlo. 

Let's compare some key differences:

Shopify + Oberlo

  • Recurring monthly fees add up over time
  • Less flexibility and control over site design
  • Oberlo is limited to AliExpress inventory


  • One-time payment for lifetime access
  • Open WordPress platform allows full site customization
  • Automation and features tailored for AliExpress

Generally, Alidropship simplifies and streamlines AliExpress dropshipping specifically. The open WordPress foundation paired with targeted tools for working with Chinese suppliers gives it an advantage.

Shopify offers a more effortless startup experience for total beginners. But you sacrifice flexibility and pay monthly. Alidropship is great for avoiding these drawbacks of Shopify.

How Alidropship Works

Now that you understand the benefits of Alidropship let's walk through how it works step-by-step:

1. Install the plugin or get a pre-made store

First, you'll need to install the Alidropship plugin if you have an existing WordPress site. You can also purchase one of their pre-made turnkey stores for easy startup.

2. Import products from AliExpress

Browse AliExpress and click the "Import" button whenever you find a product you want to sell. Alidropship saves these to your store dashboard.

3. Customize and publish listings

Edit the imported products with your own titles, descriptions, images, pricing, etc. Then, publish them to your store catalog.

4. Fulfill orders automatically 

When you make sales, Alidropship places the supplier orders and handles payment and shipping automatically.

5. Manage customer communications 

Order status updates, tracking info, refunds, and other customer service tasks can be automated.

6. Analyze performance and growth

Use the analytics tools to see sales data, best-selling items, conversions, traffic sources, and more to optimize your business.

As you can see, the entire sequence from product listing to order delivery is streamlined. You focus on marketing and growth, while Alidropship handles the logistics.

Alidropship Features and Tools

Alidropship packs a massive suite of features into its plugin, extensions, and services. Let's explore some of the highlights in more detail:

Store Setup

For those without an existing site, Alidropship offers three options:

1. Turnkey stores - Pre-made niche stores

2. High-ticket stores - A fully-functional premium store with 200 high-ticket dropshipping products 

3. Plugins - Install on your current WordPress site

In my experience, the turnkey stores provide the easiest setup for beginners. However, advanced users will appreciate the flexibility of the plugins or custom development.

✨Get started with Alidropship for free

Automatic Product Import 

The direct AliExpress import tool makes listing products a breeze. Just browse AliExpress, click "Import," and the product is added to your site and ready for editing.

You can also configure automatic inventory syncs, pricing updates, variant mapping, and more. 

Order Management

Once a customer purchases a product, Alidropship can automatically place the order with your AliExpress supplier and pay for it using the payment method on file.

Fulfillment statuses are synced, and tracking info is imported into the customer's order details. Refunds and returns can also be processed through AliExpress.

This entire sequence is handled seamlessly behind the scenes.

Shipping Management

For e-commerce, shipping complications are inevitable. But Alidropship has robust features to smooth out the fulfillment process:

  • Automatic tracking status updates
  • Customized pre-shipment messages
  • Partial order shipment options
  • Splitting orders across multiple suppliers
  • And more

Alidropship synchronizes data across multiple platforms to keep customers updated on their shipments and ensure prompt delivery.

Supplier Management 

Managing communications and relationships with your AliExpress suppliers is also simplified. You get tools to:

  • Source reliable manufacturers
  • Track supplier performance 
  • Streamline inquiries and negotiations
  • And resolve issues quickly

This allows you to maximize profitability by sourcing competitively priced inventory.

Stores and Themes

While the plugin works great with any WordPress theme, Alidropship does offer its own theme marketplace. 

Both free and paid themes are available to give your store a modern, polished look. And they are optimized specifically for conversions and mobile shopping.

The customization options are robust - you can toggle various design elements like menus, sidebars, and layouts to match your branding.

Email Marketing 

The integrated email features make building an email list and sending campaigns easy. Just connect your email service like MailChimp, and you can:

  • Capture leads with opt-in forms
  • Design and send broadcast emails
  • Track open and click-through rates
  • Trigger automated post-purchase emails
  • Segment your list based on lifecycle stage or past activity

You don't need a separate email marketing platform.

Coupons and Promotions

Create coupons or promotions and apply them to specific products, categories, users, usage limits, and date ranges. These can help you boost sales for seasonal events or clearance items.

Customers can also earn reward points that convert into redeemable coupons to encourage loyalty and engagement. 

Product Reviews

Having authentic reviews builds trust and social proof for shoppers. Alidropship can pull in and display AliExpress seller feedback ratings to mimic reviews.

You can filter by rating, edit or remove reviews, and control where they display on product pages. An add-on is also available to collect native reviews from your own customers.

Payment Processing  

The plugin integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. 

You simply input your provider credentials into Alidropship, and payments will be processed seamlessly through your store checkout. 

No need to create separate payment processor accounts unless you prefer to.

Analytics and Reporting

Making data-driven decisions for your business is easy with the built-in analytics tool. You gain valuable insights on:

  • Sales, revenue, conversion rates
  • Traffic sources, volumes, and acquisition  
  • Top selling products
  • Average order value and purchase frequency
  • And more  

The comprehensive reporting allows you to optimize your marketing, ad spend, promotions, pricing, and overall e-commerce strategy.

Alidropship Add-Ons

Add-ons are available to extend the core plugin features further. With just a one-time fee, you can add capabilities like:

  •  AI product descriptions 
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • ROI tracking pixels
  • Customer reviews
  • And more

The add-ons provide affordable access to advanced functionality - a cost-effective upgrade.

Alidropship Support and Documentation

With a complex software solution like Alidropship, having access to support when issues arise is crucial. 

So, how does their customer service hold up?

In my experience, the support team was very responsive via email and live chat. Most queries were resolved quickly and effectively by the Alidropship staff. 

Even better, the documentation resources available are phenomenal. From step-by-step tutorials to videos and knowledgebase articles, it's easy to find a self-serve answer for almost any question.

For a WordPress plugin, the availability of help content Alidropship offers is exceptional. This makes the learning curve much smoother for newcomers.

Alidropship Pricing

One of the biggest selling points of Alidropship is the affordable one-time payment model. Here is a breakdown of what it costs to get started:

  • Alidropship plugin - $89 lifetime license 
  • Turnkey AliExpress stores - $39/month
  • High-ticket stores - $290-$890 
  • Hosting - starting $69/year
  • Add-ons - $19 to $149 one-time fee

With lifetime access to the plugin and unlimited AliExpress products for only $89, the value is outstanding. No monthly fees or surprise renewals to worry about either.

✨Get started with Alidropship for free

Considering the amount of time and money Alidropship saves compared to doing everything manually, the pricing is very reasonable.

Alidropship vs Shopify, DSers, Oberlo, and Spocket

For dropshippers considering other platforms beyond Alidropship, below is an overview of the key competitors and differences:

Shopify: More beginner-friendly, but recurring monthly fees add up. Less flexibility, too.

DSers - Free but has order limits and lacks automation. Advanced plans add monthly costs.

Oberlo - Shopify-only. Limits features for AliExpress compared to Alidropship.

Spocket - Focused on US/EU suppliers. Inventory limits with the free plan.  

Overall, Alidropship specializes in streamlining AliExpress dropshipping workflows. The automation and tools tailored for AliExpress give it an advantage that competitors lack.

Alidropship Review Conclusion  

So, is Alidropship worth it for your dropshipping business? 

In my opinion - absolutely. The amount of tedious work it eliminates is incredible. For anyone selling AliExpress products online, the time and headache savings add up to massive value.

While it takes some learning upfront, once mastered, Alidropship gives you the perfect automation backbone for scaling while keeping costs low. 

The lack of monthly fees or recurring costs also makes it very affordable. For only a one-time payment, you get lifetime access and support.

The bottom line - for anyone serious about AliExpress dropshipping, Alidropship is a must-have. It's the ultimate automation and fulfillment solution tailored for this business model. If you want to start US-based dropshipping, I recommend checking out Sellvia.

I hope this comprehensive review helps you better understand if Alidropship is the right platform to power your e-commerce dreams! 

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