WordTune Review: Legit Writing Tool or Overhyped?

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WordTune Review

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Is WordTune Worth It? My Verdict

WordTune is an excellent AI writing tool if you're looking to rephrase your content to make it more digestible and easier to understand.

I've sampled several writing tools, including Quillbot and Jasper AI, and one standout feature about WordTune is its ease of use.

It features an intuitive user interface that allows you to navigate the tool easily. That way, you can rewrite your content with just a few clicks.

Besides, it comes with an integrated spelling tool and grammar checker.

What's more, you can try the free version to sample the tool's functionalities for free.

So, is WordTune worth it?

Based on my interaction with the tool, yes.

It comes with well-thought-out features to help you with your content needs.

It is an excellent AI-powered writing companion that'll help you overcome your writer's block while enabling you to make your message clearer.

WordTune Pros

  • There's a free plan so you can test drive this tool before upgrading
  • Access to a straightforward user interface
  • Ability to create better sentences with quick rewrites
  • The integrated desktop editor works great
  • The tool is available as a browser Google Chrome extension to give you more versatility


  • WordTune doesn't have a mobile version
  • There's no ready-to-install desktop app either
  • You can only use the WordTune editor if you're online

WordTune Review

In this WordTune review, I'll share my experience with the tool to help you max out what it offers.

In this review, you'll discover the following:

  • What WordTune is
  • WordTune Features
  • How much the tool cost
  • WordTune alternatives

I'll also throw in an FAQs section at the tail end of the article.

Let's dive right in.

What is WordTune?

WordTune is one of the popular AI tools designed to help users generate content quickly.

A brainchild of A121 Labs, Wordune was launched in 2018 and marketed as writing software and a Google Chrome browser extension.

According to the WordTune website, the tool primarily aims to enhance writing and reading by leveraging artificial intelligence and language models.

The software can help users rephrase their content in several ways without changing the original meaning and provide grammar correction.

Simply, WordTune is an AI writing tool that can help improve your documents, emails and instant messages to make them sound better.

It comes with an online editor that leverages AI to understand syntax and content to help improve your writing.

Apart from rewriting and grammar corrections, WordTune can also help with translation.

Here's a rundown of WordTune's key features.

WordTune does more than a standard grammar correction tool would.

Apart from highlighting sentence structure and tone, it also helps fine-tune your ideas in a way that broadcasts your message better. 

WordTune can help you:

  • Make a better word choice
  • Write easy-to-understand sentences
  • Spend your time honing your message instead of trying out different writing styles
  • Write more fluently

The result is that you can improve your writing skills and create better messages that connect with your audience, allowing you to combine casual and formal tones.

WordTune leverages AI technology to enable you to achieve the following with its integrated writing tools:

  • Access Rewriting Suggestions: These allow you to rephrase your original sentence, provide new words, and fine-tune your content.
  • Write Sentences in a Casual Tone: These allow you to rewrite sentences to give them an informal twist.
  • Write Sentences in a Formal Tone: These allow you to translate your sentences in a way that gives them a more professional tone.
  • Shorten Your Sentences: These allow you to shorten your copy.
  • Expand Your Sentences: These allow you to add more detail to your sentence and give suggestions on how to make it longer.

As you can see, WordTune allows you to do more than improve your grammar and rephrase your message without altering the content or meaning. You can also use the integrated style editor to add casual or formal tones to your writing.

In addition, you can use the built-in WordTune tool to expand or shorten your messages to increase or reduce the word count.

WordTune editor is usable straight from the desktop. Or, you can download the WordTune Chrome extension compatible with Google Docs and other writing tools.

How Does WordTune Work?

WordTune works through three writing platforms as follows:

  • As a Desktop Online Editor
  • As a Google Chrome Browser Extension
  • Microsoft Word add-on

Desktop Online Editor

Wordtune log in

You can log in via your Google, Apple, Facebook account, or using email address.

Once you're logged in, you'll be ushered into a few prompts to allow you to get the hang of how things work in WordTune.

WordTube features a top navigation function that allows you to rewrite, change your writing tone, and shorten or expand your content.

Wordtune image 1

WordTune features a clean, minimalist interface that allows you to access its features easily. Everything is well laid out, so you should have a problem prompting the software to do what you want.

To get started, write or paste your sentence in WordTune. Then pick the action you want to perform in the top navigation to edit.

In this case, I pasted the following text "Then pick the action you want to perform in the top navigation to edit."

I then clicked the "rewrite" function. Here's what WordTune came up with (see the image below).

Wordtune image 2

The software gave me nine rewrites, and I can now pick the one sentence that best suit my writing style and tone.

WordTune notifies me that I have seven rewrites remaining for the day. The software tracks the rewrites lefts if you're on a free plan.

Note: The remaining rewrites change depending on how many times you highlight your text, not the actual rewrites.

If you're a new user, exhausting your rewrite before getting what you want this way is easy. So be mindful of how often you highlight your text if you're using the free version.

WordTune Chrome Extension

You can access the WordTune browser extension on the Chrome Web Store or add the software to Chrome on their website.

Wordtune Chrome extension

You can access the WordTune editor and the WordTune Read browser extension on the free version.

WordTune Pricing

Wordtune pricing

WordTune is available in three packages as follows:

  • Free Version
  • Premium Plan: $9.99 per month, billed annually
  • Premium for Teams: Contact sales for pricing.

Here's what you get with each of the pricing plans.

Free Account

The Free plan offers the following:

  • Rewrites: 10 per day
  • Formal and Casual Tones: 10 per day
  • Short and Expand functionalities: 10 per day
  • Paragraph Rewrites: None
  • Premium Support: None
  • Team Billing: Not Supported

The free version is ideal if you're an occasional user with light writing needs.

Premium Plan

The premium plan offers the following:

  • Rewrites: Unlimited
  • Casual and Formal Tones: Unlimited
  • Short and Expand functionalities: Unlimited
  • Paragraph Rewrites: Yes
  • Premium Support: Yes
  • Team Billing: Not Supported

The premium plan is great for heavy users, including students, business owners, and content marketers.

Premium for Teams

The WordTune for Teams plan offers the following:

  • Rewrites: Unlimited
  • Formal and Casual Tones: Unlimited
  • Short and Expand functionalities: Unlimited
  • Paragraph Rewrites: Yes
  • Premium Support: Yes
  • Team Billing: Supported

Premium for Teams is excellent for larger organizations that need to leverage the power of AI to improve grammar or rewrite long documents.

WordTune Alternatives

Before I wrap up this WordTune review, let me go over other tools that offer similar functions and ones you can use as an alternative.


Quillbot main page

Quillbot is an AI-powered tool that allows you to rewrite and paraphrase the content.

Quillbot offers many tools that can allow you to accomplish various tasks, including:

  • Paraphraser
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • QuillBot Flow
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator

More features include Freeze Words and integrated extensions that allow you to make the most of this writing tool.

And then there's a functionality called the QuillBot Flow tool that allows you to write and research at the same time. The feature is ideal for students looking to complete the research quickly.



Grammarly is an online writing assistant that helps users improve their writing by checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style issues.

It offers helpful real-time suggestions to allow you to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your writing.

Grammarly is available as a browser extension, a desktop app, and an add-on for Microsoft Word and other writing platforms.

In addition to its free version, Grammarly offers paid plans with more advanced features, such as plagiarism detection, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and genre-specific writing style checks.

Grammarly is an excellent tool for generating grammatically correct sentences, whether writing essays, blog posts, social media content, or business plan.

I've even featured it on my 11 Best AI writing software list.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI main page

Jasper AI is an intuitive writing tool powered by artificial intelligence.

The software aims to simplify content creation for people who need help with writing tasks, including bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online business owners.

Jasper leverages AI to decipher your input, generating text for content like emails, blog articles, advertisements etc.

It offers many features geared toward helping you save time and effort while maintaining high-quality writing. Jasper is ideal for business owners, marketers, students, and professionals with heavy writing needs. Check out how Jasper compares to ChatGPT.

It can also help users avoid writer's block and makes the writing process enjoyable. Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial to test out the software.

WordTune Frequently Asked Questions

As I wind up this WordTune review, here are a few frequently asked questions regarding this AI writing tool.

Is WordTune Free?

WordTune offers both free and paid plans.

The free version provides essential albeit limited assistance, while the paid version- WordTune Premium - offers more advanced features and benefits.

What Platforms Does WordTune Work On?

Wordtune is available as an online editor and browser extension for Google Chrome.

This means it works on platforms supporting the Chrome browser, such as Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

The browser extension can integrate with popular web applications like Gmail, Google Docs, and other online text editors, providing real-time writing assistance.

Is WordTune Available Offline?

Wordtune is not available offline.

You must have an internet connection for it to work, as the tool relies on cloud-based AI technology to analyze and suggest improvements for your text.

Where Does WordTune Get Rewrite Text Suggestions?

Wordtune, like many AI-based writing tools, generates rewritten text suggestions using advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning models.

These models are trained on large datasets containing text from various sources like websites, books, and articles. The AI learns patterns, grammar, and context by processing this data, allowing it to understand and generate human-like text.

When you use Wordtune, the tool sends your input text to its servers, where the AI algorithms analyze the words and generate appropriate phrases for rewriting or rephrasing.

The suggestions are then displayed within the Wordtune interface, allowing you to choose and apply the best option.

Is Grammarly better than Wordtune?

Comparing Grammarly and Wordtune depends on your needs and preferences, as they serve slightly different purposes.

Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other errors. It also offers suggestions to improve clarity, tone, and style. The tool is ideal for users who need to proofread their text and ensure it is well-written and error-free.

Wordtune, on the other hand, focuses more on rephrasing and rewriting your text to make it clearer, more concise, or more engaging.

Its AI-based algorithms provide alternative phrases for sentences, helping you express your ideas in alternative ways. If you're looking for a tool to help you with rephrasing or generating variations of your text, Wordtune may be the better choice.

That said, you may find one tool more useful than the other based on your specific needs, or you might benefit from using both tools to improve different aspects of your writing.

How Do I Install Wordtune on My Phone?

WordTune is primarily available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, which only works on desktops and laptops.

WordTune does not have a dedicated mobile app for smartphones.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – my comprehensive WordTune review.

While it may not replace proofreading tools like Grammarly, WordTune offers unique features that can significantly enhance your writing process.

It allows you to express your ideas more effectively by providing alternative suggestions and sentence variations.

Whether you're a professional writer, student, or simply looking to improve your everyday communication, WordTune can be a valuable addition to your writing toolbox. Its easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with popular web applications make it a worthwhile tool.

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