Ippei Lead Generation Review

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Ippei lead generation review

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Local lead generation is an online business model that generates leads for local businesses.

I reviewed the local lead generation course by Ippei Kanehara, and Dan Klein, which teaches the local lead generation business model from A to Z. Ippei Kanehara is a former student of Dan Klein. He recruited Ippei some years ago to join with him to run the lead gen training and coaching program.

I have noticed that easy-to-understand and trustworthy information about this topic has been hard to find on the internet. Therefore I decided to write this review.

What is the Local Lead Generation Business Model?

The local lead generation business model is an online marketing strategy that produces local businesses' leads and thus more paying customers. This business model is also called the rank and rent method.

When you do traditional SEO for your client, the problem is once your client gets results, they can decide to terminate the contract. 

Retaining your digital marketing agency clients is one of the biggest problems with traditional search engine optimization. It is more than annoying when you've invested so much time into having them on page one, only for them to ditch you.

The local lead gen model solves this problem. If your client stops paying you, you can start sending leads to their competitor.

The thing is that local businesses are terrible at SEO, and therefore their pages are not ranked on Google, and they have a hard time finding leads and new customers.

The idea is that you create a lead generation site and do all the search engine optimization, and rank your website on the first page of Google.

When a prospect makes a Google search, for example, "bathroom remodels Oklahoma" your lead generation site shows up, and you will collect that person's contact information with the form on the site, and you will get that lead.

When you have your lead generation site ranked on Google, you can provide the local business owners the leads in advance to earn their trust before you even speak to them. Doing this puts you in control. 

Once you have collected enough leads, you will contact local business owners and propose a deal with them. You have shown them that you are a real deal by providing leads beforehand, and they are more than happy to do business with you.

You will negotiate a deal with local businesses, and they will pay you a monthly fee for providing them leads every month. This process is possible to automate except for the initial contact to the business owner so that you will have recurring passive income.

If you have a $200 deal with one client and ten clients, it is already $2000 monthly income. 

You can charge your clients either a monthly fee, commission, or pay per lead. 

  1. A fixed monthly payment is maybe the easiest method. You earn a recurring fixed fee that you have agreed on once you provide the leads every month. 
  2. You can negotiate that you earn a commission from every deal the local business owner closes from your provided leads. Think about the earning potential with this method if you make, for example, 10% on every sale they close.
  3. You can chare them for every lead you send via phone or email. This method is very easy to track.

How Does the Rank and Rent Model Work?

Here is the exact process of how to set up the rank and rent method.

Step 1 - Finding your niche

At first, you must find a low competition niche + a city. There are business directories available on the internet, such as Thumbtack, where you can easily find many good niche opportunities.

You should look for a city with a population between 75,000 to 250,000. That is the sweet spot of the population where the demand is there, and the competition is low.

Ippei lead generation review

You also need to analyze the Google Map pack for the keyword that you want to target. You want to see the results that review count are low, like less than ten reviews. That also indicates low competition in that city and niche.

Google Map Pack

Step 2 - Build your website

The idea is that you will build an SEO-optimized website that outranks the local businesses' websites quickly. To rank your website, you will need better content and more backlinks to your site than your competitors. I prefer to use WordPress and Thrive Theme Builder to build my websites.

The second part of the process is to create an optimized Google Maps listing for your business. You also need to create engaging and informative content on your website. The easiest way is to use an AI tool designed for that purpose.

ZimmWriter has a local SEO buffet feature that is worth checking out.

Step 3 - Prospecting a local business owner

Once your site is ranked on Google, you will start getting leads in the form of phone calls and emails.

You will send those leads to your preferred local business for free. That is how you establish trust with the business owner. In fact, the local business owners don't want to lose you, and they are more than happy to strike a deal with you.

Step 4 - Scaling up

The last part of the process takes place when you have five to ten of these rank and rent websites up and running, making you recurring passive income. That is the time to scale your business to the next level.

Ippei Kanehara has today 80 rank and rent websites that are making him money every day.

Why is Local Lead Generation a Great Online Business Model?

The local lead generation has many advantages over other online business models. One of the most significant benefits is that it can generate recurring passive income, and you do not have to spend hours every day working on your business. 

What makes the rank and rent method stand out is the fact that it is highly scalable, making it maybe the best business model out there.

The local lead generation is also excellent for local businesses because it helps them get new customers quickly without advertising on Google Adwords or Facebook, which can be expensive. 

Local lead gen can make you recurring passive income for years to come.

How to Start a Local Lead Generation Business?

People ask me that question often, and my answer is always the same - get the proper training. It is tough to succeed with the organic lead generation business if you don't have step-by-step instructions on doing it correctly.

There are many things to learn in the lead gen model, like building your website, ranking them on Google using different SEO tactics, knowing what software you will need to automate the whole process, and putting everything together.

Local Lead Gen by Dan Klein and Ippei Kanehara

Ippei and Dan

Ippei Kanehara and Dan Klein

The best program that teaches the local lead generation model is Ippei Kanehara's lead gen program. Dan Klein and Bradley Cooper created the program in 2014, and it has been the leading program for organic lead generation ever since. Today, Ippei Kanehara and Dan Klein are running together the program.

Does the Ippei Lead Gen Model Work?

Yes - the model works once YOU do everything necessary! Many people ask this question, but they should really be thinking about it as a personal commitment.

There are hundreds of success stories inside the group, so the business model works if you trust the process-commit to the training and are willing to put in the effort.

This step-by-step video coaching program teaches everything about the local lead gen model.

Dan Klein and Ippei Kanehara teach you everything you ever need for local lead gen. You will learn how to do every single thing related to the local lead gen business from A-Z.

You will also get access to their private Facebook group with over 7,000 students. There you can get there your questions answered quickly, and Dan and Ippei provide weekly live training sessions.

The local lead gen course is a complete system showing you every step in the local lead gen business model. 

Let's Take a Look at Ippei's Results

Here is one example of Ippei's local lead gen site, making him thousands of dollars passive income every month.

One example is Ippei's own lead generation website, which provides organic leads to local tree service business owners. This site alone generates several thousands of dollars for Ippei. Imagine when you tens of similar sites, how much you can earn then?

Do a Google search "tree service grand rapids", and you will see that Ippei's website is number one in the search results. The site's name is grandrapidstree.com, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the site, and you will find the text on the right corner saying "Ippei Leads."

What is Inside Ippei's Local Lead Gen Coaching Program?

  1. Video step-by-step training. There is a lot to cover in the local lead generation business, and you will find everything laid out step-by-step with 30+ hours of video lessons.
  2. Private Facebook group. Ippei and Dan have over 7,000 students in their Facebook group, which makes it an invaluable resource for you when you have something to ask. There are dedicated coaches in the group who are former students to answer all your questions. They have been coaching their students since 2014, so they know absolutely everything about the rank and rent method.
  3. 2 x weekly coaching program calls. They have been conducting coaching calls two times a week since 2014, which is mindblowing. You cannot find this kind of dedication anywhere else.
  4. Outsourcing services. Ippei and Dan have ready-made services for you, so you can outsource the entire process if you want. 
  5. Group backlinks. Ippei and Dan have a system that allows you to get backlinks from their network, making ranking in Google much more effortless.
  6. Live events. Ippei and Dan have mastermind events where you'll be able to network and form lasting relationships with other students in the program. There are regional meetups as well as one big annual event that takes place in Vegas every year.

Ippei Lead Generation Course Pros & Cons


  • The rank and rent method works. There are a ton of success stories.
  • Real passive income model to build your successful business.
  • Once your sites are ranked, they will generate leads on autopilot.
  • You can scale the model as much as you want. Think how much passive income you can make when you have 10, 20, or 30 rank and rent sites.
  • Two weekly calls since 2014 (I haven't seen the same kind of dedication anywhere else).
  • You will learn SEO in the course, which is very beneficial if you want to start your own SEO agency in the future.


  • The price of Ippei's course is very high. Here is a cheaper alternative with the same quality of training.
  • There is a lot to learn, especially if you're a beginner.

I haven't personally joined Ippei's lead generation course because I live in Finland, which complicates running Ippei's lead gen business model because of the software used in the model. I just wanted to provide the most accurate and easy-to-digest information about the subject.


Ippei local lead gen course can be valuable investment for those who want to start their own lead gen business. The model works as long as you follow the instructions and put in the work. 

Ippei and Dan have produced a massive amount of successful internet marketers with their program. If you're looking for an opportunity where your work can pay off, this might be the right program for you.

However, Ippei's course price may be too much of an investment. Therefore, you might want to check Local Marketing Vault instead, with a 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

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