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My Verdict – Is Worth It? is a responsive, feature-rich copywriting tool that can generate high-quality content.

I've used several AI writing tools, including Jasper and Grammarly, and I can tell you this right off the bat – Copy AI is the best short-form AI writing tool I've seen so far.

Is it worth it? Yes, it is.

But, like other AI copywriting tools, you must know the right prompts to feed it to get the desired results.

Copy AI Pros

  • Easy to create content
  • Generate high-quality content
  • Several output options to suit various writing styles
  • Several templates to choose from
  • Access to an always-free plan

Copy AI Cons

  • It would have been nice to have an integrated SEO tool like SurferSEO

Copy AI Review

This is an in-depth review based on my experience with the tool.

In this review, I'll cover the following:

  • What Copy AI is
  • An Overview of Copy AI
  • Copy AI's features
  • How Copy AI compares to ChatGPT
  • Copy AI pricing and more

Let's dive right in.

What is Copy AI?

According to Copy AI's website, the software is an automated creativity tool, which I think is a perfect description for the platform.

Copy AI can help you accomplish several tasks, including:

  • Write short-form content
  • Generate a marketing copy
  • Write a digital ad
  • Create a sales copy

In my experience, while you can use Copy AI for long-form content, you'll always need to make adjustments here and there ­— way more than some AI writing tools such as Content at Scale.

Still, it is a decent tool to help you deal with writer's block.

Besides, it comes with pretty good templates to help you create engaging emails.

Copy AI runs on OpenAI's GPT-3 API, the same technology that powers other AI writing tools like Wordtune and Quillbot.

Copy AI Overview

The first step to using Copy AI involves creating your account. Here's how the welcome interface looks like. welcome screen

How Copy AI works?

Select a role that best describes you, click next, and you'll land on the following screen. screenshot 1

You can pick social media posts, emails, blog posts, paid ads, or case studies, depending on the type of content you want to generate.

In my case, I'll choose website copy and click Next. The following screen contains a survey asking how you heard about Copy AI. screenshot 2

Click Next to proceed to Copy AI's main dashboard. chat

As you can see, the platform has a series of tabs on the right that allow you to access features geared toward generating content.

copy ai chat main page

When I click on the templates tab, I can access ready-made templates that allow me to create different types of content, from blog posts to social media content, website copy, and case studies.

Let's write a social media bio.

As I mentioned, you can use Copy AI to write short and long-form blog posts. However, the tool is best suited for short-form writing. A social media bio is a perfect example.

Here's the info I'll feed Copy AI

  • My name
  • A few lines to describe what I do
  • What I want my readers to do — which in this case is to follow me on LinkedIn. screenshot 3

Here's the AI-generated content generated by Copy AI. screenshot 4

The platform gives me several pieces of short-form content - all I need to do is choose one that suits my style and needs.

Sure, AI-generated content still needs some tweaking, but this is a good starting point based on what Copy AI has written.

And as I mentioned, Copy AI's ability to generate content that suits your needs depends on how well you can create specific prompts.

But if you're in for long-form content, be ready to spend significant time editing. I recommend Content at Scale to generate long-form content that almost mimics a human writer.

Copy AI Features and Templates

You can access up to 99+ AI copywriting tools with a Copy AI free account.

While I will not highlight all the templates in this review, here are the most notable for everyday writing.

Blog Content

The blog content template comes with a blog post wizard that allows you to create the first draft of your content in 5 minutes.

And then there's the "Write Blog Intro" template designed to help you write a compelling introduction for your posts.

Meanwhile, the "Write Blog Outline" template lets you write your blog ideas in a structured manner. You can include the research and resources you need to write content.

The blog section lets you write an entire section for your blog in seconds.

Social Media Content

Copy AI is an excellent AI writing tool for creating social media posts, thanks to the many customized posts. You can even use it to write a digital ad copy or a product update.

The most helpful in this lot include the ones on event promotion, discount, and social media bio.

And the beauty of it is that Copy AI tells you what you can achieve with each template even before you click on it.

The templates under social media can be great if you want to create marketing content, especially the ones designed to help you write contests, event promotions, and product launches. screenshot 5

Email Templates

Copy AI offers good email templates - one of the best features of this AI writing software.

You can leverage them for writing welcome emails, newsletters, discount offers, and cold outreaches.

And since everything is set up for you in the templates, creating an engaging copy in seconds is pretty easy.

As a rule of thumb, with any AI copywriting tool, you must fact-check what the software creates.

Still, Copy AI does an excellent job when it comes to helping you generate emails and related content. screenshot 6

Website Copy

While this section has fewer templates, it is great if you want to create copy for most sites.

You can use it to write marketing copy, landing pages, and meta descriptions. You can also use it for LinkedIn ads and product descriptions.

I want to mention, though, that the templates in this section don't deliver outstanding results. Most of the content is in bullet points, and you may have to rewrite the entire copy to suit your needs.

Here's what Copy AI generated when I asked to write content for a landing page showcasing an eyeliner.

Sure, this isn't the best copy, but it can get your juices flowing. The more you adjust the instructions, the better the results.

Video Content

While Copy AI cannot help you generate an entire video script, it can help you get started with the intro.

You can also use it to create video descriptions. Further, the software can describe your YouTube channel, enabling you to tell people about your business compellingly.

General Business

The general business templates don't offer what the name promises.

With such a name, you'd expect to access templates that allow you to create a sales copy, blog outline, or even a collection of writing tools.

However, this section contains templates to help you write a job description, rejection letters, and a hiring blurb.

I find the "Ask an Expert" great for small business owners looking to create cold messages to send to prospects. screenshot 7

Fun Templates

When you're not using Copy AI for content writing or creating ad copy, you can leverage the tool to generate song lyrics, dating profiles, short stories, motivational quotes, and wedding vows.

Writing Tool

As the name suggests, the writing tool template allows you to write anything you want, from a blog post to a digital ad copy, landing pages, and more.

The template enables you to input commands based on what you want to create. You can, for example, put in a prompt directing Copy AI to write a blog post or email, highlight the main points you want to cover and select the tone.

copy ai writing tool

The "freestyle" AI writer is excellent for blog intros and creating content for some sections of your website, especially when you want to overcome writer's block.

Case Study

This section has four templates that allow you to create your case study's overview, problem statement, solution, and results.

Other Features

Apart from the templates, Copy AI boasts other tools to help speed up your writing process, including:

  • Blog ideas
  • Instagram captions
  • Bullet point to blog
  • Startup tools
  • Brainstorming tools
  • Workflow tools and more. tools

You can find these AI content tools on the left-hand side of Copy AI's main dashboard under templates.

You'll need to put in some commands to get these AI tools to work based on the category.

While they are less effective than the templates, they're an excellent option whenever you need more flexibility with your copy.

The rewrite tool, for example, can be great if you want to generate several versions of an original text or sentence.

Other writing tools worth mentioning include:

  • Verb Booster: This can come in handy whenever you need to create more functional sentences
  • BAB, PAS, and AIDA Templates: These can be great for writing ad copy and sales pages. 

Copy AI's Multi-language Support

Copy AI supports up to 25 languages.

While this is the standard for many writing tools, Copy AI delivers decent results in other languages.

I tested in Spanish, and there was a minimal difference when comparing the content to one generated by a human.

Integration and Add-ons        

Copy AI offers a Chrome browser extension to integrate with other writing tools. However, the software doesn't let you edit the content on your pages like Grammarly does in Google Docs.

You can, however, copy-paste content from other sources into the tool, especially when you want to rewrite.

How Good is the Content Generated by Copy AI?

Copy AI thrives on ease of use and the ability to generate good short-form content. But how good is it?

I tested this AI writing tool on three parameters as follows:

Grammar and Spelling

I used Copy AI to write a blog post titled "How to Generate Organic Traffic." Here's one of the excerpts it generated.

copy ai example

I wanted to find out how good this text is regarding grammar and spelling mistakes, so I plugged it into Grammarly.

As you can see from the image below, the text attained a 76 overall score on Grammarly. Not so bad for some text generated in 5 seconds by an AI tool. with grammarly

Some bigger issues included the misplaced use of nouns and pronouns, wrong verb tense, missing periods, and occasional misspellings. According to Grammarly, the copy was a bit unclear, but the engagement was good.

But the beauty of it is that Grammarly has already highlighted what needs to be corrected, so I'll click on the suggestions to polish the copy.


Plagiarism could be an issue with AI copywriting.

When I plugged the text generated by Copy AI into Grammarly, it came back with a 4% plagiarism score. Sure, that’s negligible, considering the text is only 223 words long.

However, for longer blog posts, these results could be higher.

You can use more sophisticated AI tools like CopyScape if this issue arises with your content since Grammarly offers basic plagiarism-checking needs, especially if you create longer blog posts.


Another issue with AI copywriting tools is the inability to generate accurate and truthful information - hence the reason I keep insisting you should always fact-check what Copy AI creates.

When I asked Copy AI to create a blog outline for the query "can horses vomit," it generated different answers, as you can see in the image below.

So, while Copy AI can help you with content creation, you need to have an idea of what you want the end result to be. You cannot copy-paste the content it generates directly to your website, social media account, or email.

How Does Copy AI Compare to ChatGPT?

Like most AI writing tools, Copy AI is powered by GPT-3 API. It leverages natural language processing technology for content creation.

Open AI has released GPT-4, which contains a more extensive and diverse training dataset than GPT-3. Further GPT-4;

  • Has an expanded vocabulary, allowing it to generate content and responses that are more particular and nuanced.
  • Can create high-quality content with fewer errors and higher accuracy than GPT3
  • Boasts a better understanding of social cues, enabling it to create more emphatic and human-like responses
  • Can learn from previous interactions allowing users to save time generating content.

But, unlike its predecessor, GPT-4 is available on a subscription basis.

ChatGPT Plus costs a monthly fee of $20 - which is reasonable considering the tool's capabilities.

The big question then becomes – is ChatGPT better than Copy AI?

First of all, Copy AI is soon shifting to GPT-4 API, which means it'll have all the features of GPT-4 when it comes to writing copy, whether you're talking about creating detailed product descriptions, sales copy, or compelling blog intros.

It gets even better.

Apart from having ChatGPT Plus copywriting capabilities, Copy AI with include more features, including:

  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Ability to create AI content in 29+ languages
  • Access to the blog post wizard tool
  • Integrated workflows library
  • Priority email support
  • Access to copy AI's newest content creation features

Ultimately, these additional features make Copy AI superior to ChatGPT when it comes to the content creation process.

How Much Does Copy AI Cost? comes with three different plans. They also have a free plan available. Copy AI pricing is structured as follows:

Free Plan

  • 2,000 words per month
  • Only 1 user seat
  • Chat by
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard tool

Pro Plan

Everything in the Free Plan and;

  • 5 user seats 
  • Priority email support
  • 29+ languages 
  • Access to the newest features
  • The Pro Plan is available at $36 per month

Enterprise Plan

Everything in the Pro Plan and;

  • API access
  • Chat interface
  • Prebuilt workflows library
  • Private company Infobase

Copy AI Alternatives 

While Copy AI is a game changer for short-form AI content, it isn't without competitors. Here are a few notable Copy AI alternatives. 


Jasper AI is one of the most sought-after AI tools for content writing. You can use it to create copy for your website, generate a clever blog title, write product descriptions, and more. 

Jasper has a 7-day free trial to allow you to sample what the tool can do.


Rytr, just like Copy AI, uses deep learning to help users generate social media posts, blogs, ads, emails, landing pages, and more.

The tool offers 10,000 free characters per month and can write in 30 languages.

Rytr is a good Copy AI alternative if you have heavy content marketing needs but are looking for affordable writing software that can help you save time.

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an excellent Copy AI alternative if you're in for a solid AI copywriting tool for long-form posts.

It generates content with external links and better optimization through related long-tail keywords.

Better yet, it can scrape different kinds of content like YouTube videos, podcast episode URLs, existing blog posts, and even a custom audio or video file.

Read my comprehensive Content at Scale review to learn more about the tool.

Copy.AI Review - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is Copy AI Used For?

Copy AI is a copywriting tool powered by the power of artificial intelligence.

You can use it to accomplish tasks such as:

  • Content Creation: The tool can generate written content for websites, blogs, social media, and other marketing materials
  • Email Marketing: Copy AI can create email subject lines, headlines, and even full email copy.
  • Ad copy: You can use the software to generate ad copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other advertising platforms.
  • Product Descriptions: You can leverage the tool to generate product descriptions for your e-commerce website, enabling you to describe your merchandise in a compelling and informative way.

Think of Copy AI as a tool to help you automate and streamline your copywriting process, saving time and effort while ensuring you can overcome writer's block.

As a rule of thumb, use it for short-form content to achieve better results.

Can Copy AI Replace Human Writers?

Here's the thing.

Finding reliable writers can be challenging. However, that doesn't mean you can completely replace human writers with AI.

AI generates a decent copy but still needs a human touch to check facts, correct grammar, and rephrase the content.

So, while Copy AI can create content faster, it is not a replacement for human copywriters.

As I've explained, the tool lacks the creativity, nuance, and empathy that human writers can bring to the table.

Human writers can understand the context, tone, and emotions behind the content they create and tailor their writing accordingly to resonate with their target audience.

Copy AI, on the other hand, can only generate content based on the data and information it has been trained on.

That being said, Copy AI can be a helpful tool for writers, marketers, and businesses looking to streamline their content creation process.

Which is better, Copy AI or Contant at Scale?

Copy AI and Content at Scale are good tools for generating content.

However, Copy AI struggles to generate long-form content in a contextual and structured way. On the flip side, it excels for ad copies, emails, and other short-form writing.

Content at Scale is best suited for long-form content. So, if you want to generate lots of content for your business or affiliate marketing website, Content at Scale is the AI tool to go for.

Copy AI Review – Final Thoughts

Copy AI ticks most of the boxes you'd want in a robust AI copywriting tool.

It can be a valuable tool for writers, business owners, and digital marketers looking to generate content faster and more efficiently.

Still, you shouldn't view Copy AI as a replacement for human writers but rather as another tool to make your work easier.

When used correctly, this software can help improve productivity while enabling you to write content that drives a positive ROI to your business.

And because Copy AI caters to a vast range of users with 90+ tools and templates, it can be a valuable addition to your content creation process. The best part is that you can use for free.

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