The Wholesale Formula Review: 10 Facts You Should Know + Bonus

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The Wholesale Formula Review

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This is a detailed Wholesale Formula Review.

In this comprehensive review, you'll learn the following:

  • What the Wholesale Formula is
  • The components of The Wholesale Formula Course
  • What reverse sourcing wholesale is
  • Whether The Wholesale Formula Program is Worth It
  • How much money can you make using the Wholesale Formula
  • Wholesale Formula Reviews
  • The Upsides and Downsides of this program
  • The Wholesale Formula cost

I'll also cover a few facts and answer common questions people ask about this program.

Let's dive right in.

1. The Wholesale Formula (TWF) - A Quick Overview  

TWF is an Amazon course. As the name suggests, the program teaches people how to sell on Amazon using the wholesale model.

Anyone can enroll in this program even if they've never been an Amazon seller.

Now that you know what The Wholesale Formula is let's switch gears.

2. Who's Behind The Wholesale Formula?

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

TWF is the brainchild of Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost.

Dan and Dylan are successful Amazon sellers who've generated online sales worth over $30,000,000 on the marketplace.

The duo has made their money selling wholesale on Amazon.

Put differently, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost teach the exact formula they use to rake in 8 figure incomes on Amazon.

The course focuses on a unique Wholesale Formula Business Model known as Reverse Sourcing Wholesale.

3. What Does The Wholesale Formula Include? 

The Wholesale Formula Course features five training modules with over 90 detailed videos.

Here's a breakdown of these modules.

Module 1 - Getting Started

This model teaches the fundamentals of the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale model. It also shows you how to sign up and create an Amazon seller account.

Module 2 - Product Analysis

This module comes with ten videos. It teaches how to pinpoint the best Amazon products to source. It also covers the competition analysis and sales rank. You'll also discover something called the "Buy Box."

Module 3 - Scouting

This model ushers you into the "TWF Scouting and Sourcing" system. It also covers other topics like how to use Jungle Scout, Amazon Filtering, and Leaf Sourcing.

Module 4 - Value Propositions

This module teaches you how to create stellar value propositions to attract good brands and boost the chances of account approvals.

You'll also learn how to build your own professional website, optimize your Amazon listings, and leverage PPC for Amazon wholesale.

Module 5 - Sourcing

In this module, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost reveal the exact systems they use to contact brand owners, negotiate lower prices, and open wholesale accounts.

They also show you how to forecast sales accurately, complete your first orders, and reorder without missing a sale.

Module 6 - Operating

Here, you'll discover how to navigate inventory management from your supplier to Amazon, including placing orders and incorporating products into your catalog, among other topics.

5. The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

Besides the five modules, TWF also features a ton of bonuses to bring more value to the course. The bonuses include:

Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook Group Membership

This group is the best place to learn about strategies that have worked for wholesale formula students. Here, you can link up with successful TWF students. Better yet, you can interact with them and ask questions.

Think of it as a place where you can get readily available assistance if you're stuck.

Access to the "VA Launchpad"

Because running a wholesale Amazon business involves a lot of work, it would be best to delegate some of the duties to a virtual assistant.

This bonus trains you how to hire and train reliable virtual assistants. The program also teaches the best practices for outsourcing your work. That way, you can quickly scale your Amazon wholesale business.

$3,000 Worth of Discounts

This bonus is pretty juicy.

It gives you access to premium software like Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout.

File and Resources

This bonus contains done-for-you templates Dan and Dylan use to successfully contact brand owners and wholesalers.

You also get access to other tools like communication templates, spreadsheets, checklists, calculators, and cheat sheets.

With these files and resources, you should be fine with getting your wholesale business up and running.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar Recordings

This bonus comes with over 10 hours of in-depth webinar replays. These teach you how to source, grow and do product analysis, to mention a few.

The recordings can be a valuable source of information because they feature the latest trends in running your Amazon business wholesale model.

6. Reverse Sourcing Wholesale – What is It?

I dropped this phrase at the beginning of this article, so let me explain it in detail.

First, there are three principal strategies for building a thriving wholesale Amazon business. These are:

  • Scouting: This involves finding products that are already popular and selling well on Amazon. 
  • Sourcing: This involves getting in touch with brand owners and inquiring about the products.
  • Scaling: This involves managing, expanding, and systemizing every element of your Amazon sales business. 

TWF focuses on a formula called Reverse Sourcing Wholesale. This is the same wholesale strategy used by the likes of Walmart, Costo, and Amazon. 

Reverse Sourcing Wholesale involves buying your products directly from manufacturers. The purchase process is easier and quicker when you buy from a brand owner. Plus, it allows you to negotiate the price and get a better deal.

In this course, Dan and Dylan take you through the entire process. The best part? The duo uses the process for their business to know what works and what doesn't.

So, how does wholesaling compare to other strategies used by Amazon sellers? Let's take a look.

Wholesale Vs. Private Label

As I've mentioned, wholesaling involves contacting the manufacturer directly. That way, you don't have to deal with frustrating, sometimes annoying suppliers.

On top of that, there's no need to launch a new product on Amazon and create an Amazon listing for yourself. Launching new products on Amazon isn't the easiest or cheapest of things to do.

With a private label, you have to launch your product on Amazon. The downside is that it might take some time before your products gain traction.

Wholesale sourcing allows you to deal with products that are already popular, and you can tap into existing product listings so you can generate sales relatively faster.

Wholesale Vs. Retail Arbitrage 

Wholesaling allows you to restock quickly when your inventory is low.

With retail or online arbitrage, on the other hand, you have to consistently source for products and look for deals to sustain your Amazon store.

The other upside is that there's a lower risk of breaking policy requirements when you sell wholesale. Abiding by policies means you don't have to receive legal letters from brand owners.

Wholesaling allows you to work closely with manufacturers minimizing conflicts.

7. How Much Money Can You Make by Implementing the Wholesale Formula

The primary purpose of the Wholesale course is to show you how to make money online.

More specifically, the program teaches how to sell profitable products on Amazon, enabling you to build a robust online business.

That begs the question — how much can you make by implementing Wholesale strategies?

Let me break it down for you.

I'll assume you're a new seller.

Suppose you source one product from 10 suppliers and sell about 5 units daily for every product category.

That means you'll generate 50 sales per day or 1,500 monthly sales. If you're generating a profit margin of $3.50 for each product, you'll make a profit of $5,250 per month.

And as I mentioned, wholesaling allows you to restock quickly and have the product delivered to your Amazon warehouse in a couple of days. That way, you'll have enough stock to sell products consistently.

That works out as follows:

  • 10 X 5 = 50 daily sales
  • 50 X 30 days = 1,500 monthly sales
  • 1,500 X $3.50 = $5,250 monthly profit

You can test new products as you sell, allowing you to create an inventory of many different products in a short time. Of course, the more the products, the more the profits.

If ten products can generate over $5,000 monthly profit, imagine how much you can make selling hundreds of products.

You must be thinking, is it possible to sell 1,500 products per month?

It is actually pretty easy with the power of Amazon!

8. How Much Does the Wholesale Formula Cost?

The Wholesale Formula price is $2,997.

You can also pay in 4 installments of $874 each. The program comes with $3,000 worth of bonuses.

TWF offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

9. The Wholesale Formula Reviews 

The Wholesale Formula claims to teach you how to become a successful Amazon seller using the wholesale business model.

But how true are these claims? Are there success stories to show the formula delivers what it promises? What are people saying about this course?

My investigations reveal that students have achieved real results with this course. Some even call it one of the best Amazon courses they've enrolled in.

Aymeric Monello is a first-generation immigrant. Here's what he had to say about the Wholesale course.

"We're close to half a million profit in 3 years. You'd need a really good job to get that kind of paycheck."

Aymeric Monello review

Josh Blake, a dedicated husband & father of 2, says;

"It opened up a lot more time with my family, which to me is the most important thing - taking care of them financially and being available to them."

Josh Blake review

The best part is that videos accompany these reviews. Talk of real people achieving real results with the program!

There are tons of positive vibes about The Wholesale Formula course, which makes me conclude that TWF is the only wholesale course you need to perfect wholesaling as an Amazon seller.

10. The Wholesale Formulas Pros and Cons

Make no mistake about it; TWF contains a successful formula for making money online through wholesaling. Still, like any other wholesale course, this program isn't without its pros and cons.


  • The core course material is super comprehensive
  • Wholesaling is arguably one of the best success formulas for raking in big bucks on Amazon
  • The VA Launchpad model is an excellent pathway to teaching you how to delegate tasks to enable you to scale your business
  • Lifetime free course updates
  • Many positive reviews show the course works


  • This course is available for enrollment only once per year
  • To succeed, you need to invest time and money

Wholesale Formula Review - Is this Course Worth It?

Yes, TWF is worth every dime if you want to dominate wholesale sourcing.

One of the easiest ways to know if any program is worth your attention is to analyze the reviews.

Ideally, you want to consider the positive and negative reviews. Negative feedback indicates a program that can't deliver what it promises and is possibly a scam.

TWF has many independent reviews from students who leveraged the course's teaching to build a flourishing business.

I have to say this, though.

Enrolling in the course is one thing. Implementing what you learn is entirely different.

You have to put in the hard work to achieve the results. If it were easy, everybody would do it!

The Wholesale Formula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As I come to the near end of my Wholesale Formula Review, let me go over a few common questions people ask about this program.

Is The Wholesale Formula the best Amazon wholesale course?

Of course, TWF isn't the only Amazon wholesaling course available.

However, it is different from other courses because of a few reasons, including;

  • People with hands-on Amazon wholesaling experience teach it
  • Learners get access to a group of successful students for inspiration
  • Dan and Dylan offer good customer service if you're stuck at any point or module through the course
  • There are many reviews of people who've established a successful online businesses by implementing what the course teaches.

TWF ticks all the boxes of a good Amazon wholesale course.

I've even featured this course in my best Amazon FBA courses list.

Does the Wholesale Formula work?

Yes, TWF works.

Look at it this way.

Dan and Dylan have used it to generate over $30 million in sales.

Further, more than 5,000 students have completed the course since it was launched a few years back.

And then, there are the many positive reviews and success stories by former students.

Sure, only some have achieved success with this course. But, as I said, it requires hard work to generate a solid or life-changing income.

That said, the Wholesale formula program is well-laid-out and easy to understand. You only need to implement what is taught in the course.

Is The Wholesale Formula a Scam or Legit?

TWF is legit.

First, the creators are real people engaging in a real Amazon FBA business.

If you're a seasoned seller on Amazon, you can tell the duo understands what they're talking about.

And on the official website, there are many reviews of real people detailing how TWF has helped them create a sustainable income on the platform's official website. A good chunk of these reviews is video-based.

Can Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost make you rich?

Dan and Dylan have assembled a comprehensive course that shows you everything about wholesaling, from creating a wholesale account to product sourcing.

However, TWF isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

The program doesn't promise to make you rich. You must implement what is detailed in the course. On top of that, you must be consistent to achieve the desired result.

Still, if you implement what the course teaches to a T, you can generate life-changing money.

Can you enroll for TWF if you reside outside the United States?

You don't have to be based in the United States to sign up for TWF. In fact, many TWF students are based outside the U.S.

You can order products for a United States-based supplier and ship the merchandise to a customer without being in the country.

How long can you access The Wholesale Formula?

Once enrolled for TWF, you'll get lifetime access and free updates.

And, if you think the course doesn't offer what you were looking for, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Wholesale Formula Review – The Bottom Line

I hope this review has answered all your questions about The Wholesale Formula.

If you're looking for an in-depth and comprehensive course to help you scale your Amazon business, TWF is one of the best you can get.

The course is updated regularly, so you'll always be in the loop with what's working.

Besides, the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

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