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You can't ignore SEO when you own an online business. But you also don't want to find yourself running around the Google Search Console more often than you run your actual business. 

So how do you get more traffic without remembering to check every little SEO thing on your website? 

Use an SEO tool like SiteGuru, which tells you exactly how to get more traffic. 

I've tested it, and I'm sharing my first-hand experiences today in this SiteGuru review.

What Is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru runs weekly SEO audits on your website and gives you a prioritized action list. Think of it as having a professional manage your SEO. 

SiteGuru will find mistakes and new opportunities and make sure your website is in tip-top shape. 

You don't need to be SEO-savvy to use it. If you recently started your online business, you'll find SiteGuru simple. 

You might need a tutorial for complex changes (e.g., implementing Schema markup that tags parts of your website content, so it's easier for Google to understand). SiteGuru has a comprehensive tutorial section to guide you. 

While I used SiteGuru for my own site, other reviews tell me it's also used by professionals who manage clients' websites.

How Does SiteGuru Work?

I'll be honest: the process went smoother than I expected.

I connected SiteGuru to my Google account and got an audit in 60-ish minutes. (My website has hundreds of pages, so it took a while. Your mileage may vary. With a new website, you'll get your SiteGuru audit in 15 minutes.)

I didn't need to install any pixels, tags, plugins, or custom code.

My website is optimized as it is, but SiteGuru spotted a few areas for improvement immediately:

Siteguru review

From there, SiteGuru stayed plugged into my website. I started getting automated weekly notifications with action items prioritized by importance and low fruit status (i.e., least effort for the best effect). 

Compared to other SEO audit tools I tried, SiteGuru is easier to use. Especially if you're not that familiar with SEO but still want to get as much traffic as possible.

SiteGuru Features

Get an SEO To-Do List

The real problem isn't understanding SEO. It has enough time to implement every possible change. There's always something to optimize on your website, so if you're not careful, you could easily miss the forest for the trees.

Let's be honest: other tools run SEO audits on your website. However, I typically export 50+ page lists with potential optimizations without rhyme or reason.

SiteGuru works differently.

Once I audited my website, my SEO action items were prioritized. I could start by picking off the low-hanging fruits that boost my SEO quickly (e.g., fixing broken links).

Then, I scheduled the big-ticket items like implementing new Schema types.

The SEO to-do list is arguably one of the most significant benefits of SiteGuru. The SEO to-do list will save you a lot of time if you have advanced SEO knowledge.

And if you're great at running your business but don't want to moonlight as an SEO pro, the to-do list will show you how to increase your traffic.

Complete & Automated Website Crawls

Seeing SiteGuru uncover pages I completely forgot about, like the Affiliate Marketing Mastery review, was funny. This page would've probably slipped my notice if I had manually audited my website. 

But since SiteGuru's crawler mimics Google's crawler, it crawled literally every part of my website, from old, forgotten pages to links and sitemaps.

Then, it scored the health of every page. When I clicked through, I got improvement suggestions:

The best part? SiteGuru runs this entire crawl every week. Nothing slips its notice!

SiteGuru Offers Core SEO Reports

Website speed, performance, UX, loading times, ... All of these can give you a headache if you're growing your website on a traditional CMS. Google does have tools like the Mobile-Friendly test and Pagespeed Insights, but you'll spend a lot of time switching tabs.

SiteGuru assembles all the core SEO factors into its audits, so your website is audited for:

Meta Description and Page Title Audits

SiteGuru will identify pages where your titles and meta descriptions aren't optimized enough. It's a quick fix that can help you generate more traffic. 

Page Speed Audits with SiteGuru

SiteGuru uses Google's Pagespeed API to check thousands (and millions) of pages simultaneously. You don't have to manually insert page by page into Google's tool. 

If there's a problem with the speed of any of your pages, SiteGuru will send you a notification. 

Siteguru review


You can't just post content and hope to rank. Google needs to index it to rank it, so you should (ideally) submit new pages for indexation. 

With SiteGuru, you get notifications about the state of your indexation; has Google indexed your pages? Are there any errors? 

You won't have to check manually. You can jump in only if there's a problem. 

Sitemaps, Redirects, Canonical URLs, and Broken Pages

Google understands your website with some help from your sitemap, so it has to be up-to-date and correct. However, if you've been in business for a while and published a lot of website content, you'll probably have a glitchy page or two. 

Checking it manually is a pain. SiteGuru audits your website for new, missing, and broken pages. If there's a problem, you'll get a notification. 

Similarly, SiteGuru will check your website for canonical URLs. If you're in eCommerce, you likely have canonical URLs for product variants. If you don't implement them correctly, they could mess with your link equity and reduce your rankings. 

Automatically Find Broken Links

Since links are Google's primary way of understanding the internet, you want to ensure all your links work. Unfortunately, websites grow, you implement redirects, page names change, and links get broken. 

If you don't want to manually check on every link, SiteGuru will send you a notification if any links break. 

Similarly, you'll get notified about redirects that don't work (or redirect types that might hurt your SEO). 

Check Your Structured Data with SiteGuru

To date, there are over 700 Schema types. That sounds great on paper, but how do you know which ones to add to your pages? 

You might add one or two that seem appropriate, but you could be missing out on new types that your SEO competitors aren't using. 

SiteGuru automatically scans your website pages for implemented Schema and relevant Schema types that could boost your visibility. 


International SEO with Hreflangs

Sometimes, I don't know what's worse: starting off with a new international site or adding different language page variants later. Either way, some pages will slip through the cracks without a translation. 

In this case, SiteGuru will check your website for all language variants. If some translations are missing, it will let you know! 

Track Change and Measure Your SEO Progress

My favorite SiteGuru feature? 

Seeing that making improvements SiteGuru suggested resulted in better performance. 

SiteGuru tracks historical meta descriptions, speed, health, and other performance indicators; you can literally see the fruits of your labor.

Siteguru Measure Your SEO Progress

Connect Your Google Analytics and Search Console to SiteGuru for More Power

If you want to track your keywords, click-through rates, and rankings, connect SiteGuru to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. 

You won't need to use a separate tool to check your keywords. Instead, you'll get audit results and opportunities every week! 

Detailed SEO Reports with SiteGuru

The features I just mentioned will set you up when you start optimizing your website. But, as you grow, you'll want to audit even more aspects, including:

  • OpenGraph tags for social media
  • Internal links
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Image optimization
  • Page structure
  • Robots.txt

You don't have to get these reports immediately. But SiteGuru will provide them as soon as you're ready. From checking if every page on your website is tracked by Google Analytics to future-proofing your internal linking strategy, SiteGuru keeps an eye on everything.

SiteGuru Pricing

SiteGuru offers three plans with nearly identical features. The main difference is the number of websites you want to connect to: 

  • SiteGuru Small - $49/month - up to 5 websites
  • SiteGuru Medium - $99/month - up to 15 websites
  • SiteGuru Large - $199/month - up to 50 websites

If you own one business, I'd recommend the Small plan. You'll get support, weekly audits, and unlimited users. But if you own a few businesses or run an agency, go with Medium or Agency. You can save 20% with the annual subscription.

With the Agency plan, you get priority support and white-label reports. You can invite your clients to work with you, or don't bother telling them that you use SiteGuru for their website audits. It's up to you! 

Compared to other tools, SiteGuru is a sleek city car. It won't set you back too much, and you'll get from Point A to Point B quickly.

SiteGuru Pros & Cons

I really enjoyed using SiteGuru. But, like any tool, I want you to know the potential drawbacks before you start your trial. 


  • Get insights quickly - Let SiteGuru do its magic. Then, export the action items, make the changes, and get on with your day.
  • Complete website crawl - Spend less time checking your pages. Only jump in when there's a problem for you to solve (or an opportunity to reap).
  • No-code installation - No pixels, tracking, or tags. You can connect your Google stack later, but get started right away.
  • Keep track of changes - See how your performance improved over time by making SEO adjustments. You might spot patterns - for example, broken links- making it easier to set up your new pages correctly from the get-go.
  • Keyword & CTR checker - Connect SiteGuru to your GA, and GSC accounts so it can monitor your keywords and click-through rate.
  • Agency support - Insert your clients' website domains (remember: you don't have to connect anything) and send them weekly updates with proof of increased performance. 


  • Audit speed - If your website has 50+ pages, it'll take a while to get the audit (much like with any other tool.) Mine took around an hour initially. This won't be a problem later on because you'll get audits weekly but grab some coffee & patience for the initial audit.
  • No real-time crawls - If SEO is your bread & butter and you want to stay updated constantly, SiteGuru isn't the best choice. But if you're happy with weekly optimizations, it works great.
  • Technical SEO focus - SiteGuru focuses on the technical optimizations to your website (and keywords when connected to GSC). If you need help creating content that searchers want to click on, you'll need a different tool.

SiteGuru Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you understand the gist of SiteGuru, it's time to go over a few remaining questions: 

How does SiteGuru work?

Once you enter your website domain, SiteGuru will thoroughly analyze your website for: 

  • Performance (speed, health)
  • Indexation
  • Broken links
  • Schema structure
  • Sitemap structure
  • Redirects
  • Canonical URLs

 And more! 

Then, you'll get SEO audits with improvement opportunities once a week.

Which CMS does SiteGuru work on?

SiteGuru works for every content management system, from traditional CMS like WordPress to headless CMS like Sanity. 

Is SiteGuru legit?

Yes. SiteGuru was founded in 2017. Since then, it's had thousands of users.

Does SiteGuru offer a free trial?

Yes, SiteGuru has a 14-day free trial. You can run your initial audit for free and upgrade if you see the benefit in getting weekly SEO action items.

Wrap Up

I'm glad I tried SiteGuru. It's simpler than other SEO tools I have tried, which generate thousand-item lists for SEO improvements. No one has the time for that!

If you recently launched an online business or want to double down on SEO, give SiteGuru a try.

Instead of guessing the right SEO improvement, SiteGuru will take you by hand and show you how to get more organic traffic.

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