21 Best Blogging Courses: Find the Perfect One for You

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25 Best Blogging Courses

Jussi Hyvärinen

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What follows is a rundown of the best blogging courses.

In this post:

  • You'll discover 25 top blogging courses
  • What makes these courses standout
  • Who were these programs created for

So if you've been looking for online courses to help you become a superstar blogger, this is the post you need to read.

As a seasoned digital marketer, I've come across many online blogging courses, and I can tell you this; some programs don't offer what they promise. Some aren't even worth your money.

I've seen courses made by the so-called "gurus" only to discover that the programs teach nothing new, just the standard blogging basics that you can find freely on the internet by a simple Google search.

The 25 courses below, however, are the crème de la crème of blogging courses online.

Read on as I help you kickstart your blogging journey.

Which is the Best Blogging Course?

As I've mentioned, the internet is inundated with many courses claiming to contain the "secret sauce" to becoming a successful blogger.

A good online blogging course:

  • Is created by a person who has had hands-on experience as a blogger. And we're not talking about just any other blogger but one who has achieved significant success blogging.
  • Has positive reviews by successful students.
  • Is regularly updated with blogging tips that work currently.
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Offers excellent support. You want a course where you get assistance when you need it. The best blogging courses have an online community where learners, students, and creators interact freely.
  • Offers access to the creators, albeit once in a while.

The blogging courses below meet these six requirements. Take a look.

1. Blog Growth Engine (BGE)

BGE - 25 Best Blogging Courses

Blog Growth Engine is hands down the best blogging course on this list.

Think about it. BGE is the product of Adam Enfroy, one of the most successful bloggers.

For starters, Enfroy went from being kicked out of college to making over $1 million in two years as a blogger.

The best part?

BGE teaches the exact steps Enfroy followed to create his blog from scratch.

Of the many online blogging classes I've taken, Blog Growth Engine is by far the best. BGE has helped increase my blog's traffic tenfold and triple the income, enabling me to generate over $10,000 monthly in less than one year.

BGE teaches how to:

  • Run your blog like a startup
  • Choose your niche
  • Decoding the search intent
  • Set up your first blog without blowing your budget
  • Write your first blog post
  • Make money through affiliate marketing
  • Build links
  • and lot more

You'll also learn keyword research and monetization. Also, Adam Enfroy teaches how to leverage outsourcing to grow your business.

One of the best things about BGE is that they do live Q&A calls many times a week, where you have answers to all the questions you might have about blogging. It is something that other courses don't do to this extent.

Blog Growth Engine is for anyone looking to create a successful blog by focusing on what works in the 2020s.

I recommend it to beginner bloggers who want to get it right from the get-go. BGE is also a great pick for experienced bloggers looking to take their blogs to the next level.


Blog Growth Engine normal price is $3,900, however, you can get it at $1,497.

Read my full Blog Engine Growth Review to learn more about this course and how to get the discount + my bonus.

2. The Authority Site System (TASS)

TASS Best Blogging Courses

The Authority Site System is one of the top blogging courses for beginners.

The course focuses on affiliate marketing, one of the easiest ways to build an online business.

As the name suggests, this program is about helping you build a successful authority site as an affiliate marker.

The Authority Site System is a product of Gael Breton and Mark Webster, two highly successful affiliate marketers.

The course teaches you how to:

  • Find and qualify niches
  • Plan and set up your website
  • Brand your website
  • Build posts and pages
  • Create content that converts
  • Optimize and publish your content
  • Set up your affiliate account
  • Become an authority in your niche

The Authority Site System is ideal for amateur and intermediate bloggers.

The program offers exclusive access to the TASS private Facebook group, where you can interact with past and current students.


The Authority Site System goes for $1,499.

You can, however, get a $900 discount.

Please read my full Authority Site System Review to learn more about this course. 

Grab the Authority Site System $900 Discount

3. Blogging Masterclass

Blogging 101

Blogging Masterclass is an all-in-one course designed for a new blogger. It is created by Brad Merrill, media entrepreneur and bestselling instructor, and is available on Udemy.

The program offers about two hours of content, which is a plus if you want to get a head start quickly.

Blogging Masterclass covers the following topics:

  • How to set up your WordPress blog and the right plug-ins to install
  • The best type of blogging content
  • How to write and promote your content
  • You to get started with email marketing
  • How to choose the best email marketing tool

On top of that, the course teaches how to monetize your blog through multiple strategies. While this module is more of an overview, it gives you a good picture of what is possible.

Blogging Masterclass is a good course for beginners looking to learn the ropes fast. As I've mentioned, the program's content is about two hours.


Blogging Masterclass goes for $84.99

Get started with Blogging Masterclass

4. Blog by Number

Blog by number course

Blog by Number is the brainchild of Suzi Whitford, the person behind the 'Start a Mom Blog.'

Whitford leveraged her years of experience to create a blogging course for moms aspiring to build a profitable blog.

The course features ready-made blog templates to help learners set up their websites quickly, even without prior experience.

On top of that, Blog by Number comes with the following blogging resources:

  • 65+ in-depth video tutorials showing new bloggers how to set up and run a successful blog
  • Blog post templates
  • Free-to-use stock photos
  • Workbooks
  • A comprehensive Google Analytics guide
  • Blank worksheets to help you plan your blogging strategy
  • How to use plugins to optimize your blog

Blog by Number is one the best online blogging courses for anyone looking to start a mom blog.


Blog By Number goes for $147. It also comes with an eBook that goes for $18

You can get the course and eBook bundle at $197.

Get Blog by Number

5. SEO That Works

SEO that works course

SEO That Works is a blogging course by Brian Dean.

Dean is the founder of Backlinko, a website that teaches proven SEO tactics for more traffic. Dean sold Backlinko to SemRush for six figures.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to building a thriving online business. Your target audience and prospects need to find your blog through effective SEO services.

Sure, good, high-quality content is part of the game. However, you'll struggle to generate income through blogging if you don't put your content in front of the right people.

So, you should implement SEO and content marketing to drive results.

Still, SEO is a complex subject. You need to have a solid grasp of how SEO works to rank your site high in search engines.

This course, as the name suggests, teaches you SEO tactics like:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

SEO That Works is for everyone looking to attract traffic through SEO and white-hat link building, whether you're a beginner or a professional blogger.


SEO That Works is available through a $497 monthly subscription.

Join SEO That Works

6. Blogging for a Living

Blogging for a Living course

Blogging for a Living is a premium blogging course created by Theo McArthur, a successful Amazon seller, online marketer, and blogger.

The course is available on Udemy and is one of the platform's most sought-after and highly-rated blogging courses.

The course comes with the following:

  • 12+ hours of on-demand video tutorials
  • A step-by-step guide to starting a successful blog on any niche
  • Best blog entry practices guide
  • Tutorials showing how to create content that delivers results
  • A blog traffic strategy to help you draw visitors from multiple sources
  • Tips to monetize your website using high-ticket digital items
  • Tactics to help you grow an email list and make money off of it
  • Multiple list-building strategies to help you build 50+ daily subscribers
  • Strategies to help you churn out a lot of blog content


You can get instant access to this course at $150

Blogging for a Living is a great course for anyone looking for affordable training.

You'll get a certificate upon completion, which you can add to your credentials.

Get Blogging for a Living

7. Smart Blogger

Smartblogger course

Smart Blogger is a blogging course created by John Morrow, also known as Mr. Blogger.

The program features a collection of the best online blogging courses to help students rank their website high in search engines, improve their content and generate more income.

Smart Blogger offers paid and free blogging courses.

Free Courses Include:

  • Guide to Affiliate Marketing
  • Making Money with Blogging
  • Learn The Art of Writing a Blog Post
  • 801+ Power Words
  • How To Start a Blog
  • Only For Serious Bloggers
  • Platforms for Best Blogging
  • Blog Traffic Blueprint
  • Writing Can Make Your Money

Paid Blogging Courses Include:

Content Marketing Certification, which goes for $2,000

Freedom Machine, which goes for $999

Smart Blogger is a premium blogging course that'll come in handy for students of all experience levels, beginner and experienced bloggers alike.

Each free blogging course is super-detailed to help you increase your income rapidly. Former students attest to starting from scratch to $1,000 in a few months.

Get Started with Smart Blogger

8. Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro

If you're a cooking enthusiast looking to start a food blog, Food Blogger Pro is one of the best blogging courses you can take.

Created in 2013 by Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom, this course offers practical tips to help you maneuver the overcrowded food blogging niche.

By enrolling in the Food Blogger Pro training program, you'll get access to:

  • 350+ training videos designed for beginner bloggers and their intermediate counterparts
  • The best tools to help you launch and establish your blog
  • Private discussion forum
  • SEO tips to help attract visitors to your food blog
  • Monthly video updates
  • Industry expert advice
  • Strategies to help you hack affiliate marketing
  • How to make money selling culinary eBooks
  • How to take stellar product photos without light enhancements
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with the founders and other students

Food Blogger is available through membership as follows:

  • Quarterly: $99
  • Yearly: $350

Food Blogger Pro is an excellent program if food blogging is your passion. It teaches everything you'd want to know to become a top food blogger.

Get started with Food Blogger Pro

9. WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners course

Over 42% of websites use WordPress.

Therefore learning how WordPress works is a crucial step toward successful blogging.

WordPress for Beginners, as the name suggests, teaches the basics of setting up your website quickly.

The program shows you the following:

  • How to create navigation menus
  • How to set up static and homepages
  • How to set up and use categories and tags
  • How to navigate the WordPress dashboard and use it effectively
  • The best plugs in, how to find and install them

WordPress for Beginners isn't an in-depth blogging course. While it teaches the basics, it offers everything you need to have your WordPress up and running quickly.


WordPress for Beginners goes for $84.99

WordPress for Beginners is ideal for new bloggers who've never set up a website. You can easily create and manage a beautiful, income-generating blog with what the course teaches.  

Get Started With WordPress for Beginners

10. Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging course

The Superstar Blogging course is a product of Matt Kepnes, also known as Nomadic Matt, an avid traveler.

It is one of the best blogging courses to build a successful online business while avoiding mistakes other bloggers make.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur, having started a thriving hostel, media conference, and charity. He's also a New York Times bestseller.

Superstar Blogging teaches the following:

  • The fundamentals of becoming a successful blogger
  • How to write content people care to read
  • How to create a long-term internet brand
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • How to make money blogging
  • SEO
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product creation
  • WordPress website architecture


Superstar Blogging offers bundles prices as follows:

  • Superstar Business Masterclass: $99
  • Superstar Writing Masterclass: $79 per month

Superstar Blogging is designed for bloggers seeking practical advice to help dominate their niches.  

Get Started With Superstar Blogging Courses

11. The SEO Playbook

The SEO Playbook course

The SEO Playbook isn't just an online course; it is an in-depth, all-in-one program that shows you how to get blog traffic by leveraging SEO.

And the beauty of it is that Robbie Richards, the course's creator, shows you how his tactics work first-hand.

You get to see Robbie implement a technical content audit for an affiliate marketing website from start to finish. He also shows you how to conduct keyword research, pick a lucrative niche and develop a content plan for your website.

The SEO Playbook contains the following:

  • Over 100 instruction videos
  • Over 20 custom-made templates
  • An insider's view of the strategies Robbie uses to grow his business
  • Over 50 in-depth procedure documents

The SEO Playbook has my nod as one of the best blogging courses for seasoned and intermediate bloggers looking for proven SEO strategies to help them boost blog traffic, generate more leads, and increase sales.


The SEO Playbook goes for $500

Join The SEO Playbook

12. The Blog Village

The Blog Village course

The Blog Village promises to help you create, grow and monetize your blog.

This program is different from all the courses in this roundup. It offers a collection of blogging tools to help supercharge your blogging journey.

On top of that, its pricing is a little bit different. You can, for instance, make a one-time $1 payment to set up your blog.

The Blog Village covers the following:

  • WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Google Analytics
  • Photography tips
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Videography tips

The Blog Village is a well-put-together blogging course that also offers valuable tools that'll make you accomplish tasks quickly. Did I mention that the program comes with an image-resizing tool?


The Blog Village's pricing is structured as follows:

  • Starter: $1
  • Basic: $9
  • Plus: $29
  • Pro: $299

Get Started With The Blog Village

13. Blogging Basics

Blogging Basics course

Blogging Basics is a free course.

The program will equip you with the blogging skills you need to get the hang of things.

The Blogging Basics includes the following topics:

  • Blog layout
  • Blogging platforms you can use to launch your website
  • Web design tips
  • The main pages you should have on your site
  • Social media basics

This course was created by Theresa Christine, a seasoned travel blogger and writer.

Christine developed this free blogging course because starting a blog has been life-changing for her. She wants others to benefit from what she's learned over the years.

Blogging Basics is a crash course for aspiring bloggers, online marketers, or people who need help figuring out where to start. The program is short and easy to digest.


Blogging Basics is free of charge.

Get Started with Blogging Basics

14. Niche Site Academy

Niche Site Academy - Best Blogging Courses

Niche Site Academy was created by Mike Pearson.

For starters, Pearson sold one of his niche websites for six figures in 2020. That's a person who knows what they're doing for sure.

Niche Site Academy covers the following topics:

  • Niche Site Framework
  • How to find lucrative niche ideas using data-backed strategies
  • How to carry out keyword research
  • The templates Pearson uses to write blog content
  • How to scale and outsource content production
  • How to build quality backlinks to help improve your website's ranking
  • How to validate your niche ideas quickly

Niche Site Academy is one the best blogging courses for finding a profitable niche, developing a workable content strategy, and making money while you're at it.


Niche Site Academy goes for a one-time fee of $597

Get Started With the Niche Site Academy 

15. Build a Successful Creative Blog

Setting up a blog is one thing. However, generating a sustainable income from it is entirely different — Build a Successful Creative Blog seeks to change the status quo.

The course covers the following:

  • How to develop a content marketing strategy
  • Best blogging practices
  • How to pinpoint your target audience
  • Advertising, copywriting, blog design tips, and more.

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to perfect your writing, develop an efficient editorial plan and attract readers interested in your offer.

On top of that, you'll learn how to write catchy headlines and get over writer's block.

Build a Successful Creative Blog is designed for experienced and beginner bloggers looking for titbits to help make their websites stand out.


Build a Successful Creative Blog goes for $49. There's also a $13 monthly subscription. 

Get Started with Build a Successful Creative Blog

16. The Four Pillars of Blogging

The Four Pillars of Blogging course

Darren Rowse, the founder of ProBlogger, created this course.

The Four Pillars of Blogging offers four training modules as follows:

  • Make Money
  • Build Community
  • Find Readers
  • Create Content

Each module features video tutorials, tools, tasks, and helpful resources.

Some of the subjects covered in these modules include:

  • How to optimize your website using SEO
  • How to monetize your blog using strategies such as affiliate marketing
  • How to leverage email marketing for growth
  • How to find your ideal target audience

The Four Pillars of Blogging is an excellent choice if you're looking for a course that covers all the essentials of starting a blog.


The Four Pillars of Blogging goes for a one-time fee of $49

Apart from the four modules, you'll also access courses like The Ultimate Guide and the 7-Day content Sprint.

Get Started With The Four Pillars of Blogging

17. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

31 Days to Build a Better Blog course

Laying the foundation of profitable blogging doesn't have to take ages.

Built by Darren Browse, this is a remarkably successful online course boasting over 20,000 students.

As the name suggests, it is broken down into 31 steps, making it easy for students to follow through, one step at a time.

This blogging course covers:

  • How to generate blog ideas
  • Content marketing
  • Finding your target market
  • Ideas to help you generate money with your blog
  • How to organize your content's website using an editorial schedule

You also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you mingle with other bloggers.

While 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is less comprehensive than some of the programs on this roundup, it is one of the most highly-rated blogging courses for beginners.


31 Days to Build a Better Blog goes for a one-time fee of $99

Get started with 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

18. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies for building a successful blog. In fact, over 80% of brands have an affiliate program.

If you've ever wanted to become an affiliate marketer, consider checking out this course.

The program covers the following:

  • The basics of developing a blog business plan
  • Different affiliate programs
  • How to apply and get accepted into these programs
  • How to boost your conversion rate
  • How to promote your site and draw more traffic
  • How to place affiliate links correctly within your content

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a business course suited for beginner bloggers seeking to become great affiliates.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is available for a one-time fee of $197

Get started with Become a Successful Affiliate

19. Blogging Accelerator

Blogging Accelerator program

The Blogging Accelerator features five modules showing you how to build a successful blog using a step-by-step process.

Lessons in these modules include:

  • How to find a profitable niche
  • How to set up your site
  • How to choose a name for your blog
  • How to write your first blog post
  • How to customize your site's theme
  • How to connect your blog to Google Analytics

The specific modules are:

  • Easy Printables
  • Smart productivity
  • Posting Perfection
  • Blog Analytics
  • Blogging Playbook

The Blogging Accelerator is an excellent online blogging course for new bloggers. This course may be too introductory for you if you're an advanced writer or blogger.

The Blogging Accelerator is available for a one-time fee of $97.

Get Started with the Blogging Accelerator 

20. Travel Blog Prosperity

Travel Blog Prosperity blogging course

Travel Blog Prosperity is one of the best blogging courses for travel bloggers. It is also a good choice if you're an avid traveler looking to share your experiences with the world.

The course comes with over 55 clusters that will teach your strategies like:

  • Leveraging a membership website to monetize your blog
  • Outperforming your competition
  • Updating your social media
  • Developing a consistent brand across every platform
  • How to generate money as a freelance writer

This course is created by Jessie Festa, a solo traveler, adventurer, and blogger.

I recommend Travel Blog Prosperity for beginner, intermediate, and advanced travel bloggers. It is also a great program for people looking to earn money online writing for travel websites.

Travel Blog Prosperity is available through membership:

  • $9 for the first month
  • $49 per month to continue with your membership

Get started with Travel Blog Prosperity

21. Launch Your Blog Biz

Launch Your Blog Biz course

This program by Alex Nerney of the Create and Go Fame wraps up my collection of the best blogging courses.

This course is an in-depth program, which makes it suitable for any blogger, irrespective of their niche.

The program covers topics that'll show you how to:

  • Set up a blog
  • Create good content
  • Attract traffic
  • Ensure your blog brings money
  • Build an email list
  • You'll also learn about traffic growth tactics like podcasts, YouTube, SEO, Pinterest, and affiliate marketing.

Launch Your Blog Biz offers a place for bloggers looking to create a stable passive income online.


Launch Your Blog Biz is available for a one-time fee of $297

Get started with Launch Your Blog Biz

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Start Studying Blogging?

You can start learning how to blog by joining a good course.

Many blogging courses offer valuable, actionable tips to help you get started.

You can even consider taking a free blogging course if you're on a tight budget and scale to a premium program later.

Still, not every course is worth your attention — that's why I've assembled the 25 courses above to save you time sifting through the rubble.

What Is the Best Blog to Make Money?

First of all, you can make money with your blog if you use the right monetization strategy.

In fact, it all boils down to how you intend to monetize your blog. Some of the best tactics to generate an income online using your blog include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling courses
  • Selling eBooks
  • Email marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Sponsorships

Speaking of affiliate marketing, check out my list of the 37 best affiliate programs to promote.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Blogger?

You don't need any particular qualification to be a blogger.

However, you must be passionate about the topic you want to blog about. While blogging can be lucrative, it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

You must put in the hard work and be patient enough to drive your project to fruition, which means that you must be patient.

Other qualities of a successful blogger include the following:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Good concentration
  • Ability to spot and emphasize relevant facts
  • Compelling writing skills
  • Excellent time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Technical ability

On top of that, I recommend taking an online blogging course if you aren't sure where to start.

Meanwhile, check out my comprehensive guide on how to start an affiliate marketing blog.

How Much Is a Blogger's Salary?

There is no limit to how much you can make as a blogger.

For instance, Adam Enfroy, the creator of Blog Growth Engine, earns over $300,000 per month as a full-time blogger.

Still, you need to choose a lucrative niche to enable you to make a reasonable income.

Some high-paying blog niches include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Health and fitness
  • Making money online
  • Recipes and food
  • Personal development and self-care

That said, you can earn up to $1,000 as a full-time blogger in 6 to 12 months.

The Bottom Line

There you have it —these are the best blogging courses, whether you're a beginner eager to learn the ropes or a seasoned blogger looking for a solid program to help you take your business to the next level.

As I've mentioned, it takes time to see the results of your effort. So, as a rule of thumb, implement what you learn. Remain consistent too. Consistency is the name of the game.

As long as you choose the right program depending on your experience level and goal, you cannot go wrong with these 25 blogging courses.

Happy blogging!

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