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Last Updated on May 8, 2023 by Jussi Hyvarinen

Welcome to my Blog Growth Engine review.

How does making over $350,000 per month as a full-time blogger sound?

Too good to be true?

Well, not until you meet Adam Enfroy, a wildly successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

Enfroy, a former digital marketer, launched his blog from scratch and raked in $1 million in under 2 years.

That's half the story, though.

With over 500,000 monthly readers, Adam Enfroy is on a mission to teach the next generation of online business owners how to scale their influence at startup speed through his course Blog Growth Engine.

Do you know what this means?

It implies that you can replicate his success and run a profitable blog generating life-changing money in months, not years. 

At the end of this Blog Growth Engine review, I will reveal my results from Adam's course.

So, read on...

In this Blog Growth Engine review, you discover the following:

  • Who Adam Enfroy is
  • What Adam Enfroy's blogging course covers
  • Who the course is designed for (and who it's not for)
  • Blog Growth Engine cost
  • How to get a Blog Growth Engine discount
  • How Adam's course is changing my business and more
  • My Results
  • My Blog Growth Engine Bonus for You


Comprehensive and well-organized step-by-step training that covers all aspects of growing a successful blog, from niche selection to monetization


$3,900 (you can get BGE at a discounted price of $1,497 including my bonus)


Actionable advice, focus on data-driven results, emphasis on SEO, great community support


Beginners may find the amount of information overwhelming


BGE is a valuable course for anyone looking to build a successful blog. It provides a clear roadmap and actionable advice, which helps bloggers achieve their goals faster


If you buy BGE using my affiliate link, I'll send you a step-by-step SOP on how to save tens of thousands of yearly blogging costs. Learn more about the bonus.


4.5 /5

Who Is Adam Enfroy?

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is the brains behind Blog Growth Engine.

Adam did a bunch of things before he started his marketing career and moved to Austin, Texas, to work for BigCommerce as an affiliate manager.

His job was managing the BigCommerce affiliate program, and during this job, he noticed that many of their affiliates made a ton of money. After a while, Adam was promoted and became the Head of Digital Marketing, managing a whole team and a $10MM+ digital advertising budget. 

However, soon Adam realized that this career wasn't what he wanted. So he started working on his exit plan.

Adam was always fascinated about making passive income online. He started following big marketers but found their advice pretty generic.

In 2019 he decided to create a new blog and document his blogging and affiliate marketing journey providing specific, actionable tips to make money online through blogging. This way, he could teach others how to create a successful blog without writing content for years.

He started putting 40 hours per week into his blog outside his regular job. He published 85 articles and 82 guest posts on other blogs — an equivalent of 500,000 words.

Seven months after launch, Adam Enfroy's blog was already generating more money than his full-time job. He decided to quit his job and focused on becoming a full-time blogger.

Blog Growth Engine documents what he did to achieve blogging success while teaching new bloggers and seasoned entrepreneurs how to leverage his strategies to establish a profitable blogging business.

What is Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine is an online-based training course that lays down the steps to starting, launching, and monetizing a blog. 

The course teaches you to be a business owner, not a writer. Enfroy explains that to be a profitable blogger, you must be disciplined in digital marketing by treating your blog as a business from the get-go.

Blog Growth Engine is an in-depth blogging course that any blog owner, beginner, and experienced alike will find helpful. 

The course has blog monetization nuggets for complete beginners to help them start generating income within months of launching their blog. 

Blog Growth Engine shows you how to leverage Adam Enfroy's exclusive strategies and tactics to spur growth for seasoned bloggers and those in affiliate marketing.

Adam's training is primarily video-based. It also contains downloadable content and access to a private Facebook community. 

Below is a quick overview of what's you'll learn in the course: 

  • Starting and Launching a Blog: Breaks down the process of creating a successful blog with super-detailed content walking you through the basics.
  • Keyword Monetization: Teaches how to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. 
  • Growing your blog Like a Business Owner: Hobby blogs and income-generating blogs are two different things. Adam teaches you how to adopt a business owner mindset as a blogger. 

What Exactly Does Blog Growth Engine Contain?

BGE main page

Blog Growth Engine is an easy-to-follow program meticulously arranged to help you follow along.

The course contains 10 modules with easily digestible content. Adam conducts most of the video lessons. 

What's more, Adam and the other Blog Growth Engine's co-creator Colin Shipp answer individual questions through Loom. Personalized replies show Adam Enfroy's commitment to helping you be a successful blogger and making this one of the best blogging courses.

Let's now break down the course, module by module. There are over 40 hours of videos in 11+ modules.

Module 1 – Your Niche 

This module ushers you into niche selection and branding. 

Adam lets you in on the following topics:

  • Old-fashioned ways of creating niche websites and why you should keep off these strategies if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. 
  • How to build a unique brand and stamp online authority.
  • His exclusive techniques to grow your brand's influence despite being a startup. 
  • You also get to work with Colin Shipp to help you pinpoint your niches. The model teaches how to get your niche website and personal brand up and running.

Niche selection is essential because it narrows down your marketing efforts to a specific group of buyers. Focusing on a target market that's more likely to buy the products or service you're promoting allows you to scale faster than trying to sell everything to everybody.

Module 2 – Your Mindset

Many entrepreneurs in the blogging world struggle with imposter syndrome.

In this module, Adam Enfroy's Blow Growth course trains how to beat imposter syndrome, allowing you to chart your path to success.

Adam and Colin also outline the hiccups you're like to encounter during your early days of trying to create a blogging business.

You'll learn the ropes of blog content creation and how to overcome your doubts. Think it's too late to start blogging? This module will demystify that myth. You'll be raring to take your blog to the next level by the end of this phase.

Module 3 – Blogging Like a Startup

In this module, Adam explains why you should see blogging as a business and not a hobby right from the start if you want to make money.

He teaches you how to adopt a minimum viable product (MVP) mentality for your blogging business.

Adam also lets you in on how blogging has evolved over the years. You'll also learn which blog monetization strategies work today and how to leverage them to make money online.

This module will help you see blogging as a business and teach you how to pivot and scale your business.

I consider this a crucial module since it lays the ground of what's to follow in other modules.

Module 4 – Decoding Search Intent

You can hardly make any money as a blogger if you can't match your target audience's intent when entering a search term into a search engine.

In this module, Blow Growth Engine helps you understand search intent. You'll also learn how to match the user intent to build your business as an authority.

On top of that, Adam Enfroy course covers other topics, including how search engines work and why intent is vital to your business.

Decoding search intent has helped hone my keyword research and content creation processes. Now, I can create content that answers my audience's questions about their pain points.

Learning how to create valuable content has contributed to growing my revenue.

Module 5 – Minimum Viable Website

Never created a WordPress website before? Not a problem! In this module, Blog Growth Engine teaches you to set up a WordPress site that provides an excellent user experience.

You'll learn to choose a reliable hosting service, WordPress theme, and page builder. On top of that, Adam reveals the tools he uses for image optimization, SEO, caching, uploading posts, managing every affiliate link on your site, and security.

You'll also learn to create a sales page that converts visitors into buying customers.

These lessons will save you the hustle of creating a fully functional WordPress site, allowing you to focus on what really matters — growing your blog into a money-making machine.

Module 6 – Keyword Monetization

Now we get to the good part of my Blog Growth Engine review — learning how to find keywords that can make you money.

Keyword research is a crucial part of making money online. With a proper research strategy, you can uncover vital information to help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

In this module, Adam Enfroy course shows you how to perfect your keyword research game by finding buyer-intent keywords.

While there's more to your keyword monetization matrix, you must get your keyword research to help you create content that drives results.

Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • Using a step by step system to discover valuable keywords
  • Leveraging competitor analysis to find keywords
  • The difference between informational and transactional keywords

Module 7 – Blog Content Creation

Getting your content right can deliver resounding success in the super-competitive digital world.

In this module, Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine teaches you how to refine your blog content creation skills. You learn how to write blog posts that your target audience cares to read while making Google happy at the same time.

You get access to a startup content blueprint that shows you how to create a well-thought-out content assembly line.

What's more, Adam teaches you how to leverage tools like to scale content production and Surfer SEO to make content SEO-friendly.

You'll also learn to brainstorm content ideas, write comparison posts and create a publishing schedule.

Module 8 – Link Building

Link building is a crucial part of your SEO and marketing strategies, and it is one of my favorite modules in this blogging course.

A well-run link building campaign helps search engines discover new pages of your affiliate marketing website and determine which pages to rank higher in SERPs.

Link building is the most neglected part of many bloggers' businesses. Finally, we have a course that teaches you how to do link building that helps your website to grow.

In this module, Adam Enfroy teaches you how to create a link building machine step-by-step using strategies like
guest posting and HARO backlinks. 

Adam also teaches how to build a link exchange machine and how to analyze and understand backlinks.

You'll learn how to decide which websites to reach out to for guest posts and how to increase your chances of getting a reply.

Adam also shares tips for writing a guest post that drives users to your website while boosting your brand awareness campaign.

Module 9 – Affiliate Marketing

Adam has made over $1 million in affiliate marketing, making this part of the Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine review interesting.


…because Adam Enfroy is a super affiliate marketer so I'm sure you'd love to pick his brain on what works and outdated tactics that don't deliver results anymore.

This module teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and how to get your monetization right.

Better yet, this module's course content has been revamped to include new monetization strategies.

Dubbed Next Level Optimization, the package teaches you to leverage other strategies like brand partnerships, running a YouTube channel, CPA deals, and ad networks. This way, you can diversify your income streams instead of relying exclusively on affiliate networks.

Module 10 – Scaling and Outsourcing

Outsourcing can help your blogging business lower costs, innovate and grow.

Adam Enfroy course teaches you to vet top talent and hire "A" players. He outlines how to stay on top of your day-to-day activities, allowing you to run your business effectively as a startup.

This module will come in handy if you're already pursuing other ventures to make money online, like having a YouTube channel.

Module 11 - Monetizing Your Skills with Services

Module 11 is a new addition to the Blog Growth Engine course. This shows the commitment that Adam & Colin have to the course. 

You will learn in this module how you leverage your blog to sell different consulting services related to blogging. Also, you will learn how to further monetize your blog by selling links, making money with freelance writing, and more.

Blog Growth Engine 2.0

Adam Enfroy & Colin Shipp

Adam has already released Blog Growth Engine 2.0 with the updated material as the blogging landscape continues to evolve.

This aligns with the duo's effort to ensure that this course is as up-to-date as possible. The update comes with new videos and advanced tactics to equip you with the skills you need to excel as a blogger today. 

BGE Mastermind Platform

BGE mastermind

Adam & Colin introduced September 2022 Blog Growth Engine's new platform, and it is called the BGE Mastermind.

The new platform is great, with many features that make finding information and collaborating much more effortless, and it is based on

All the course materials (videos, templates, etc.) and the community are now on the same platform, so they combined the old course platform and the Facebook community into the new one.

A few great features to mention:

Search: when you search in the BGE Mastermind platform, the search also finds that piece of information inside the course videos. That is because all the BGE course videos are transcripted.

Think about this scenario: you have watched a course video and know Adam covered a subject in one of the videos. The problem is that you don't remember where it was. Now you can find it in a flash!

Community: The old Facebook community is now here, and it has much better features making it very easy to get an answer to your question and collaborate with other students.

Classroom: that is the place where you find all the Blog Growth Engine course videos. You can now comment on any video and ask questions from the BGE team. The feature is similar to what Youtube has.

Calendar: here you will find the schedule of all the upcoming Q&A sessions and other activities. You can also add the meeting to your own calendar with a mouse click.

Blog Growth Engine Bonuses 

Adam Enfroy course offers several benefits to help you make the most of the modules we've just discussed. Below is a quick rundown of the bonuses. 

1. One-to-One Coaching and Support 

Adam and Colin aren't after selling Blog Growth Engine course and leaving you to figure things out independently. They want you to do well. 

That's why you get unlimited one-on-one coaching calls with Enfroy's team in the members' area. 

Why is this a game-changer? 

…because it allows you to get dedicated support and help to your specific needs and go deeper than it would be possible in the community. Besides, getting answers from the team of Blog Growth Engine gives you the comfort that you actually got the right answers.

As I mentioned earlier, I've joined many courses that purport to teach you the fundamentals of making money, and I can tell you there's nothing more frustrating than failing to get answers when you need them. 

So, the one-to-one coaching and support is a huge thing.

2. Weekly Live Q&As

BGE weekly QA

Adam and his team conduct live Q&A's allowing you to have your questions answered. If you don't have questions, you can always tune in to listen to how other students are faring and pick valuable pointers to implement in your business.

3. Templates and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Ready-made templates are a time saver in any online, and Blog Growth Engine doesn't disappoint in this one.

The course comes with the following templates pre-designed to make your work easier:

  • Blogging master spreadsheet
  • Authority flywheel exercise
  • Blog posts (ideal for listicles)
  • Timeline to freedom
  • Guest post outreach
  • Startup content blueprint

And the beauty of it is that these templates are SEO and conversion-optimized.

4. Private Link Exchange Slack Community

One of the newest innovations of the Blog Growth Engine is a private link exchange Slack community exclusive for BGE members.

You can post your Guest Post opportunities for interested people to reach out and collaborate, post sites where people can get niche edit links, and Manage and DM people directly on any link opportunities.

This is by far the easiest way to find backlink opportunities.

Blog Growth Engine Testimonials

Have other students had success with the Blog Growth Engine course?

The Facebook group has a lot of positive feedback about students' progress. Take a look at these testimonials, for instance.

Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials
Blog Growth Engine testimonials

Who is Blog Growth Engine Created for?

Blog Growth Engine is designed for online entrepreneurs looking for a solid course that teaches how to make money online with blogging without unnecessary BS or generic content already available in the public domain.

It is the to-go-to training course for beginners and experienced bloggers searching for a training program teaching practical strategies to launch and grow a profitable online business without leaving a hole in their budgets. 

Blog Growth Engine course lessons are super comprehensive and proven to work — these are the exact strategies Adam Enfroy used to create a multi-million online business.  

Who is Adam Enfroy course NOT Created For?

Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme: Making money online requires time and effort. You must be ready to put in the work and be patient enough to watch your efforts materialize.
  • You want to run your blog as a passion project: Blogging for money isn't a hobby. BGE teaches how to create a minimum viable website that makes money.
  • You're looking for a course that teaches you how to run paid and social media marketing campaigns: Adam Enfroy grew his blog by leveraging free traffic.
  • A done-for-you course where you don't have to do anything: Blog Growth Engine doesn't teach you how to create your own blog and use it to make money on autopilot.
  • You're looking for a course that teaches affiliate marketing exclusively: BGE leans toward building a profitable blogging business.
  • You want to update your readers with new information: This training course requires the reader to work toward a specific goal.
  • You want to make money via ads of low-value offers: Blog Growth Engine is a step-by-step program that focuses on teaching you how to sell high-value offers.  

And now, onto the part of the Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine review you've been waiting for.

What is Blog Growth Engine Price?

Normal Price

$ 3,900

On-time payment, lifetime access

    My Discounted Price

    $ 1,497

    On-time payment, lifetime access

      Blog Growth Engine cost is a one-time payment of $3,900. 

      But, you can get it only for $1,497 through my link - that is 62% cheaper!

      It is important to mention that the BGE price has raised already many times. When Blog Growth Engine Course was first introduced, the price tag was $997, and now the price is $1,497. 

      So, the more you wait, the more you have to pay.

      Is Blog Growth Engine Worth It?


      BGE is information-rich, making it one of the best blogging courses for the money. 

      I like BGE because it is regularly updated to provide the most up-to-date tactics and strategies for creating a successful blog.

      So yes, when you consider how thorough this course is, I can confidently say it is worth the price tag. I would even consider that the price is low because of the value of the course. Adam & Colin could easily charge much more.

      Before I wind up my Blog Growth Engine review, let's look at the pros & cons and some common questions people ask about BGE.

      Blog Growth Engine Pros & Cons


      • BGE teaches the proven process of building and scaling your blog to 7-figures. Instead of doing random tasks that won't get you anywhere, you follow the process.
      • The Blog Growth Engine method works regardless of your niche.
      • You will learn how to monetize your blog if you are a blogger but haven't been able to make money out of it.
      • You can get free one-to-one coaching from Adam's team once you have joined the BGE.
      • Adam and Colin are updating the content as the blogging business evolves. You always have access to the most up-to-date information.
      • The price tag is cheap if you compare the total value of the course and what you can achieve with it.


      • Beginners may feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information.

      Blog Growth Engine Course FAQs

      Is Blog Growth Engine a Scam?

      No, it isn't a scam by any means.

      Adam Enfroy has cemented his name as one of the most successful bloggers. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.

      Blog Growth Engine has over 1,500 members. These people have either completed or are taking the course, and many are making significant results with BGE.

      Does BGE have a refund policy?

      Yes. Their refund process is straightforward. If you need to initiate a refund, simply contact their support team within 14 days from the purchase date.

      What are the differences between the Blog Growth Engine and the Authority Hacker?

      For starters, the Authority Hacker has two courses: The Authority Site System, aka TASS, and Authority Hacker Pro. TASS is always available and is meant for building authority sites monetized with affiliate marketing. Authority Hacker Pro is available once a year and is meant for more seasoned affiliate marketers.

      Both Blog Growth Engine and Authority Hacker teach how to build an affiliate website, so the principles are the same. BGE focuses on building a blog under your name, making you a brand, while Authority Hacker focuses on building general authority sites.

      However, this is not so black and white, and you can also use BGE methods to build authority sites as well.

      For me, the biggest differentiator is that BGE has unlimited one-to-one coaching, which is a huge thing. That is something I haven't seen elsewhere.

      Is Blog Growth Engine Worth the price?

      Blog Growth Engine gave my online business a sense of direction. It has taught me how to develop a solid blogging plan and what to do at different stages of my blogging journey.

      On top of that, I don't treat my blog as a hobby anymore. The fact that BGE teaches you how to run your blog as a startup is itself reason enough to justify this course's price tag.

      Is this course for me if I am a complete beginner?


      Blog Growth Engine is created to benefit beginners and experienced bloggers.

      As a beginner, the course will introduce you to the basics of blogging and how you make money by owning a blog.

      It'll also show you how to set up a WordPress website and the tools you need. And, if you've never written a blog post before, you'll get trained to write posts that draw customers.

      And when you've made enough money, Adam Enfroy's course will teach you how to outsource, leaving more time on your hands to scale.

      Does Blog Growth Engine teach white hat SEO or grey hat SEO tactics?

      BGE teaches only white hat SEO.

      Is it true that BGE doesn't teach how to build a website?

      No, that is not true. BGE has step-by-step lessons on how to build your own website from scratch.

      How can I get a Blog Growth Engine discount?

      Blog Growth Engine goes for $3,900.

      You can, however, get it at a discounted price of $1,497.

      My Results

      I joined Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine course in August 2021, and I'm glad I did.

      During my time as an online entrepreneur and digital marketer, I've seen and enrolled in a dozen courses. Adam Enfroy's blogging course is different and has completely changed my online business.

      Before joining the Blog Growth Engine Course, I was everywhere. I doubled up as a digital marketer and a consultant. I'd create Facebook ads and build websites for clients too — and it was hard keeping up.

      Adam Enfroy's blogging course turned everything around for me. It taught me how to focus on one thing — blogging — and how to make it work.

      I'm now a full-time blogger, implementing the methods Adam Enfroy teaches in his Blog Growth Engine course.

      The results are pretty impressive.

      My BGE results

      The Blog Growth Engine course has helped me 10X my blog's traffic, improve SERP rankings significantly, and my revenue has tripled, making me > $10,000 / month – in less than a year.

      My Blog Growth Engine results

      You can join me in my journey to building a six-figure online business. Sign up for Adam Enfroy's Blog Growth Engine Course to get instant access to the lessons.

      The Bottom Line 

      That brings me to the end of this Blog Growth Engine review. 

      Should you invest in Blog Growth Engine?

      Yes, you should if you are serious about blogging.

      I strongly recommend Adam Enfroy's course for online entrepreneurs who want to start a thriving business with blogging or any blogger struggling to make money with their blog. 

      Blog Growth Engine course is well-laid out and easy to understand. 

      Adam offers actionable tips and strategies that you can leverage to build your business from the ground up - all you need to do is dedicate time and resources to make it work.

      My Blog Growth Engine Bonus

      My bonus greatly complement the Blog Growth Engine course and give you more value out of your investment.

      If you enroll in BGE using my discount link, I will reveal my SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on how to find the best keywords for ranking quickly on Google with minimal effort and cost.

      The SOP also demonstrates how to create high-quality long-form blog posts ridiculously cheaply with a secret AI tool (no, it is not ChatGPT).
      Did you know that Google has changed its stance on AI-generated content? Google states that using AI tools to create content is now totally okay.

      Let's assume that you publish 2 posts per week and that the word count is on average 2,500 per post. The cost that you pay for a writer is $0.08 per word.

      Using my method, the cost of each 2,500-word post is only $0.15!

      Here is the math on how much you can save with my bonus yearly:

      Costs without my bonus / year

      Cost with my bonus / year

      Keyword research cost = $1.439,4 (SEMRush Pro Plan)

      Keyword research cost = $49

      Writing cost: 2 x 52 x 2500 x 0.08 = $20.800

      Writing cost: 2 x 52 x 0.15 = $15.6

      TOTAL SAVINGS / YEAR = $22,174.8

      Please note that my bonus is only valid for the $1497 price point.

      Jussi Hyvärinen

      Jussi Hyvärinen is an online entrepreneur from Finland who has over 25 years of industry experience. With his expertise in digital marketing, he is committed to helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

      Join Jussi on his journey and discover how his guidance can help you achieve your own dreams. Get inspired by Jussi's story today!

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      1. Hi, regarding the personal brand approach used in this blogging model.: doesn't that restrict your personal name and brand to the niche chosen for the site? How does that affect future blogs or niches one might want to try if the first is not successful for some reason?

        1. The way I see it, using a personal brand doesn’t limit the topics. If you choose the wrong topic at first and it is not successful, you can always pivot when using your personal brand. But if your domain name is e.g. financeadviceforseniors, then you cannot write dating advice for young people on that site. Having a personal brand allows being an expert on multiple topics, in my opinion.

      2. Hi Jussi,
        I am a newbie to blogging and am interested to take BGE course. My questions are:

        1) Is BGE better than Authority site system ?

        2) One common complaint against BGE is that it doesn't teach how to build a site with WordPress. If this true?

        Awaiting your valuable reply…

        1. Hi Joseph. Thank you for an excellent question. The principles that both courses teach ate pretty much the same. However, BGE outperforms TASS by offering unlimited one-to-one coaching and live Q&A sessions three times a week. It is not true that the BGE course does not teach how to build a WordPress website. They have recently added even more content to this part.

      3. Hi Jussi. I’ve looked through AE’s site a few time and I am very tempted to try it. I like the idea of my own online business and I understand it takes time and effort, however, I notice that all the reviewers were at some point in the marketing industry and I have ZERO marketing knowledge.

        Would the course work for me?

        Thank you for your time.

        1. You don’t have to have prior marketing knowledge. Everything you need to create a successful blog is taught step-by-step in the course. And if you need extra support, free one-to-one coaching calls are always available.

          The BGE’s Facebook group already has 1400 people with different backgrounds and niches. Many of them don’t have any knowledge of blogging and online business and are in the same situation as you.

          What counts is if you are willing to learn new things and put them to work.

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