6 Best Surfer AI Alternatives That Will Upgrade Your Content Workflow

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Best Surfer AI Alternatives for SEO Optimized Content

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In one of my previous posts, I did a comprehensive Surfer AI review, highlighting the writing assistant's key features and how to use them for optimal content optimization.

Similar to Surfer SEO, Surfer AI is a great tool for creating SEO-optimized content. It has excellent functionalities and an intuitive user interface.

Besides, the team behind the AI writer promised to add more exciting features to help you generate high-quality content that can rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Surfer AI isn't the only such tool on the market, though.

Several other content optimization tools and AI writers can perform similar tasks as Surfer AI.

The biggest question is, how to the stack against Surfer AI? Are they nearly as good or better?

This post will explore the best alternatives to Surfer AI and what to expect. I'll break down the article into the following topics:

  • Top Surfer AI alternatives
  • Key features and what to look out for
  • Pricing

I will also tell you how they compare to Surfer AI and answer common question people looking for Surfer AI alternatives ask.

That way, you can choose your content optimization tool and AI writer from the point of information.

Let's dive right into it.

Best Surfer AI Alternatives and Competitors

1. LongForm AI by SurgeGraph

Longform AI by Surgegraph

LongForm AI by SurgeGraph is an excellent content optimization tool and a budget-friendly option for Surfer AI.

Thanks to the built-in SERP analyzer and NLP, the tool thrives on generating content to help you scale the search engine ranking.

As the name suggests, this platform is designed for creating long-form posts, typically over 3,500 words. It focuses on helping you increase organic traffic and your position on Google search.

LongForm AI comes with a keyword research tool to help you lock in the right phrases for your posts. Besides promoting the software to suggest keywords, you can leverage the AI write to create unlimited articles, something you can't do with Surfer AI.

Speaking of creating articles, Surfer AI lets you write content based on crucial metrics such as CPC, keyword difficulty, volume, opportunity score, and more. And if you're not happy with the initial draft, you can create a new one without incurring extra charges.

LongForm AI's analyzer scours 50+ data points of top-ranking pages to allow you to generate a perfectly optimized article for better rankings and more visitors.

The platform uses Contextual Terms, a content optimization tool similar to Surfer AI, to ensure your posts are cohesive and engaging.

Further LongForm AI offers extensive topic coverage and creates we-researched outlines making it a valuable addition to your content strategy, whether you're an affiliate marketer, blogger, or online business owner.

Key Features

  • Title Optimizer: Allows you to optimize the title of your content for SEO. This content optimization tool gives keyword suggestions to include in your title to make it more engaging and clickable.
  • URL Slug Optimizer: You can use this Longform AI's feature to optimize the URL slug of your web page for SEO.
  • Optimizing the URL makes it more descriptive and concise while highlighting a specific keyword for the page.
  • Contextual Terms: This feature generates a keyword report for related terms or phrases to make your content more varied and improve SEO.
  • You can also use LongForm AI's contextual terms capability to improve the readability of the content by avoiding excessive repetition of the same terms.
  • Outbound Links Insertion: You can use this content optimization feature to insert outbound links into your content.
  • Linking out to related domains helps the search engines understand your niche and also helps to increase trust and quality, which plays a vital role in your blog's SEO.
  • Text Highlighter: This feature allows you to highlight important parts of your text for emphasis, which can help draw a reader's attention to key points in your content.

LonfForm AI Compared to Surfer AI

LongForm AI is an excellent Surfer AI and a Surfer SEO alternative if you want to generate unlimited text optimized for SEO.

Unlike Surfer AI, it has a keyword research tool and a collection of other writing features to refine your content. Plus, it is relatively more affordable than Surfer AI.

LongForm AI Pricing

LongForm AI pricing is structured as follows:

  • 1 Month Plan: $43.99
  • 36-Month Plan: $14.69 per month
  • 12-Month Plan: $24.90 per month

2. Neuronwriter

Neuronwriter main page

Neurowriter has been touted as one of the best Surfer SEO alternatives and is now a worthy Surfer AI competitor.

This content optimization software has a "Surfer SEO-ish" user-friendly interface, complete with relevant keywords suggestions and semantics powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Besides allowing you to create SEO-optimized content to help improve your search rankings, Neurowriter also lets you generate AI content using integrated writing tools.

Like Surfer SEO, this content optimization tool comes with a nifty feature called SEO score. You can leverage the function to further optimize your target keyword in your heading and heading to match or outperform your competitors.

One of the biggest downsides of Surfer AI is the somewhat steep pricing. Surfer AI costs $29 per article, which some users might find expensive, especially on a tight budget.

Neurowriter is a great Surfer AI alternative if you are looking for a cheaper option. The software is relatively cost-effective, allowing you to write SEO-optimized pieces without leaving a hole in your budget.

On the flip side, Surfer AI is still one of the best AI undetectable AI content-writing tools. You have to pay for AI detection with most AI content creation assistants.

Key Features

  • SEO Rating: Neuronwriter's SEO Score estimates your content's search engine performance.
  • It analyses your writing and gives a score based on its SEO potential, guiding optimization efforts. You can also use this feature to optimize existing content.
  • Duplicated Content Detector: This function ensures content originality by scanning your text for similarities with existing web content.
  • The plagiarism checker is crucial for maintaining integrity and avoiding potential copyright issues.
  • 1-Click Blog Post Creation: This feature simplifies blog writing by generating a complete post with just one click.
  • It's a time-saving functionality, ideal for frequent blog writers, enabling them to automate the initial draft creation process.
  • AI-Generated Keywords: Leveraging NLP, Neuronwriter identifies the most relevant keyword suggestions for your content.
  • Comprehensive keyword research enhances search result visibility, tailoring your writing to match common search terms.
  • AI-Powered Writing Tools: Neuronwriter's AI writer comes in handy when creating high-quality content.
  • These tools help generate content ideas, find related keywords, structure your first draft, and even write certain sections, bringing content harmony to your writing process.

Neuronwriter Compared to Surfer AI

Neuronwriter is a solid Surfer AI alternative if you're scouting for a writing assistant with a content optimizer tool to help you complete more tasks.

Neuronwriter offers a collection of customization tools, including allowing you to input your target phrase and related keywords on the headings and content.

Neuronwriter Pricing

Neuronwriter pricing is structured as follows:

  • Bronze Plan: € 19 per month
  • Bronze Plan: € 37 per month
  • Bronze Plan: € 57 per month
  • Bronze Plan: € 77 per month
  • Bronze Plan: € 97 per month

Side Note: Each AI credit allows you to generate 1 to 5 words.

3. Frase

Frase main page

Frase is a top Surfer AI alternative, offering a solid mix of SEO content optimization and generation functionalities.

That said, Frase's strength lies in its content research and planning tools rather than in actual AI writing.

This AI-powered writing software provides a convenient way to save editorial time by researching topics and generating content outline whether you're writing a blog post or social media ad.

Frase's research tool is comprehensive, analyzing the first 20 SERP results to create content briefs, which include the following:

  • An overview of the SERP for a chosen target keyword
  • Potential headings for use in an article
  • Resources you can link to
  • Statistics referenced by competitors
  • News articles

It also includes a questions section that gathers common inquiries from sources like Quora, "People Also Ask," and Reddit, providing valuable insight into your target audience's search intent.

As I mentioned, Frase AI content generation is not its strongest feature.

Still, despite its shortcomings in AI writing, it is packed with exciting features, each with a subset of tools to fast-track the content creation process. These include:

  • A content brief builder
  • An integrated AI writer with dozens of templates
  • Content brief automation
  • Meta description writer
  • YouTube video ideas
  • Paragraph rewriter
  • Content editor
  • Slogan generator
  • Featured snippet generator and more.

You also get a set of SEO tools, including:

  • Google Search Console analytics
  • Wikipedia concept map
  • Topic planner

Frase Key Features

  • Topic Research: Frase's research tool generates a comprehensive content brief based on your keyword, giving an overview of the SERP, potential headings, resources, statistics, and Wikipedia topics.
  • That way, you can understand your competition and find valuable resources for your posts.
  • Content Outlining: Frase is an excellent Surfer AI alternative if you want to create a structured content outline.
  • It browses your competitor's headlines and leverages your keyword research to generate a meaningful outline for your article, effectively organizing your writing.
  • AI Content Generation: Frase has many ready-made templates for content AI generation.
  • While not as high quality as other tools like ZimmWriter, it can help you write sections of your article and save time in content creation.
  • Question Research: Access to questions people commonly ask related to your topic, based on your competition's articles and platforms like Quora and People Also Ask, can be valuable for drafting an FAQ section for your blog post or understanding your audience's needs.
  • Topic Modeling and Keyword Identification: Frase's intuitive text editor uses a topic model to evaluate your content against competitors, listing related topics and their recommended mention frequencies.
  • As a result, you can identify the keywords that should be included in their content and, by extension, optimize your posts for search engines.

Frase Compared to Surfer AI

Frase excels at creating detailed content outlines, enabling you to structure your articles based on competitive analysis and suggested headings.

However, when it comes to AI content generation, Frase's performance could be better. It struggles in certain niches. Still, you can edit the content to suit your needs and audience better, as is with every AI writing tool.

Frase Pricing

Frase pricing is structured as follows:

  • Solo: $14.99 per month
  • Basic: $44.99 per month
  • Team: 114.99 per month
  • Frase offers a 5-day trial for only $1

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale main page

Content at Scale is a formidable alternative to Surfer SEO, and it looks set to take on Surfer AI as well.

While this content optimization software doesn't have a keyword research tool, it allows you to create well-structured, in-depth posts that can rank in SERPs in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is to input your target keyword and allow the platform to generate the outline, which you can then optimize as per your needs.

Content at Scale's content optimization features run on NLP keywords to give the best chance to rise through Google ranks. It also has a page SEO tool that you can use to optimize existing content.

What's more, Content at Scale is more than an additional layer on GPT-4. The platform uses a multi-model content strategy focusing on long-form writing while leveraging complex NLP and semantic algorithms.

Key Features

  • Truly Long Form Content: Content at Scale can generate extensive, detailed articles, ideal for comprehensive blog posts, guides, or any post that benefits from in-depth coverage, positively impacting SEO.
  • Bulk Keyword Capability: This feature allows you to input multiple keywords at once, aiding in content creation that addresses various related topics and enhancing the scope and relevance of your posts.
  • Undetectable AI Writing: The AI writer generates human-like, natural content that is nearly impossible to distinguish from human-authored text, ensuring your posts retain a personal, engaging tone.
  • Image Optimization for Page Speed + SEO: Content at Scale optimizes your text content and images, ensuring they are sized and formatted correctly for fast page loading and improved SEO ranking.
  • Real-Time Research-Backed Content: The platform generates content based on real-time research, ensuring that your writing is current, relevant, and informative, boosting its value and credibility.

Read my in-depth Content at Scale Review to learn more about this AI writing tool.

Content at Scale Compared to Surfer AI

While Content at Scale delivers in-depth search intent analysis, it isn't as thorough as Surfer AI or Surfer SEO.

Conversely, it performs remarkably well when it comes to creating long-form content. And even though Content at Scale charges users per article, you can request rewrites with additional charges.

Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale pricing is structured as follows:

  • Solo: $250 for 8 posts per month
  • Starter: $500 for 20 posts per month
  • Scaling: $1,000 for 50 posts per month
  • Agency: $1,500 for 100 posts per month

You will get 20% more Content at Scale credits using my affiliate link.

5. Pageoptimizer.Pro

Pageoptimizer.pro main page

PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is a Surfer AI alternative if you're looking to fine-tune and optimize your on-page SEO.

It provides a suite of functions that focus on helping you understand the SEO and search intent of the top results, a crucial step in boosting your content's search engine rankings.

One of the standout functionalities of POP is its content brief. This tool offers detailed suggestions and guidelines to help you create superior content. It analyzes top-performing pages to provide insights into what works, giving you a unique advantage in creating competitive, high-quality content.

PageOptimizer Pro also shines in its ability to automate processes. For instance, it can generate a list of related keywords and phrases that should be included in your content, thus saving you valuable time in manual research.

Key Features

  • Content Score: This feature provides an SEO score and compares your content with competitors.
  • It consolidates SEO report data and presents it on the PageOptimizer Pro dashboard, offering a step-by-step guide on improving your on-page SEO score.
  • Content Prompts (POP AI): This AI writing tool enhances the SEO content creation process.
  • It blends POP's AI writing assistant's capabilities with on-page optimization. It allows you to resolve the challenge of optimizing AI-assisted writing and streamlining content harmony.
  • E-E-A-T: An acronym for Experience, Expert, Authority, and Trust, this tool shows the signals your site sends to Google compared to your top competitors.
  • The function offers a roadmap to help you improve your website's E-E-A-T signals.
  • Google Entities: This feature allows you to understand the entities and categories Google has identified within your content and that of your competitors.
  • You can leverage this information to pick any missing entities in your content, providing insights on how to enrich your page.

Pageoptimizer Pro Compared to Surfer AI

Unlike Surfer AI, Pageoptimizer Pro is specifically designed to allow you to optimize your pages for on-page SEO.

It can't create long-form articles. However, like Surfer AI, you can use it to generate content briefs.

Pageoptimizer Pro Pricing

Pageoptimizer Pro goes for $27 per month. There's also a 7-day free trial.

Start Your Pageoptimizer Pro free trial.

6. Growthbar

Growthbar main page

GrowthBar is a notable SEO tool that provides comprehensive insights and all the data necessary for your website optimization needs.

It boasts a user-friendly content optimization feature that integrates directly into your browser, offering keyword recommendations, SEO metric reports, and backlink data based on search engine results pages.

In addition, GrowthBar comes with an integrated keyword ranking tracking tool, allowing you to monitor the performance of your chosen keywords over time.

GrowthBar's highlight, however, is its ability to provide real-time keyword suggestions and SEO data as you churn out AI-assisted content or do keyword research for your blog posts.

Key Features

  • AI Blog Outline: This feature leverage advanced AI to generate detailed blog outlines, allowing you to streamline how to create content.
  • AI Meta Description: GrowthBar's AI meta description feature uses artificial intelligence to create compelling meta descriptions for web pages.
  • Good meta descriptions can improve your click-through rates and search engine rankings.
  • Competition Research: This function provides detailed insights into your competitors' SEO strategies so that you can determine their target keywords' performance in SERPs.
  • It also allows you to check backlink profiles and content. That way, you can craft a competitive SEO strategy.
  • Keyword Research Tool: GrowthBar's keyword research provides helpful metrics such as search volume, cost per click, and competition level for any phrase.
  • Further, the tool suggests related and long-tail keywords, so you can generate and optimize content that can rank in search results.

GrowthBar Compared to Surfer AI

GrowthBar is, in many ways, like Surfer AI regarding functionalities and output. It works well for long-form content and can help you complete several optimization tasks, from keyword research to writing content and generating blog topics.

It is an excellent Surfer AI alternative if you're looking for a cheaper SEO optimization tool.

GrowhBar Pricing

GrowthBar pricing is structured as follows:

  • Standard: $29 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Agency: $129 per month

GrowthBar offers a 5-day free trial.

The Bottom Line

Surfer AI is among the first content optimization tools to generate a buzz among bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online business owners.

Part of the reason is Surfer SEO's colossal success.

Will Surfer AI live up to the hype? Well, only time can tell, but if the function it offers is anything to go by, it is poised to be a good content optimization tool.

Surfer AI might not work for everybody, though. For instance, if you want to create SEO-optimized outlines, Frase would be a better tool. The same goes for on-page SEO optimization.

Besides, as I mentioned, some quarters think it is expensive compared to similar tools. Whatever the reason, these Surfer AI alternatives above will get the job done.

Make sure to check also my best AI SEO writer tools article.

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