June 12, 2021

MunchEye Review


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  • Muncheye review

    What is MunchEye?

    In this MunchEye review, I'll cover what MunchEye is, how to use it and how to make money with it.

    MunchEye is a very popular website where product owners announce their upcoming products, typically in the form of an online course or a software product. Basically, it is a product launch calendar for affiliates to choose which products they want to promote - it is not an affiliate network itself. 

    The product creators want to list their products on MunchEye because they want their products as much visibility as possible through affiliates.

    This is very beneficial for both the creators and the affiliates: creators make more money with their products by their affiliates, and the affiliates can choose what products they want to promote.

    There are two tabs on the main screen: big launces and all launches.

    Muncheye launches

    Big Launches are from vendors with a good reputation in the community who consistently do high-profile big launches. The primary factor in getting big launch status is consistently delivering launches that get more attention than 95% of other launches.

    As a content creator, you can also advertise on Muncheye to get more exposure, like featured launch placement for your launch.

    How to use MunchEye?

    The basic concept is pretty simple. For product creator, you will submit your launch to MunchEye for free. You have to register to MunchEye at first to submit the launch. If you are an affiliate, you simply browse through the website to find a product to promote. Because it is not an affiliate network, you have to register to each affiliate network to be eligible to promote the actual product. On MunchEye, there are many products available through JVZoo and Warrior, for instance.

    You can find detailed information about each launch by clicking it. In the detailed section, you can find instructions on promoting the product and all the other relevant information about the product.

    Muncheye detailed page

    Detailed information about a particular product launch

    On the front page, you can see all the product launches that are scheduled in the near future. You can also browse the product launches by category.

    💡 Pro Tip: There is also a helpful event section on the MunchEye website to find upcoming Internet marketing space events.

    How to use it to make money?

    If you are a product creator, you can use MunchEye to have a lot more visibility by leveraging the affiliates. This means more eyeballs to your product, and ultimately you will make more money.

    If you are an affiliate, you can promote products that you find on MunchEye. However, it is wise to keep in mind that there are a bunch of crappy products on Mucheye that it is better to avoid. Always promote only good products that you believe in yourself. 

    If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest that you at first learn how to do affiliate marketing in the right way. The best training for this is the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge.

    How to promote a MunchEye product?

    As an affiliate, you have to join the affiliate network where the product is located. If you see the W+ logo along with a date, it means that the product is on Warrior+, and you have to join the Warrior+ network to be eligible to promote any product on their network. You get the actual affiliate link for the promotion from that particular affiliate network. 

    CONCLUSION: MunchEye is a very popular website where product creators can announce their upcoming product launches, and affiliates can find products to promote. MunchEye is not an affiliate network - it is a bulletin board for product launches. I find the look & feel of the MunchEye site a bit dated, but the most important thing is the information that you can find on the site.

    Jussi Hyvärinen

    I am an online entrepreneur doing Amazon FBA, consulting services, building websites, and affiliate marketing. I have many years of experience in different online business models and digital marketing. I enjoy helping people achieve success online. I write my blog mainly in English nowadays but sometimes in Finnish also.

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