Authority Hacker Pro Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

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Authority Hacker Pro Review

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Authority Hacker Pro



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  • Super comprehensive training program
  • Regular content updates to stay cutting-edge
  • Created and taught by established industry experts
  • Proven to work based on success stories


  • Big upfront investment
  • Amount of content may be overwhelming

Authority Hacker Pro is a comprehensive online training program that teaches established authority website owners advanced tactics to grow their income substantially.

Through in-depth "blueprints" covering traffic, conversions, automation, affiliates, email marketing, funnels, and more, Authority Hacker Pro aims to help ambitious site owners scale their earnings and build a 6 or 7-figure business.

If you want to create a successful authority website that ranks high in search engines, generates traffic, and makes money, Authority Hacker Pro may be your ideal training program.

Authority Hacker is one of the most well-known and respected brands in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) education. They've been around since 2014 and have earned a stellar reputation for providing high-quality training programs for people wanting to build authority websites.

One of their flagship courses is called Authority Hacker Pro (also referred to as AH Pro). This comprehensive online training program promises to teach experienced website owners like yourself advanced tactics to take your established authority site to the next level.

In this extensive Authority Hacker Pro review, I will cover everything you need to know about the training, including:

  • What is Authority Hacker Pro and who is it for?
  • An in-depth look at what's included in the course
  • Pros and cons of the program
  • Pricing and potential discounts
  • A look at the credentials and reputation of the Authority Hacker founders
  • Real-life case studies and success stories from past students
  • Verdict: Is AH Pro worth the investment?
  • Alternatives to consider
  • And more!

By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to determine if investing in Authority Hacker Pro is the right choice to take your authority website to the next level.

Let's dive in!

What Exactly is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is an online training program that teaches established website owners advanced tactics and strategies to grow their authority sites substantially.

But what is an authority website?

An authority website is a content-rich website that ranks well in search engines for valuable keyword phrases in a particular niche. These sites make money in various ways, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Selling their own information products/services
  • Sponsored posts
  • Consulting gigs

A successful authority site takes time, effort, and expertise to build. But, done right, it can become an asset that generates mostly passive income month after month.

Authority Hacker Pro promises to provide ambitious website owners like yourself with the advanced training needed to take an authority site you've already built, earning $1,000+ per month, and scale it up into a 6- or 7-figure business.

The training is delivered through expertly produced video lessons and downloadable PDF guides that cover high-level topics like:

  • Cutting-edge SEO strategies
  • Automated and scalable link-building tactics
  • Optimizing your website for speed and conversions
  • Building high-performing sales funnels
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Outsourcing content creation and other tasks
  • Putting systems in place to run a team
  • Selling your website for maximum valuation

In total, you get access to over 450 video lessons, 150+ downloadable templates, a private member community, and much more.

According to the Authority Hacker Pro sales page, this high-level training is primarily designed for:

  • Established authority website owners looking to scale up their earnings substantially
  • Successful bloggers who want to turn their site into a real 6 or 7-figure business
  • Online business owners who want to strengthen their overall SEO and organic traffic

So this training is not for beginners. Authority Hacker recommends you already have an established authority website earning at least $1000 per month before diving into AH Pro.

Mark and Gael have designed it for intermediate to advanced site owners ready to invest in taking their earnings and traffic to new heights.

Next, let's take an in-depth look at everything included inside Authority Hacker Pro.

Inside Authority Hacker Pro: What's Included in the Training?

Authority Hacker PRO

Authority Hacker Pro is a massively comprehensive training program packed with an incredible amount of valuable content, actionable tactics, and resources.

Here is an overview of everything you get access to as a member:

Step-By-Step Video Lessons

The core training takes the form of over 450 expertly produced video lessons that walk you through implementing advanced strategies step-by-step.

The production quality and teaching style of these videos is top-notch. The videos capture the instructor's screen as they walk you through things like:

  • Carrying out keyword research
  • Optimizing on-page elements for higher rankings
  • Setting up automated email sequences
  • Building tiered backlink funnels
  • Analyzing traffic and revenue data
  • And much more

The videos make it easy to follow along and apply the tactics to your authority site.

18 In-Depth "Blueprints"

To organize all the training content, the hundreds of step-by-step video lessons are grouped into 18 different "blueprints" that each focus on a specific high-level strategy.

For example, there are dedicated blueprints just for:

  • Link building
  • Converting traffic
  • Speed optimization
  • Outsourcing content
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Building funnels

Think of these blueprints as mini-courses that go very deep on each topic. They range from around 10-20+ lessons each.

The blueprints ensure you have an expertly crafted battle plan for every major front of building a successful authority website.

150+ Marketing Templates, Tools & Resources

On top of the videos, you also get access to 150+ downloadable PDF templates, tools, calculators, workflows, and other resources.

These are designed to make executing and implementing what you learn in the training even more effortless.

Just a few examples of templates you get include:

  • Editorial calendars
  • Email outreach templates
  • Guest posting templates
  • Hiring plans
  • Link prospecting templates
  • Affiliate marketing SOPs
  • Content brief templates
  • Plus many more!

These templates are invaluable for systemizing and automating fundamental authority site growth tasks.

Private Member Community

As part of Authority Hacker Pro, you also get access to the private Authority Hacker Pro Facebook group.

This is an active community with over 2,400 members you can network and connect with. It's a great place to ask questions when you get stuck or need feedback on anything related to the training.

You can also find JV partners, affiliates, or potential writers and contractors within the group.

Regular New Training Updates

One of the big perks of AH Pro is that you get access to all the new video lessons, blueprints, and resources added to the course whenever they are released.

So, the training is constantly growing and improving as the instructors incorporate the latest strategies worth implementing.

This ensures what you learn is always up-to-date as search engine algorithms evolve.

Discounted Tools & Services

As an Authority Hacker Pro member, you also gain access to special discounts on popular software tools and services used in the training.

For example, some current exclusive deals include:

  • 50% off Mailshake email outreach tool
  • 20% off Problogger job listings
  • 50% off the PersistIQ sales engagement platform
  • 15% off SEMRush pro account
  • 50% off Quillbot article rewriter

The tool discounts can save you hundreds of dollars and help offset the course cost.

As you can see, you gain access to massive training content and resources inside Authority Hacker Pro. It's easily the most comprehensive program for established authority website owners.

Now let's look at some of the main pros and cons of the training.

Pros of Authority Hacker Pro

Based on the extensive research conducted for this review, here are some of the main benefits and positives of joining Authority Hacker Pro:

  • Comprehensive training - You get in-depth training that covers every aspect of growing a successful authority site, all in one place. The amount of valuable content is unmatched.
  • Step-by-step video lessons - The expertly produced over-the-shoulder videos make it very easy to follow along and apply the tactics to your site.
  • Latest SEO and traffic strategies - Regular training updates ensure what you learn is kept up-to-date as Google's algorithms change. Access to cutting-edge tactics.
  • Incredibly experienced instructors - Founders Gael and Mark have successfully built authority sites for over a decade. They know this business inside and out.
  • 150+ marketing templates - Having done-for-you templates for things like emails, funnels, editorial calendars, and more saves you a ton of time and effort in implementing training.
  • Supportive private member community - Get access to an engaged network of successful fellow website owners with whom you can connect for feedback, JVs, affiliates, etc.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee - You can try out the training for a month risk-free to see if it fits your goals and needs well.

In summary, you would be hard-pressed to find another course that provides such in-depth, up-to-date, tactic-focused training for authority site owners all in one place.

The combination of videos, templates, community, and regular updates makes Authority Hacker Pro a compelling investment to take your established site to the next level.

Cons of Authority Hacker Pro

Of course, no course is perfect. Here are some potential downsides of Authority Hacker Pro to consider:

  • High price - $2,997 upfront (or $3,564 via payment plan) is a significant investment in any online course. It may price some site owners out.
  • Ongoing costs - On top of the program fee, you can also expect to spend money on various tools, writers, software, and ads to implement all the tactics properly. These extra costs can add up fast.
  • Overwhelming amount of content - With over 450 video lessons spanning over 18 in-depth blueprints, information overload is very real. It's A LOT to consume.
  • Challenging to implement everything - Seeing success with AH Pro takes effort. This is not a passive "plug and play" system you can just outsource. Expect a time commitment.
  • Mainly focused on content sites - The majority of the training focuses specifically on growing authority content sites. So it may not be as directly applicable for site owners in other business models.
  • Spotty support? - According to some past students, support from the Authority Hacker team can be hit or miss. Not ideal for a premium course.
  • Sales page overhypes speed of success - Beware of claims around achieving 5-figures a month within 6-12 months. This is exaggerated based on most real user reviews.

So, while Authority Hacker Pro is incredibly comprehensive and provides tremendous long-term value, it is a big investment and also takes real work/dedication to see success.

It is not for complete beginners, and complementary tools and services will add to the overall cost. Factor this in when deciding whether AH Pro suits your goals and budget.

Next, let's take a closer look at the pricing and discounts available.

Authority Hacker Pro Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

The main Authority Hacker Pro training costs:

  • $2,997 as a one-time upfront payment
  • Or 12 monthly payments of $297 each for a total of $3,564

There are also two premium "Pro Platinum" versions with additional features like live coaching calls and a private community. The cost is either $5,997 upfront or $7,164 total via the payment plan.

So yes, AH Pro is certainly not cheap or accessible to everyone. But remember, you do gain full lifetime access to the training.

For established authority site owners earning $2,000+ per month already, the price tag may be justifiable given the earning potential unlocked by what you learn.

But it's still a significant investment, especially when you factor in all the added costs needed to properly implement the training, such as tools, writers, contractors, advertising, etc.

All said, budget $5,000+ in total to get the most out of AH Pro.

Discounts and Payment Plans Available

There are a few ways to lower the cost or make paying for AH Pro more affordable:

  • Use the 12-month payment plan to spread the cost interest-free over a year.
  • If you are a past customer of Authority Hacker's entry-level course, The Authority Site System, contact their support team to ask about discounts for upgrading to AH Pro.
  • Wait until Black Friday or other holiday sales periods when AH Pro is sometimes offered at a discounted price.
  • Take advantage of the 50%+ tool discounts as a member to cut other business costs.
  • Find affiliate promotions where partners provide a special discount code for Authority Hacker Pro. But these are rare.

While $3,000+ seems expensive compared to most online courses, remember this is a high-level program focused on established, already profitable site owners ready to invest in substantial growth.

The price tag may be justified by the long-term value gained from the expert training for the target audience. But expect added implementation costs, too.

Next, let's look at the impressive credentials of the creators behind Authority Hacker Pro.

Who Created Authority Hacker Pro? Meet Gael & Mark

Authority Hacker

Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the co-founders of Authority Hacker and well-known experts in the affiliate marketing industry, created Authority Hacker Pro.

Here is a quick look at their impressive credentials:

Gael Breton

  • 15+ years in internet marketing and SEO
  • Built and sold authority sites like and
  • Background in engineering and software development

Mark Webster

  • Built multiple authority websites like and
  • Active affiliate marketer since 2010
  • Experience as a touring musician

Together, Gael and Mark also founded:

  • - A popular website about affiliate marketing and authority sites
  • The Authority Hacker podcast - Which consistently ranks highly in iTunes with a 5-star rating

They have generated over 10 million dollars in revenue from authority sites over the past decade.

Unlike some online "gurus," Gael and Mark actively build authority websites using their teaching methods. They genuinely walk the walk.

Both founders are well-respected by big names in the internet marketing space, like Neil Patel, Miles Beckler, Matt Diggity, and others.

In short, you can feel confident learning from two true experts with extensive experience building profitable authority websites.

But don't just take my word for it...

Success Stories from Authority Hacker Pro Students

The most important measure of any course is real results from real students.

So let's look at some examples of successful site owners who've attributed growth to Authority Hacker Pro:

  • Steven from says AH Pro helped him scale his monthly earnings from $30,000 to $130,000.
  • Sa El credits the training for helping him build an affiliate marketing business, for which he now earns $75,000 monthly.
  • Deborah shared that her hobby blog now earns $17-20k per month thanks to tactics she learned in AH Pro.
  • Alex grew 2 niche sites to over $50,000 per month in under 2 years after taking Authority Hacker Pro.
  • Brian Dean from Backlinko has mentioned using Authority Hacker's teachings to grow his authority site.

And there are many more examples online of people achieving life-changing results with Authority Hacker Pro.

Of course, individual results vary significantly, and it takes real work/dedication to see success. However, the many positive reviews and case studies speak to the potential of AH Pro when applied diligently.

Authority Hacker Pro Review Verdict: Is It Worth It For You?

So, should you make a significant investment in Authority Hacker Pro?

Suppose you are an established authority website owner already earning good money ($1,000+ per month) and ready to take your income and traffic to the next level. In that case, Authority Hacker Pro is likely well worth it.

The combination of in-depth training, cutting-edge tactics, actionable templates, and helpful community make AH Pro a compelling investment for intermediate to advanced site owners ready to scale up.

However, with the high price point, this is not an ideal training program for complete beginners who are just getting started or have smaller authority websites.

Before diving into the advanced tactics in AH Pro, beginners will likely benefit more from starting with The Authority Site System, Authority Hacker's course that teaches affiliate site fundamentals.

To summarize:

Pros of Authority Hacker Pro

  • Extremely comprehensive training program
  • Hundreds of step-by-step video lessons
  • Regular content updates to stay cutting-edge
  • Helpful private member community
  • Created and taught by established industry experts
  • Proven to work based on success stories


  • Significant upfront investment
  • Ongoing costs for tools, writers, advertising
  • Not exactly beginner-friendly
  • Support could be more responsive

So, while the price is steep, Authority Hacker Pro provides massive long-term value for established authority site owners ready to invest in their businesses and implement everything taught in the course.

Just go in with realistic expectations around the work involved, additional costs, and time needed to see results.

Alternatives to Consider

Authority Hacker Pro is not the only course focused on building successful authority websites and affiliate marketing.

Here are a few potential alternatives to consider if AH Pro doesn't seem like the right fit:

  • Affiliate Lab - by Matt Diggity is a very affordable course for beginners who want to start affiliate sites from scratch. The price is $997 one-time.
  • Blog Growth Engine - A comprehensive course by famous blogger Adam Enfroy for beginners and intermediate bloggers.
  • Income School (Project 24) - YouTube channel + paid community focused on authority sites for beginners. $499/year membership
  • The Authority Site System - Authority Hacker's foundational course for affiliate site beginners. $1,499 one-time fee.
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - Already a rather old affiliate marketing course from Stefan James. $997 one-time payment.
  • Wealthy Affiliate - Long-running affiliate marketing training hub. $49/month premium membership.

So, if the ~$3,000 price tag of Authority Hacker Pro seems too steep, or you want more step-by-step basics before diving into advanced material, one of these alternative courses may be a better fit for your experience level or budget.

Each has its own unique approach, strengths, and price points.

For beginners, I recommend starting with The Authority Site System or Blog Growth Engine before considering upgrading to Authority Hacker Pro later.

Wrapping Up This Authority Hacker Pro Review

Building a successful authority website that ranks well, drives traffic, and makes money on autopilot is a dream for many entrepreneurs.

But it takes specialized knowledge, tools, and effort to turn that dream into a reality.

Authority Hacker Pro provides established site owners with the over-the-shoulder video training, proven templates, and resources to potentially take an existing affiliate site earning $1,000+ to $10k+ per month or more.

Created and taught by authority site experts Gael Breton and Mark Webster, AH Pro leaves no stone unturned when it comes to advanced SEO, traffic, conversions, automation, and monetization tactics.

However, the ~$3,000 investment, expectations of added spending for tools/services, and demands of implementation make AH Pro better suited for intermediate to advanced site owners ready to invest in boosting their earnings, not complete newbies.

But for existing site owners committed to success and willing to put in the work, Authority Hacker Pro provides incredible value when it comes to comprehensive, cutting-edge authority site education.

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