AdCreative AI Review: Boost ROI with AI-Driven Digital Ads

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AdCreative AI Review

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Starting $29 monthly

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  • Offers $500 Google Ads credit
  • User-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface


  • Video ad generation not available
  • Dashboard's pinkish hues can be disturbing

AdCreative AI is an AI-powered platform designed to automatically generate conversion-focused advertisements, providing a range of ad creatives and insights for optimized campaigns across various social ad platforms.

If running advertising campaigns is one of your strategies to drive business growth, then you need to know about AdCreative AI.

And in this post, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the tool.

I'll let you in on the following:

  • What AdCreative is
  • Who is AdCreative for?
  • Its most impressive features
  • How you can use the tool to run winning ad campaigns
  • AdCreative cost and how you can test the platform without financial commitment
  • How you can use AdCreative AI to make money and more.

So, if you're ready to all in, this is the AdCreative review you need to read.

Let's dive right in.

What is AdCreative AI?

ADCreative AI main page

AdCreative is an AI-powered tool that allows you to generate ad and social media creatives in seconds. 

It promises to help you churn out ROI-focused ad creatives with minimal effort.

The best part is that AdCreative can design and optimize ads for all your social media platforms, whether you're looking for LinkedIn ads, Google ads, or Facebook ads, you name it.

AdCreative leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand your ad copies. The software keeps getting smarter as you use it — which means it'll produce better results as it understands your business who you're targeting with advertisements.

Who is AdCreative For?

Businesses of all sizes, keen on enhancing their online presence, can benefit from AdCreative AI.

These include startups looking to make a mark and established companies out to refine their ad campaigns.

Furthermore, social media managers, marketers, and freelancers will find artificial intelligence-driven features invaluable.

On top of that, if you're spending too much time on ad design or struggling with optimizing your creatives for different platforms, AdCreative can simplify that for you.

Simply, AdCreative is for anyone aiming for better online engagement and conversions without the lengthy design process. vs. Marketing Agency

I know, creating high-converting ad creatives isn't everyone's cup of tea. Plus, it takes skills to generate high-converting ad copies.

In fact, lack of advertising creativity is the number one reason most businesses hire marketing agencies to run their ads. On the flip side, working with a marketing agency comes at a hefty cost.

I researched online and found that hiring an advertising agency costs between $100 to $150 per hour.

Creating a great ad campaign requires at least 3 to 5 hours a week for the first three months. That's 60 hours, which equates to $6,000 to $9,000 for a single campaign. These costs can quickly stack up if the agency spends more hours on your ad campaigns.

AdCreative, on the other hand, is reasonably priced, with four pricing tiers and three tiers to meet your budget. I'll talk more about AdCreative pricing in detail in a few. 

AdCreative AI thrives on three fronts:

  • It allows you to create optimized ad creatives without working with expensive ad agencies
  • It enables you to generate appealing ad creatives that clients will love if you're an advertiser
  • It lets you generate stunning creatives superfast, saving you tons of time

Better yet, AdCreative is incredibly easy to use. You don't need to have generated creatives before to use this platform.

AdCreative Features

The power of AdCreative AI lies in the platform's impressive features. The software has all the key features you need to generate ads in countless variations without breaking a sweat.

Here's a breakdown of these features and what they can help you achieve.


At the core of AdCreative's suite of features is "Brands."

AdCreative AI image1

This is where you start to create your ad banners.

The first thing you'll notice is the user-friendly interface that allows you to spot all the tabs within Brands.

To start generating creatives, you'll input your

  • Website
  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Color scheme
  • Brand description

You can also connect your ad account to AdCreative AI under advanced setup, which allows you to generate multiple creatives for your brand even faster.

AdCreative AI image2

Once you key in your website, AdCreative will automatically scan it to fill in the other tabs.

In almost every instance, however, you'll need to put in the other details yourself, which should take a few seconds.

Regarding your brand's colors, AdCreative has an intuitive tool to help you quickly select your brand's tone. However, if you're not good with colors, you can use the Color Picker by Chrome extension.

Once you have activated the extension, all you need to do is pick a color from your website, and the tool will copy the hue's Hex code and insert it into your brand color settings.

You can always edit your brand to change key elements before starting your digital advertising campaign.

To edit your element, click on the three dots on the brand you've just created. Then click the "Edit" option that pops up.

AdCreative AI image3

Note: Creating your brand unlocks other features, so you must complete this step.

Key takeaways: Brands help you achieve consistent branding from the get-go. It enables you to keep all ad campaigns and banner advertisements consistent and recognizable, from product launches to seasonal sales.

Ad Creatives

Ad Packages is an innovative feature to help you streamline the ad creation process.

The function bundles together a collection of tools to meet your creatives for social platforms and campaign objectives.

I like that Ad Packages leverages artificial intelligence-backed strategies to help optimize your ad creatives.

It simplifies the seemingly overwhelming task of ad copies and creatives from scratch, ensuring that each campaign generates engagement and a better conversion rate.

Combined with the "Brands" feature, it ensures that your ads resonate perfectly with your brand's identity.

To use Ad Package, you must "Create a Project." The project falls under the "brand" you created earlier.

AdCreative AI image 4

Next, tell AdCreative about your project.

Here, you input the following metrics:

  • Your website or landing page
  • Your ad goal —get leads, generate sales, create brand awareness, etc.
  • Project text tone
  • Language output — AdCreative supports 20+ languages, allowing digital marketers to reach diverse markets or create countless variations of their ad creatives
  • Product/service description

Note: Once you insert your website, AdCreative will automatically fill in the other details for you. Again, you can edit the details depending on the goal of your advertising campaigns.

AdCreative AI image 5

In this example, I am creating a course named "Gateway to Financial Freedom Online."

AdCreative recommends that I use a direct conversion-focused strategy for my advertising campaign.

AdCreative AI image 6

However, I can let artificial intelligence create a personalized business plan to help attract leads.

  • Other options include:
  • Offering exclusive training
  • Providing a limited-time mentorship
  • Offering a course to help digital marketers increase conversions
  • I can also create a custom strategy.

Once you fill in the correct details in the step above, it would be best to opt for what AdCreative AI suggests. That way, you can save time and, most importantly, generate conversion rate-oriented ads.

Regarding which advertising platform I should use, AdCreative recommends Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.

AdCreative AI image 7

It also suggests Twitter and LinkedIn ads. And when you think about it, these platforms are excellent for promoting an online course.

Other options include Google ads and Pinterest.

The platform also prompts me to select the size of my creative. I will go with what AdCreative recommends. You can, however, choose other options when creating ads depending on what you're promoting.

AdCreative AI image 8

The next step involves picking the background image for my ad creative. While you can upload the best image from your library, I will choose one from free stock images within the platform.

AdCreative AI image 9

The next step involves inserting an ad copy into my image based on my product and target audience. While you can write the copy yourself, I will go with AI-written copies.

Here's what artificial intelligence came up with. Not bad.

Adcreative image 11

AdCreative generated ten ad banners for my course for me to download. The platform graded them according to conversion rates, from the highest to the lowest.

I can edit the ad banners quickly or download them as they are.

Adcreative image 12

Key takeaways: Ad Packages allow you to generate ads easily, making them a marketer's dream. I like how this function blends in with Brands to let you generate seamless designs with just a few clicks.

As long as you get your foundation right, you can leverage Ad Packages to generate hundreds of ad creatives optimized to up your conversion rates.

Ad Creatives

AdCreative is an excellent tool that marketers will appreciate.

With just a single project description input, it uses artificial intelligence to produce a multitude of distinct ad creatives rapidly.

So, instead of spending hours brainstorming and designing multiple ad variations, this feature allows you to complete the task in seconds.

Every generated creative is unique, ensuring a broad range of visuals and messages that cater to diverse audiences while maintaining consistency with your project's main objective.

The feature lets you choose the size of your advertisements depending on the platform you want to place your ad on.

AdCreative review image 13

It'll also write a creative ad copy for your creative texts and buttons using AI. Here's what the tool came up with for my project.

Adcreative review image 14

Furthermore, Ad Creative allows you to choose the image for your ad from a collection of free images.

Adcreative review image 15

Again, just like with the Ad Packages, this feature created multiple AI-generated creatives chronologically arranged according to conversions.

Adcreative image 16

You can edit the final ad to match your needs before downloading it.

Social Creatives

Social Creatives allows you to generate engagement-focused social media posts for your social channels.

It uses AI to craft ad creative destined to quickly drive interactions like shares, likes, and comments. Like all the AdCreative AI features, this one is minimalist and easy to use.

To use it, head over to the "Social Creatives" menu on the left side of your screen and hit the button.

The tool will suggest standard sizes for your advertisement based on the platform you want to use.

AdCreative AI image 17

It'll even write a project description for your ad creatives and suggest the ideal target audience. Here's what Social Creatives recommended for my project. Click "Save & Continue" to proceed.

AdCreative AI review  image 18

The next step involves creating content for your ad. Again, the platform uses an AI model to craft an optimized message for your advertisements. Click "Save & Continue" to complete the process.

Adcreative image 19

The last step involves uploading background images for your ad creatives. You can choose from over 50 million images available. Click "Create a Post" to generate and download your ad.

Adcreative AI review image 20

Text Projects uses AI to produce conversion-driven ad texts tailored for any platform, from social to search and display.

As the name suggests, it focuses on text and headlines to ensure your ads communicate effectively with the intended audience.

Here's how to use it.

Go to "Text Projects" on the left-hand corner of your screen. Enter your website address and wait for the tool to fill in the other details required to create your ad. Hit "Generate AI Text."

AdCreative AI image 21

Here are some samples of what it generated:

AdCreative AI image 22

You can keep scrolling to see which AI input best suits your campaign while paying attention to the conversion rates.

Creative Insights Pro

Creative Insights Pro reviews your ad creatives and picks the best color, ratio, and ads. In addition, it stacks your click-through rate with similar businesses in your niche to help improve your results.

Furthermore, Creative Insight comes with a dashboard that lets you see your top-performing creatives, enabling you to make data-backed decisions.

To start using Creative Insights Pro, however, you need to connect your ad accounts to

Then, click "Save & Generate" and wait for the software to work its magic.

AdCreative AI image 23

AdCreative for Google Performance Max

For starters, Google Performance Max is a relatively new type of advertisement that allows you to collect many descriptions and headlines to generate ad creatives in multiple variations.

You can compare Google Performance Max to Facebook Advantage+ placement. However, Google Performance Max is more dynamic and offers incredible audience signals to help reach your customers better.

While Google Performance Max delivers exceptional performance, you require at least 15 creatives for every ad campaign.

For instance, if you are running 20 campaigns, you need 300 ad creatives to experience good results. Now, that's quite a handful, even for seasoned graphic designers or marketers. Don't start with the time it'd take to generate hundreds of such creatives on Canva., however, makes it easy to work with Google Performance Max.

Here's how to go about it.

You must meet the specific placement requirement if you've generated a creative ad within AdCreative and want to use it for Google Performance Max or Facebook ads. I am talking about ensuring your ad is in landscape format, etc.

AdCreative lets you render the creative you want to use into other sizes accordingly. To do so, click the circular button below your ad creative to render.

Adcreative image 24

That way, AdCreative will display your ad in various sizes. As a result, you can download your creative in different ad formats, fully optimized. By extension, this allows you to run compelling Performance Max campaigns or Facebook dynamic creative ads in minutes.

AdCreative Pricing Plans

AdCreative offers three pricing tiers as follows:

  • Startup Plans
  • Professional Plans
  • Agency Plans

These are further broken down as follows:

Startup Plans

  • Starter: $29 per month for 10 credits and 1 brand
  • Premium: $44 per month for 25 credits and 2 brands
  • Ultimate: $74 per month for 50 credits and 2 brands
  • Scale up: $111 per month for 100 credits and 2 brands

Professional Plans

  • Starter: $141 per month for 100 credits and 5 brands
  • Premium: $186 per month for 200 credits and 10 brands
  • Ultimate: $299 per month for 500 credits and 20 brands
  • Custom: Contact AdCreative for pricing

Agency Plans

  • Starter: $499 per month for 500 credits and 50 brands
  • Premium: $699 per month for 1000 credits and 100 brands
  • Ultimate: $899 per month for 2000 credits and 200 brands
  • Custom: Contact AdCreative for pricing

AdCreative Discount

AdCreative doesn't offer discounts on the prices above. However, you can save a significant amount of money through the following strategies.

  • Pay for an annual subscription to get two months free
  • Apply the code FIRSTYEAR25 to get 25% off after you sign up for the service.

In addition, AdCreative offers 500 Google ad credits for new customers.

AdCreative Free Trial offers a 7-day free trial. However, you need to know a few things about the free trial.

  • You must exchange your credit card information but won't be charged until the 7 days are over.
  • The free trial comes with 10 credits. You'll need to upgrade your account if you exhaust these credits before the trial period is over.
  • You can cancel the free trial anytime.
  • The AdCreative allows you access to all of the platform's premium features, allowing you to fully explore the software before committing.

And because generates hundreds of creatives in minutes, the 7-day period is enough to determine the software's worth to your business or ad agency.

AdCreative AI Review: Pros and Cons

While is a solid tool, it has its upsides and downsides, as outlined below.


  • You get up to 500 Google Ads credit to help you get started with your advertising campaign quickly.
  • is a Google Ads Premier Partner, which translates to an excellent and high-quality product.
  • You can effortlessly create varied ad designs and social media posts with
  • AdCreative AI crafts conversion-ready creatives using insights from an extensive database of real ads.
  • Every AI-designed creative comes with a predictive success score for campaigns.
  • "The Insights Pro" is an invaluable feature allowing you to determine your best-performing ads.
  • You can manage all your ad accounts seamlessly within, so you don't have to hop between platforms.
  • You get access to a unified dashboard that consolidates all your ad accounts.
  • AdCreative's AI learns with use, offering ever-improving creative suggestions.
  • Resize instantly with, which allows you to resize ads as per your preference easily.
  • AdCreative is incredibly fast. It promises to help you generate ads optimized for conversions and higher click-through rates.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • The free trial is reasonably long


  • The dashboard's pinkish hues can be a bit glaring after extended use, though there's a Dark Mode to ease the visual strain.
  • While you can modify colors, text, and the overall image, it lacks tools for resizing, transforming, or moving visual elements.
  • Currently, video ad generation isn't available. But they've hinted at introducing this feature soon. Time will tell.
  • Google Analytics integration would be a cool feature to add to this platform.
  • The platform would benefit from ad creative automation. vs. ChatGPT for Ads and ChatGPT offer AI-driven solutions, but their focus differs significantly regarding ad creation.

ChatGPT excels at crafting text. It can generate catchy ad copy based on the context you provide.

You give it a theme, and it whips up text that can engage and inform. It doubles down on words. Do you want a catchy phrase or a compelling message? ChatGPT is there for you.

But in most cases, that's where its role in ad creation ends., on the other hand, offers more than words. It's an all-in-one platform designed to generate complete ad creatives in minutes.

Beyond the ad copy, AdCreative handles design, optimization, and brand-specific elements. No matter the platform, from LinkedIn to Google or Facebook.

But there's more to Every time you use it, it learns more about your needs. It understands your brand, your audience, and your goals.

Over time, this means your ads aren't just generic; they're tailor-made for your audience for optimal engagement and conversion.

The point is that while you can use ChatGPT for ad creatives, you can only count on it for text-based ads. You can add images, let alone create ads with your brand's marketing elements.

AdCreative is a superior tool for creating ads compared to ChatGPT primarily because of its powerful capabilities.

How Can You Use to Make Money?

AdCreative is a powerful platform that you can leverage to start an income-generating side hustle. You don't need to own a small business to use this tool to make money.

Here are 7 ways can help you generate some income.

1. Offering Ad Creation Services

Budding Entrepreneurs or freelancers can leverage AdCreative to start their own ad agency.

By utilizing the platform's AI capabilities, you can produce high-quality, engaging advertisements at a fraction of the time it would take manually.

The efficiency allows you to take on more clients and deliver faster results, making your services more appealing to businesses looking for quick turnaround times.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Users can capitalize on AdCreative to design captivating ads for affiliate programs.

The platform's ability to generate multiple ad creatives swiftly can give affiliate marketers an edge. It allows them to test different variations to see which resonates best with their target audience, maximizing conversion rates and commission earnings.

3. Personal Brand Promotion

If you're looking to monetize your brand, whether through online courses, consulting, or digital products, AdCreative can be a boon. The platform ensures consistency and quality across all promotional materials, enhancing your brand's trust and credibility, which can directly lead to increased sales and revenue.

4. Boosting your e-Commerce Store

Online store owners can use AdCreative to design ads that highlight promotions, new product launches, or best sellers.

With the tool's AI-driven insights, these ads can be more targeted and effective, leading to higher click-through rates, more traffic to the store, and, consequently, more sales.

5. Social Media Management

For those offering social media management services, you can integrate AdCreative into your toolkit. The tool allows for the quick generation of varied social media posts and ads, catering to diverse client needs.

Furthermore, social media managers can charge a premium and enhance their client results by offering data-driven, AI-optimized posts and ads as a part of their service package.

6. Digital Advertising Training and Workshops

With the rising interest in digital marketing, there's a growing demand for training and workshops.

Professionals can use AdCreative as a primary tool in their courses, teaching aspiring marketers how to harness AI for ad creation.

By showcasing real-time ad generation and optimization, trainers can offer hands-on experience, making their courses more interactive and valuable.

As a result, the tutors can experience more sign-ups, course sales, and potential upsells of advanced modules.

7. Reselling AdCreative Services

You can enter a reseller agreement with AdCreative or similar platforms.

You can then offer the platform's capabilities to businesses that aren't aware of or don't have direct access to AdCreative.

AdCreative AI image 25

Bundling the service with offerings like market analysis, strategy consultation, or post-campaign reporting allows resellers like digital marketing agencies to offer comprehensive advertising packages, ensuring a profitable markup and sustained client engagements.

AdCreative AI Review - Frequently Asked Questions

As I wind up this Ad Creative AI full review, let me answer common questions about this platform.

Is There a Learning Curve to Start Using

While boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, there might be a slight learning curve for users new to ad creation tools.

That said, the platform is structured to simplify the ad creation process, ensuring users find it easy to navigate. However, as with any software, knowing the ins and outs will always be beneficial.

Fortunately, provides comprehensive guides, video tutorials, and responsive customer support to ease the transition and help users harness the tool's full potential in no time.

Does AdCreative Support Video Ad Creation?

Not yet. However, plans are underway to introduce video ad creation.

Implementing video capabilities would significantly enhance AdCreative's offering, given the rising popularity of video content in digital marketing.

Is My Data Safe with AdCreative?

Yes, your data is safe with AdCreative. The platform places a high emphasis on the security and confidentiality of user data.

You'd expect such a company to understand the importance of protecting brand assets, ad copies, and other information uploaded onto their platform.

AI-driven platforms like AdCreative typically employ advanced encryption methods and robust security protocols to ensure data integrity and prevent unauthorized access.

In addition, AdCreative's privacy policy bars them from using or sharing your data without explicit permission.

How Is AdCreative Different from Other Ad Creation Tools?

AdCreative sets itself apart from other ad creation tools in several key ways.

First, it's AI-powered, which means it leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate ad and social media creatives efficiently.

The AI-driven approach ensures that the creatives produced are optimized for maximum engagement and conversions.

On top of that, AdCreative offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the entire ad creation process, from brand-specific guidelines to tailoring ads for various platforms.

Furthermore, AdCreative supports a seamless integration of all your ad accounts into a single dashboard, simplifying campaign management.

Can I Customize the Ads Generated by AdCreative?

Yes, you can. AdCreative is designed with customization in mind.

While its AI-powered engine provides a solid foundation by generating initial ad creatives based on your input and its vast insights database, you retain complete control over the final product.

Plus, you can tweak colors, modify the text, adjust branding elements, and make several other changes to ensure the creatives align with your brand identity and campaign goals.

Power Your Ads With

AdCreative is a revolution that large and small businesses will love owning.

According to the developer's official website, AdCreative is one of the three fastest-growing companies in the world.

The tool has an impressive overall rating of 3.8 on Trustpilot after 870+ reviews. With the many rave reviews and positive feedback, I can only conclude that AdCreative delivers what it promises.

In my experience, is fairly easy to use. Once you locate the features master the dashboard, everything else falls into place quickly.

I was impressed at the speed this tool can generate ad creatives. I back the claim on the official website that AdCreative can create ads in less than 2 two minutes.

But don't take my word for it.

Start your AdCreative free trial today to experience the platform yourself.

Did I mention that you get 25% off your first purchase and 500 Google ads credit to go with it?

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