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  • All-in-one platform
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable solution


  • Limited customization
  • Limited analytis and reporting is an integrated online platform offering tools for email marketing, sales funnels, website building, and more. It also has an entirely free plan, making it accessible for businesses starting out on a budget.

Starting an online business typically involves piecing together many different software tools, each handling one small part of your operations. You may need one application for your website, another for email, one for your sales funnel, and so on. It can quickly become overwhelming trying to manage so many moving parts.

That's where Systeme comes in. This relatively new platform aims to be an all-in-one solution, allowing you to handle every aspect of your online business in one place.

In this comprehensive review, I'll take an in-depth look at its features, user experience, pricing, and more to see if it delivers on its promise.

What is is an online business platform that combines website building, sales funnels, email marketing, course creation, affiliate programs, and more into a single integrated system.

A French entrepreneur, Aurelian Amacker, started the company in 2018 and initially launched in the French market before expanding internationally. It aims to be an affordable alternative to similar all-in-one solutions like Kartra, ClickFunnels, and Kajabi.

Some of the key things you can do with include:

  • Create landing pages, sales funnels, and basic websites
  • Build email lists and send marketing campaigns
  • Host online courses and membership sites
  • Set up affiliate programs to promote your products
  • Create blogs, communities, and knowledge bases
  • Automate repetitive tasks and workflows
  • Accept payments and manage transactions
  • Track contacts, leads, sales, and conversions

The idea is to have everything you need in one place to sell your products or services online without needing multiple systems and integrations. Next, let's look at some of's core features in more detail.

Key Systeme Features

Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

Systeme makes it easy to create customized sales funnels using pre-made templates. The visual drag-and-drop funnel builder is similar to ClickFunnels and lets you quickly build opt-in pages, sales pages, upsell pages, webinars, and more without any coding.

You can split test your funnel pages to optimize conversions and use automation rules to segment and tag contacts as they move through your funnel. The editor also has a built-in mobile preview to see how your pages look on different devices.

Overall, it provides a simple yet surprisingly robust funnel-building experience compared to having to integrate multiple systems.

Email Marketing

Systeme handles email marketing by creating email lists, sending broadcast messages and autoresponders, adding custom fields, and segmenting your contacts.

You can send unlimited emails even with the free plan, something you would expect to find only in paid email services. The visual drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to customize the content and layout of your emails without coding.

Automation features allow you to trigger emails based on customer behaviors, such as after signup, after a purchase, after attending a webinar, etc. You can also build more advanced workflows to customize the journey for each subscriber.

While it may not have all the features of dedicated email marketing platforms, Systeme provides more than enough functionality for most small business email marketing needs.

Courses and Communities lets you quickly build online courses and membership sites within your sales funnels. You can gate access to premium content, drizzle out your courses over time, offer tiered membership levels, and more.

Customers can sign up directly on your site, and you can automate the delivery of your content based on triggers like signup date, lesson completion, days enrolled, and so on.

While its membership site features are not as robust as dedicated course platforms, provides solid core functionality for memberships and online courses as part of your overall business ecosystem.

Website Hosting

In addition to building landing pages and funnels, also lets you create full websites using its built-in web hosting.

You can use the same drag-and-drop page builder to design and populate your site layout with content. Your domains get SSL encryption automatically with the custom domain add-on.

The website builder is fairly basic compared to WordPress when it comes to design flexibility, plugins, and functionality. However, it does provide an easy way to create a customized web presence without needing separate hosting.

Blogging comes with a simple built-in blogging platform that lets you quickly publish content to engage your audience.

You can create blog posts and news articles using the same drag-and-drop content blocks as the website builder. Posts get organized into categories that you define, and you can also add author profiles.

The blogging features are relatively minimal and best suited for small businesses that want to self-host blogs as part of their brand website rather than complex blog networks.

Affiliate Marketing

Businesses can set up their own affiliate program using Systeme at no additional cost. You can specify the commission structure and payout methods and easily track affiliate links and sales.

There's also an affiliate marketplace where you can recruit others to promote your product in exchange for a cut of the profits. This provides a built-in method of leveraging influencer marketing.

The affiliate platform covers the basics well, allowing you to build an in-house affiliate program or join other programs to diversify your monetization.

E-commerce Features comes with a host of e-commerce features to help you sell products directly on your site. You can create product catalogs, customize pricing and checkout pages, accept payments via Stripe and PayPal, track inventory, and more.

There are also built-in upsell features to help increase order value, like one-click upsells on the checkout page. You get access to detailed sales and conversion tracking to monitor the performance of your online store.

Overall, the e-commerce functionality provides a lot of flexibility for selling digital and physical products from your Systeme site.

Integrations and Extensions

In keeping with its all-in-one approach, does not offer much in the way of third-party integrations. However, you can connect your Stripe or Paypal account to process payments or use Zapier to automate tasks with other apps.

Systeme also has an extensions marketplace where you can add extra functionality like surveys, proof widgets, retargeting pixels, and more. The selection of extensions is somewhat limited compared to a platform like WordPress, though.

So, while it doesn't have a wide range of integrations, you can expand's capabilities using extensions or connectors like Zapier. But native integrations are one area where it lags behind other established players.

Systeme Features Summary

In summary, comes packed with features to help you build, market, and sell your offering online. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Drag-and-drop sales funnel builder with templates
  • Email marketing with automation workflows
  • Membership site and course platform
  • Website hosting and blogging
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Product catalog and inventory management
  • Checkout page customization and payment processing
  • Sales tracking and conversion analytics
  • Extensions marketplace adds extra features

The platform covers a lot of ground for an all-in-one system. Next, let's look at how easy Systeme is to use on a day-to-day basis.

How Easy Is to Use?

Ease of use is make-or-break for any business software. Complex systems with steep learning curves lead to frustration and wasted time and money.

So, how easy is it to use Systeme on a daily basis? Let's take a look.

Overall, offers a straightforward and intuitive user experience. The dashboard provides one-click access to all the main functions like pages, funnels, email, and integrations.

Within each section, the interface remains clean and distraction-free. Creating new resources like funnels or campaigns happens in a few clicks.

One of the biggest advantages has over piecing together different software is convenience. You can access every area of your business quickly without constantly logging in and out.

The visual drag-and-drop editors make constructing pages, emails, and courses intuitive. While not as polished as standalone tools focused on one task, they provide a short learning curve for most users.

However,'s UI does have some limitations. Certain workflows require more steps compared to other platforms. Occasionally, the interface flows illogically between editing steps.

There are also some aspects that feel outdated or basic, like the generic icons used in some places. It's not the most modern or visually appealing interface compared to tools like Kajabi.

But for the most part, delivers on its goal of being fast and easy to use. The convenience factor of everything in one place can outweigh the UI's rough edges for many users. Pricing and Plans pricing

One of's biggest differentiators is its pricing model. It starts with a free forever plan, then scales to paid plans starting at just $27/month.

Here is an overview of's pricing tiers:

  • Free - $0/month
  • Startup - $27/month
  • Webinar - $47/month
  • Unlimited - $97/month

There is also an annual pricing option, which saves you 30% of the monthly price.

Systeme bonuses

The free plan is flexible enough for early startups or side hustles. You can build sales funnels, send emails, and host a blog or basic online course.

Paid plans mainly expand your limits, like email subscribers, funnels, and automation rules. However, some advanced features like evergreen webinars are only available on higher tiers.

Let's compare Systeme's pricing to some competitors:

  • ClickFunnels starts at $127/month
  • Kajabi starts at $149/month
  • Kartra starts at $119/month

So, Systeme delivers strong value with minimal cost, especially for small businesses. The free plan lets you get started at no cost, while paid plans are much more affordable than alternative all-in-one platforms.

Overall though, delivers an impressive depth of functionality at budget-friendly price points.

What Users Are Saying in Reviews?

To get an authentic feel for, I analyzed first-hand reviews from verified users. Here is a summary of the most common pros and cons mentioned:


  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder
  • Helpful automation features
  • Good email marketing included
  • Everything is centralized in one platform
  • Excellent customer support


  • Some learning curve for advanced features
  • Confusing interface in some areas
  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Can feel limited compared to standalone tools
  • Lack of integrations with other apps

Reading through reviews, it's clear that convenience and value are big selling points. Users highlight how easy it is to create landing pages and emails compared to coding them from scratch.

Negative feedback primarily focuses on its limitations as an all-in-one system compared to specialized software. Some dislike the lack of native integrations with tools like email providers, shopping carts, and others.

But overwhelmingly, reviews mention Systeme's budget pricing and responsive customer support as big advantages. It appears to hit a sweet spot for bootstrapped entrepreneurs and small businesses. Alternatives competes in the all-in-one online business platform space alongside other solutions like:

ClickFunnels - More focused on funnel building and conversions vs integrated business features. Costs more but has greater design flexibility.

Kajabi - Specializing in online courses and membership sites. Much deeper feature set for education products but more expensive.

Kartra - Very robust all-in-one platform. More expensive but better for agencies and established businesses needing some advanced features.

Ontraport - Competes directly with but has higher pricing. Includes CRM and advanced automation.

GetResponse - Specialized for email marketing and automation. Lacks integrated sales funnel and course creation features.

A targeted platform may be preferable if you need best-in-class capabilities for a specific task like email marketing or course hosting. However, Systeme holds its own as a unified solution for bootstrappers and small teams. Review Conclusion - A Good All-In-One Option for New Businesses

In my experience using the platform, provides a compelling all-in-one solution that is especially suitable for new and growing online businesses.

The sheer amount of functionality covered is impressive - you can build complete sales funnels, host online courses, email marketing automation, and more in one place.

Ease of use is excellent for the most part. The convenience factor is a huge advantage compared to piecing together many disjointed systems.

While it lacks more advanced features and customization options than its competitors, shines regarding affordability. Systeme's pricing can't be beaten for bootstrappers and small teams.

No platform is perfect, so is not necessarily the best fit for larger enterprises or companies selling physical products. But for service businesses and digital info-product sellers just getting started, it's an option definitely worth considering.

The ability to use it entirely free removes all risk. So those looking for an integrated platform to start and grow an online business should give Systeme a test drive.

While a relatively new player, it shows a lot of promise as an affordable all-in-one solution.

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