15 Second Free Leads – How to Make Money on TikTok?

15 second free leads - how to earn money on Tiktok

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Jussi Hyvarinen

What is TikTok?

TikTok, known in China as Douyin, is a video-sharing social media platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance. The TikTok platform is used to make various short-form videos that have a duration from 3 seconds to 1 minute.

TikTok has been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide. TikTok is made available in over 150 markets and 75 languages. TikTok is available for iOS and Android mobile users.

44% of TikTok users are female, and 56% are male. TikTok has proven to attract the younger generation, as 41% of its users are between 16 and 24. Among these TikTok users, 90% say they use the app daily. There were over 90 million monthly active TikTok users in the United States alone.

TikTok has provided a platform for users to create content not only for fun but also for monetary gain. As the platform has grown significantly over the past few years, companies can advertise and rapidly reach their intended demographic. TikTok has been trending heavily on Google Trends recently.

Tiktok is trending

TikTok is trending worldwide in the past 12 months

What makes TikTok now so lucrative platform right now?

TikTok is a relatively new platform and is competing with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. TikTok wants to grow as quickly as possible, and therefore it gives a lot of free traffic for the users of their platform.

There is an ample opportunity with Tiktok at the moment. As the platform matures in the future, you will have to pay for the traffic, as is the case with Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok is the best platform today to quickly grow your brand and have a massive amount of followers. You can go viral more easily with TikTok than any other platform.

Different ways to make money with TikTok

Are you one of those who think that TikTok is only for fun, like dancing and singing? Well, you're mistaken. TikTok is one of the best social platforms to earn money and have income in 2021 and beyond.

1. Growing accounts and selling them

With TikTok, it is possible to grow a following around a particular topic, build the community around it and then reach out to those brands who would like to access those followers and sell them your account. 

2. Influencer marketing

Like other social media platforms, influencer marketing is one way to make money. You can hire Tiktok influencers to promote your products or services and generate sales through their followers.

3. Consulting

Many people need guidance with TikTok. If you are a TikTok expert, you can get paid by selling them your TikTok consulting services.

With this still being a relatively new social platform, people will pay money to hire you as a consultant to help them create their strategy, build their brand, and grow their followers.

4. Affiliate marketing

This method is my favorite by far. You can promote your affiliate offer with your content in Tiktok. You can reach the maximum amount of people with minimal effort by utilizing TikTok. Hence, you will be able to make a lot of money with a good affiliate offer.

The 15 Seconds Free Leads course is all about leveraging TikTok in your affiliate marketing. The 15 Seconds Free Leads course is created by Legendary Marketer, and it is a must-have when you are starting with TikTok.

15 second free leads course Legendary Marketer

The contents of the 15 Second Free Leads Course

What is the 15 Seconds Free Leads course?

15 Seconds Free Leads course is not for those who want to know what button to press in the app. It is more of a high-level course that teaches you how to leverage the TikTok platform and what are the best strategies to utilize TikTok and get the maximum amount of eyeballs to your content.

However, the bonus video is all about how to use the app most efficiently. They also share tips and tricks if you are a camera-shy person.

The contents of the 15 Second Free Leads course

Part 1: endless 15-second video topics

Part 2: the perfect TikTok profile

Part 3: get TikTok to share your videos

Part 4: post exactly what people want

Bonus: a quick & dirty guide to TikTok

What about the price of the 15 Second Free Leads Course? It is just $1 - that is ridiculously cheap. So grab the 15 Second Free Leads Course course and start to grow your brand and crush it with affiliate marketing.

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