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The world greatest online business model for true passive income

In this eBook, Jason Fladlien gives an overview of why Amazon is such an incredible opportunity for building an online business.

Jason Fladlien

To whom this ebook is for?

Anuone who are interested in earning a side income

 The great thing about Amazon is it doesn't require a massive operation. Most sellers are small operations with less than 3 people, working from home.

Anyone who want to work for themselves

Out of all the start-up business opportunities, Amazon requires very little investment to get started from scratch, but allows you to yield much higher returns long term. Plus, you get to be your own boss!

Entrepreneurs looking for a passive income stream

Many of our students have built 6-figure Amazon businesses while working a full-time job, creating more cash flow and opportunities with minimal time commitment.

What people are saying:

Gosh, he doesn't need any more testimonials but I throw one anyway...he is simply the greatest. Between Jason and Ben, you are on your way. I love most that he is no-nonse and a true straight-shooter. The info he shares is what sets us totally apart from the rest of the pack.

Shanelle - Online entrepreneur

Being an Amazon seller, I always wanted to be apart of a community who did this for living, follow someone who studied every nick and cranny of the Amazon platform, and who had achieved real results. Jason and Ben are the best in world at teaching on how to build a profitable business on the Amazon platform.

Jonathan  - Amazon seller

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Amazon is already a massive company, and continues to grow and expand its reach every year, which means more customers looking for products to buy.

About the authors

Jason Fladlien

Since 2013, Jason Fladlien has mastered the process, perfected strategies, and cultivated the best resources and information available for Amazon sellers.  Not only has he built million-dollar Amazon businesses selling products himself, he's also taught and coached thousands of students to do the same, using the formula he will share with you during this training. Jason has been working closely with Ben Cummings, who is a distinguished Amazon mentor and a seller.

Jussi Hyvärinen

Jussi Hyvärinen is Finnish Online entrepreneur doing Amazon FBA, dropshipping, consulting services and building e-commerce websites.

He has been selling on Amazon since 2017 and is a student of Jason Fladlien and Ben Cummings.

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