7 Top Remote Jobs: Work From Home and Thrive

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Top Remote Jobs to Consider Now

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Remote jobs have become a new reality. They dramatically changed the labor market and our understanding of career perspectives.

As people figured out, many jobs can be performed remotely without any losses in human productivity. Therefore, the number of high-paying full-time offers has increased.

Sure, a lot of them require specialized education and professional backgrounds. However, we have prepared a list of the top remote jobs you can try right now. 


Top Remote Jobs - Copywriter

Copywriters compose original and engaging content. Copywriters create compelling texts for mediums such as newsletters, newspaper articles, sales pages, blogs, social media posts, etc.

They reach out to the audience and help raise brand awareness. By communicating with customers, these specialists also build brand loyalty. 

To succeed in this career path, you have to:

  • Possess good writing, proofreading, and editing skills; 
  • Strong research capacities will also be a considerable advantage since copywriters can deal with various topics;
  • Another perk is a good knowledge of SEO and content strategy. 

To become a good copywriter, you must be creative, self-disciplined, collaborative, and attentive to details. Good specialists have to interpret copywriting briefs and meet various project requirements. 

Media Buyer

A media buyer is a marketing specialist aiming to provide clients with the broadest possible media exposure. To do that, they purchase ad space on television, radio, billboards, and other mediums.

These specialists get in touch with different magazines, newspapers, and ad agencies to gain the necessary visibility for their clients. They also negotiate the ultimate price and most preferable posting conditions.

Your typical responsibilities as a media buyer may include:

  • Monitoring the ads placements and their effect on the popularity rating of the client;
  • One needs many connections with various media outlets and their sales departments;
  • Securing ads bookings and managing airtime slots also belong to media buyers’ tasks. Although this job doesn’t require a college degree, specialists should have a good command of media analytics software. 


Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at light speed, interpreters and translators are still extremely hard to replace. Spreading information and uniting people and their cultures are possible thanks to their services. Not every bilingual person can be a translator.

Depending on the tasks, you may need a profound academic background and particular knowledge. Speaking several languages is not enough. You need to be fluent in their grammar and vocabulary. Communicating the correct meaning can be challenging.

However, you can translate less complicated materials, such as magazine articles, ads, or emails. The more practice you get, the more sophisticated your tasks will be.

Remote translators can convert documents of varying difficulty and ensure their meaning is not lost. Sometimes they facilitate business meetings or gatherings of people with different language backgrounds.

To start working as a translator, you need:

  • to be fluent (or at least confident) in two and more languages;
  • your tasks will include providing accurate translations of texts timely;
  • you also should have a firm understanding of a particular field (that would be a benefit). This job is a very good option for freelancers.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are managers who process customers’ inquiries and complaints. They also provide them with information concerning the product or services, take orders and return them if needed.

Customer service representatives assist buyers in the after-purchase stages. They advise via emails, Internet chats, or over phones. As we see, this job can be done remotely.

Flexible hours are also possible, so this vacancy is a good match for young people and those who combine studying and working. Working as a customer service representative helps master patience and communication skills.

By tackling customer queries or complaints, you learn more about the product and its advantages and disadvantages. It can be a good start for your further career path in the chosen company.

To perform well in this role, you have to:

  • Stay calm and ready to help even when customers get upset, frustrated, or annoyed. That is not always a pleasant experience. However, if you acknowledge and resolve their complaints effectively, it incredibly boosts your professional and personal skills. 

Sales Consultant

Sales consultants are close to customer service representatives since they also deal with clients. However, their task slightly differs.

These specialists have to analyze the productivity of the company’s sales practices and suggest new, better models of communication and trade.

For example, by interacting with customers and company employees, they get an idea of what things should be improved and create various training programs. 

Their duties also include elaborating methods to find new potential clients and keep them loyal to the company and brand. 

Professionals in this sphere work within some market niches and develop advanced strategies to engage customers and increase the company’s income. 

  • As a beginner, you can start by conducting interviews and surveys with customers and employees, making reports on the current company’s productivity, etc. 

Video Editor

Top Remote Jobs - Video Editor

Video editing requires skills and knowledge of how to use specialized software. You also have to show creativity, so people can enjoy your work and find it engaging.

Moreover, video editing requires knowledge of composition, color theory, filmmaking, and so on. Although the list of requirements seems to be long, this knowledge is as available as never before.

There are many online courses (and some of them are completely free) that help you master video editing. Motivated job seekers can find enough resources to acquire a new profession.

Video content is necessary for attaining different goals a company sets on social media. It increases lead generation and helps in communication with potential and loyal customers. 

  • As a video editor, you will be responsible for compiling and reshaping the raw material specialists will make and transform into the final product. 
  • Some jobs can be really sophisticated (such as working with sound effects and graphics), while others are easier to fulfill (for example, doing the subtitles). So, if you want to start a career in this field, you can do plenty of jobs even without a specialized background. 

Podcast Management

Podcasts are on the rise nowadays. They have become one of our daily rituals. Who creates podcasts and manages them? This is an exciting job involving creativity and organizational skills. It requires some skills in audio editing, copywriting, interviewing, and so on.

If you like meeting new fascinating people and researching deep topics, this job is a perfect match for you. 

  • Podcast managers are in charge of the whole process, from finding a good topic and guests to the final editing and adjusting. 
  • It includes correcting some errors, reducing the background noise, cutting unnecessary pauses, and so on. This job isn’t a piece of cake for any newbie like video editing. 

However, an opportunity to work with exciting people and topics is worth additional technical training. Moreover, the podcast management job is totally remote, so you don’t have to worry about coming to the office. 

Wrapping Up

Remote job options are on the rise. Although they have always been an alternative to the 9-to-5 office routine, the pandemic made employers reconsider their idea of a productive working environment.

Today, many jobs can be successfully done from home. If you feel it’s for you, there are many options for how to start making money remotely. You will most likely get paid with PayPal or Wise money transfer because these are the payment methods most employers use.

You can also have a look at my list of work-from-home jobs that do not require a degree.

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