My Business GPTs

Explore my custom GPTs tailored to online businesses. I have designed each tool to address specific issues of digital entrepreneurship. These tools offer practical, AI-driven solutions to help you with your online business.

I have specially trained most of these GPTs so they can perform tasks that standard ChatGPT cannot do. You need ChatGPT Plus subscription to use these tools. Try them out, and any feedback is highly appreciated.

I will update the list, make sure to come back again...

Amazon seller assistant

Amazon Seller Assistant

Expert in Amazon selling, providing precise guidance on various Amazon-related issues.

HCU recovery GPT

HCU Recovery GPT

Expertly designed for webmasters and SEO specialists, this tool offers personalized, interactive analysis, scoring, and guidelines for enhancing your site's Google ranking and user engagement after being hit by the Google HCU update.

Niche finder

Niche Finder

A friendly guide to finding your perfect business niche.

Marketing maven

Marketing Maven

Offers high-level marketing advice, details on request.

Social post crafter

Social Post Crafter

I transform blog articles into engaging, platform-specific social media posts, maintaining the original style.

Time management coach

Time Management Coach

A coach for time management and work-life balance, offering practical tips and personalized schedules.

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