Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course review

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course review

Last Updated on June 7, 2022 by Jussi Hyvarinen

Who is Manuel Suarez?

Manuel Suárez is a self-taught marketing guru delivering seminars to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and helping them wake up to an era of digital marketing opportunity. As a certified professional by Facebook, he has been doing running his own Facebook ad agency AGM for the last 5 years. AGM has major clients who have over a million Messenger subscribers and AGM’s Facebook ad budget per year is several million dollars.

He has worked with hundreds of brands ranging from Dr. Eric Berg, Daymond John, Metabolismo TV, Grant Cardone, Chick Corea and many others!

Manuel Suárez Coaching Program

Before we dive into the Facebook Masters course, let me first tell you about Manuel's newest coaching program. His coaching program includes the Facebook Masters course among a lot of other really valuable information about online marketing.

Here is what you'll get with Manuel Suárez Coaching Program:

  • 4 new coaching sessions every month, so you can stay up-to-date on the most effective marketing tactics they are using in Manuel Suarez AGM agency!
  • All past coaching sessions (over 90 of them as of today!), so you don’t have to wait to start learning!
  • A monthly vault release of his agency’s best-performing ad templates, which means less guesswork for ad creation!
  • The original Facebook Masters Course, so you can learn all of the basics you need to know about social media marketing… even if you’re totally new to it!
  • A Private Community, so you can engage with other like-minded entrepreneurs!

For the first time ever, you’ll not only get access to Manuel’s interactive live weekly training sessions, but you’ll also receive:

  • His advertising agency's Top-Performing Ad Templates ($4,997 value) So you don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel, plug-and-play these ads and start making money today.
  • Manuel’s Top-Performing Sales Funnel Templates ($6497 value) so that you don't have to spend money on testing funnels that don't work. Use our proven funnels and save money and time by simply making a few edits to fit your own business.
  • Access to the original Facebook Masters course ($1,997 value) This course can make you an EXPERT when it comes to the Business Manager platform. With over 40 hours of content, you will learn how to run ads like a pro and not waste money on ads that don't convert.
  • 100% instant access to all of Manuel’s past LIVE trainings. ($7,470 value) 80+ previous training, all indexed so that you can simply find the one that applies to you and get the exact training you want at the exact time you want it. No more wasting time on other subjects that may not apply to your business.
  • Access to his exclusive coaching community for accountability and support with your fellow like-minded coaching students as well as account managers from Manuel’s own advertising agency.

PLUS, receive these exclusive, member-only discounts:

  • 50% off tech support. (Regular price $200 per hour) Save money and time by having our high-end support staff help you with advanced level integrations and any support service needed.
  • 50% off 1-on-1 sessions with Manuel “The Facebook Ninja” himself! (Regular price $3,000 per hour) Get a tailored made marketing strategy that when put into practice can help you generate tons of leads, grow your contact list, and sell your products. Yes, all coaching students have access to this service for half the retail price.

What is the Facebook Masters course for and how can it help you?

Facebook Masters course in-depth training program to teach you how to master the Facebook ad platform. It has 12 modules with 187 value-packed lessons over 38 hours of content. It is considered to be one of the best Facebook ads training programs available. Manuel Suarez will guide you in this course step-by-step how to become a Facebook master marketer. You don’t have to have prior knowledge about Facebook ads. Everything is explained in the Facebook Masters course.

Take a Sneak Peek into the Facebook Masters course

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course contents

Here is the walkthrough that you can expect from Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course.

Module 1 - Bird's-eye View on Facebook Marketing

In the first module, Manuel Suarez provides you with a “bird's-eye view” of marketing and the Facebook advertising world. In order to establish the correct strategy to set you up for success, it’s important to understand how Facebook advertising works, why it works and the history of advertising inside and outside of Facebook.

Module 2 - Establishing a Strategy for Your Brand

The purpose of module 2 is to help you establish an overall strategy for your business or brand. Get ready to create long-term goals for your brand. Additionally, Manuel Suarez will go over the basics of content, recommended best practices, how to create content for social media no matter where you are at as a creator, how to reverse engineer your competitors on social media and much more.

Module 3 - Creating Your Facebook Business Manager - The RIGHT WAY

This module is all about setting up your business manager for massive success. This is a billion-dollar software that most people take for granted and we’ve been given access to all its power for free. It is a fact that 99% of Facebook advertisers are not even close to fully harnessing the true power of the Facebook Business Manager.

Module 4 - The Facebook Ads Manager Overview

In this module, you will achieve a comprehensive view of the Facebook ads manager. The ads manager is where the magic happens and understanding all the different elements of it will increase your results. At the end of this module, you will have all the fundamentals you need to select your correct objective, audience and creative.

Module 5 - Facebook Objectives Explored

In this module, Manuel Suarez will teach you everything you need to know about the Facebook objectives, a subject essential to anyone interested in building a brand. Understanding the objectives will allow you to accurately communicate to Facebook what your goal is for each campaign. So, get ready because you’re about to move one step closer to becoming a Facebook Ninja!

Module 6 - Finding Your Audience on Facebook

This module will be all about discovering who your audience really is. Finding your audience will make or break your results on Facebook. Get ready for a deep dive into the art & science of targeting. The sixth module may very well be the key to your success. In order to build your brand, you need to find your audience. And in this module, Manuel Suarez will go deep, into exactly that. This is the time to take your Facebook ads game to the next level.

Module 7 - Becoming a Master Ad Creator

This module will be epic. It will take your Facebook ads game to the next level. In it, you will learn how to utilize all the different ad formats we’ve been given access to.

After completing this module, you can consider yourself to be in the Top 1% of Facebook Ads marketers, at least when it comes to knowledge.

This module is all about creatives. This is where you learn how to create a message that gets a response. Once you’ve found your audience, the object of the “game” then becomes to test your creativity and discover what produces the best response; to find what gets someone to be interested, jump in and engage, to opt-in to your funnels, etc.

Module 8 - The Incredible World of Retargeting

This entire module will explore Manuel Suarez’s overall philosophy on the customer journey. Module 8 will dive deep into a subject that can very well determine your success as a Facebook advertiser: retargeting.

Retargeting can be based on many things: Website visitors, Facebook or Instagram video consumption, Messenger interaction, interaction with your Facebook page, and more."

Mastering this subject may be the biggest factor in your success across the board, so get ready to jump in.

Module 9 - Next Level Split Testing & More

In this Module, you will learn how to make Facebook your ranking partner.

Most people don’t fully understand how Facebook works and what their true intentions are with regard to us as advertisers. 

In this module, you will learn advanced strategies and tools Facebook has rolled out that will increase your results as a Facebook advertiser. The better the results you get, the more money Facebook makes. Get ready to dive in and take your Facebook ads game to the next level. 

Module 10 - Understanding the Important Metrics

In this module, you will learn all the basics of the important metrics to measure your Facebook Ads results.

The Facebook metrics will provide you with a tunnel vision for your Facebook campaigns. Learn to recognize the important ones for you and use them. Throughout the rest of this module, Manuel Suarez will cover his favorite ones and give you some practical recommendations on how to use them to scale your Facebook Ads.

Module 11 - Messenger Marketing Explored

In this module, we will do a deep dive into the incredible world of Messenger Marketing: The hottest and greatest marketing opportunity of our times.

Basically, Messenger Marketing combines the instant delivery & attention of SMS with the attractiveness and automation power of email. Messenger also feels more personal than email, but less invasive than SMS - striking the perfect balance for businesses looking to communicate with customers.

You will learn how to build and grow your messenger channel step-by-step.

Module 12 - Establishing Your Brand on Social Media

The final module is about building a real business. In this module, Manuel Suarez will be providing you with a road map to help you plant your roots in a social media jungle.

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course review

To whom the Facebook Masters course is suitable?

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course is perfect for everyone who wants to master Facebook ads whether you are an online entrepreneur, Amazon seller, you own a local business or perhaps you are planning to start a Facebook agency business.

To whom the Facebook Masters course is not suitable?

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not for that kind of people who are looking something like that. You must put an effort and be consistent with what you’re doing in order to expect results.

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters testimonials from the students

Mike & Toni Daley

Ben Steinhauer


Eddie Treizman

Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters Pros & Cons


  • The course has a lot of content and value. Manuel has a tendency to overdeliver.
  • Very high quality and professional videos which makes the learning easy.
  • Possibility to attend the internship program which is a monthly based training program where Manuel Suarez is teaching his latest discoveries and ninja strategies.


  • Sometimes Manuel Suarez explain things even too thoroughly.


Manuel Suarez Facebook Masters course is undoubtedly one of the best Facebook ads courses that you can find. It is jam-packed with content and personally I can say that Facebook Masters has helped me tremendously.

My rating:

Jussi Hyvärinen

Jussi Hyvärinen is an online entrepreneur from Finland who has over 25 years of industry experience. With his expertise in digital marketing, he is committed to helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

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