Goldco Review – Should You Invest in Precious Metals with Them

Goldco Review - Should You Invest in Precious Metals with Them

Last Updated on May 25, 2023 by Jussi Hyvarinen

Goldco is a gold IRA provider that helps investors hedge their retirement investments against inflation.

Knowing where and how to invest for long-term financial security can be difficult with the current market volatility.

That's why many people are looking into Goldco reviews to see if this company could help them protect their money in an uncertain future.

This article will provide an overview of what Goldco offers, who should use it, get started with the platform and its fee structure, and customer feedback on services provided by this company.

So let's take a closer look at our goldco review!

What is Goldco?

Goldco review

Goldco is a precious metals investment company specializing in helping investors diversify their retirement by making appropriate precious metals investments.

Goldco provides customers access to physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium coins, and bars backed by these metals.

Overview of Goldco

In business for over a decade, Goldco has grown into one of the largest gold IRA companies in the United States.

They offer a wide range of services, including buying and selling physical bullion coins and silver bars.

This precious metals company also provides IRA rollovers from traditional 401(k)s or other retirement plans into an account backed by gold or silver assets.

Additionally, the company offers IRA rollover services where customers can transfer existing retirement funds into an account backed by gold or silver without incurring tax penalties for early withdrawal from their current plan.

The fees associated with opening an account vary depending on the type of service chosen.

However, no minimum balance is required when opening a gold IRA account. So it is possible to start investing even if you initially have limited capital.

Key takeaway: A Goldco gold IRA offers a range of services for retirement account diversification, including physical bullion coins and bars and IRA rollovers.

Who Should Use Goldco?

With Goldco, investors can hedge against inflation and protect their wealth from market volatility.

Investing with Goldco

The precious metals market offers many advantages over traditional stocks and bonds.

First, gold prices remain relatively stable during economic uncertainty or recession, making it an attractive option for long-term investment strategies.

Further, due to their scarcity and durability, gold and silver coins have historically been used as a store of value throughout the centuries.

Thus, precious metals IRAs like Goldco can help protect your portfolio from stock market fluctuations or currency devaluation losses.

Types of Investors Who Should Consider Goldco

Investors looking to diversify their portfolios should consider buying precious metals with Goldco.

This includes those nearing retirement age or already retired and those seeking protection against inflationary pressures on their savings accounts or 401(k)s.

Furthermore, individuals interested in preserving wealth across generations may find that purchasing physical gold provides an ideal way to do so without incurring taxes on capital gains like they would if they were trading stocks or mutual funds instead.

Key takeaway: Goldco offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and protect against inflation and market volatility.

Benefits include: 

  • Stable prices during economic uncertainty.
  • Store of value over time.
  • Protection from losses associated with stock market fluctuations or currency devaluation.
Goldco gold IRA kit

Getting Started with Goldco

Opening a gold or silver IRA with Goldco is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps.

1. Open Your IRA

You can open a Precious Metals IRA by signing an agreement to secure your purchase. Goldco's representative will walk you through every step of the process.

2. Fund Your Self-Directed IRA

You can finance your Precious Metals IRA by transferring assets from your current retirement accounts. Assets from accounts such as 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings, or IRA can be rolled over or transferred, typically without incurring tax implications.

3. Purchase Your Precious Metals

After financing your Precious Metals IRA, you can select the specific precious metals you want to include in your account.

Documents Needed for Account Setup

To open an account with Goldco, you must provide certain documents for verification purposes. These include:

  • Proof of identity (such as a driver's license or passport)
  • Proof of residence (such as a utility bill or bank statement)
  • Evidence of income (such as pay stubs).

Additional documentation may be required to open a joint account or transfer funds from another institution.

How to Fund Your Account with Goldco

Once your application has been approved, and all necessary documents have been submitted, it is time to fund your new Goldco account.

There are several options available for funding:

  • Direct deposit from another financial institution
  • Wire transfer; check by mail
  • ACH transfer
  • Money order/cashier's check/certified check by mail

Depending on the chosen method, processing times may vary, so please plan accordingly when depositing your new investment portfolio.

Benefits of Goldco

Goldco is an excellent option for investors looking to hedge their investments against inflation. With Goldco, you can invest in gold and other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium.

Investing with Goldco has many benefits, making it an attractive option for retirement planning or diversifying your portfolio. Investors who want to protect their wealth from market volatility should consider investing in gold through Goldco's secure storage solutions or self-directed IRA accounts.

Opening an account with Goldco is easy; you only need proof of identity (such as a driver's license) and basic information about yourself (name, address, etc.). You can then fund your account via bank transfer or check deposit, depending on which type of account you open.

Once funded, you can purchase gold coins or bars at current market prices directly from the company's website or through its network of dealers worldwide.

Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive when investing with Goldco. Customers praise their precious metals specialists for being knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.

Professional ratings have also been high due to its transparent pricing structure and its wide range of products offered by experienced staff members who understand investor needs.

Investing in gold through Goldco provides investors access to a safe asset class that can help protect against inflationary pressures while providing potential growth opportunities over time due to its unique properties compared to traditional stocks and bonds markets.

Key takeaway: Goldco is a great option for investors looking to diversify their retirement accounts. Benefits include convenience, security, transparency, and affordability.

Reviews of Goldco

Goldco has earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Customers have praised the company's knowledgeable staff, helpful resources, and quick response times to inquiries.

Many customers report that Goldco makes investing in gold easy and stress-free. One customer said, "I was able to open an account with Goldco quickly and easily without any hassle or confusion. The process was smooth from start to finish."

Another customer reported that they were impressed by the level of detail when answering their questions about investing in gold through Goldco.

Professional Reviews and Ratings:

Goldco is highly rated by industry experts as well. Financial advisors often recommend Goldco as a reliable option for investors looking to hedge against inflation with physical gold investments.

Professional ratings cite the company's low fees, secure storage options, wide selection of products, and experienced team as key factors contributing to its success in this market sector.

Additionally, many reviews note that Goldco offers competitive rates compared to other companies offering similar services.

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • Diversification: Investing in precious metals can provide a form of diversification for an investment portfolio, as the value of these assets is not closely tied to traditional stock and bond markets.
  • Hedge against inflation: Precious metals, particularly gold, have historically been a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.
  • Physical possession: Goldco offers physical possession of precious metals, which can provide peace of mind for some investors.
  • IRA rollovers: Goldco offers assistance with rolling over existing IRA or 401(k) funds into a precious metals IRA.


  • Physical possession of precious metals requires proper storage and insurance, which can add to the overall investment cost.
  • Limited potential returns: The potential returns on precious metals investments are generally lower than other types of investments, such as stocks or real estate.
  • Risk of fraud: As with any investment, there is always a risk of fraud or deception. It's essential to thoroughly research any company before investing and only work with reputable firms like Goldco.

FAQs about Goldco Review

Is Goldco a legit company?

Goldco is a legitimate company that has been in business over a decade. They are an established gold IRA provider and have helped thousands of customers diversify their retirement portfolios with physical gold and other precious metals. 

Their precious metals specialists are available during business hours of 7 am - 4 pm PST to answer any questions about investing in gold or setting up a self-directed IRA account. With their commitment to providing quality service and products, Goldco is a trusted source for investing in gold.

What kind of company is Goldco?

Goldco is a precious metals IRA company that helps investors diversify their retirement accounts by investing in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Goldco offers competitive pricing on all products. They also provide personalized advice from experienced professionals to help customers make informed decisions about their investments. 

Additionally, they offer tax-advantaged plans such as Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs to help maximize returns while minimizing taxes.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Goldco has become one of the leading providers of precious metal investment solutions.

Does Sean Hannity endorse Goldco?

Yes, Sean Hannity endorses Goldco. He believes that gold is an integral part of a diversified portfolio and can be used to protect one's wealth from the effects of inflation. In addition, he has expressed his support for investing in gold as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

How does Goldco make money?

Goldco makes money by charging a fee for its services. This fee is based on the amount of gold purchased, ranging from 1% to 3%.

Goldco also earns commissions when customers buy or sell gold coins, bars, and other precious metals. Additionally, they may earn interest from customers who store their gold in secure vaults. 

Finally, Goldco may charge storage fees if customers choose to keep their investments with them over time. All of these sources help Goldco to generate income and remain profitable.


If you're looking for a reliable way to protect your assets from inflation, investing in gold through Goldco may be the right choice.

Goldco offers low fees and minimum investments, making it an attractive option for those who want to diversify their retirement accounts.

Reviews of Goldco are generally positive, with customers praising the company's customer service and quick response times. 

Be sure to do your research before investing and read up on all the terms and conditions associated with any gold investment product so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not Goldco is right for you based on this Goldco review.

If you're looking to diversify your retirement account, Goldco is the perfect option. With low fees and excellent customer service, Goldco provides a safe way to invest in precious metals like gold and silver.

Not only that, but their portfolio advisors can help guide you toward making informed decisions about how best to grow your investments.

Don't wait - start building a secure future today with Goldco!

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