eCom Blueprint 2.0 by Gabriel St-Germain –  My Honest Review 2019

eCom Blueprint 2.0 by Gabriel St-Germain – My Honest Review 2019

Who is Gabriel St-Germain?

Gabriel St-Germain is a Canadian 21-year-old guy who left school and started focusing on online business. You are probably thinking that I have heard this one before.

However, he is not just anybody. He has made with dropshipping millions in turnover and most importantly, over 20% profit margin all the time. Gabriel has a popular Youtube channel (with over 150,000 subscribers) where he shares his experiences with dropshipping and why it still an excellent business model in 2019 and beyond.

Dropshipping business model in 2019

If dropshipping is fairly new to you, it’s basically an e-commerce model where you do not have to invest in the stock, but order the product from the supplier only after the customer has placed an order. This model allows you to get started at a really low cost. Dropshipping is still one of the best business models that exist in online business even in 2019.

Some people might say that there is no point to Dropship products from Aliexpress. They are totally right, that isn't a sustainable strategy and in fact, Garbiel advices to start using a dropshipping agent as soon as possible. It is actually a part of the course how you organize your business with a dropsipping agent.

Best dropshipping strategy in 2019

I have recently been more and more familiar with the dropshipping and noticed that Gabriel's videos are definitely the best content available about this whole topic on Youtube. It's definitely a good idea for you to listen to this guy what he has to say on the subject.

Gabriel's strategy is to make a one-product dropshipping store, which he optimizes and scales worldwide with Facebook advertising.

You may think that dropshipping is already too saturated and there are too many sellers and there is no room for me. However, most dropshippers are mediocre and do not have the necessary know-how to take the business to the next level.

eCom Blueprint 2.0

Gabriel St-Germain has an ECom Blueprint course where he tells with real case studies how he exactly did those crazy numbers. He teaches in the course how to find a winning product, how to set up a Shopify store, what apps to install, how to fulfill the orders, how to manage cash flow, etc.

However, the most important thing about the course is Gabriel's knowledge of Facebook advertising. He is absolutely brilliant what comes to Facebook advertising. He teaches a proven Facebook advertising strategy, which he has used to create numerous 6- and 7-figure stores. Facebook advertising is the key to success in the dropshipping business.

Additionally, this week (week 34, 2019), Gabriel St-Germain has released version eCom Blueprint 2.0, where he is unveiling his new store and teaching his brand new Facebook advertising strategy based on CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization). CBO will be mandatory on Facebook in the fall of 2019 and as a result, the Facebook advertising strategy has also been updated.

ecom blueprint 2.0 Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel St-Germain's sales of case study 1

I have personally taken part in various Facebook advertising courses, but I can honestly say, that what Gabriel taught in this course Facebook advertising outperforms all the more expensive Facebook training out there. The key to Facebook advertising is not what button to push in the interface, but how to build profitable advertising campaigns.

ecom blueprint 2.0 Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel St-Germain's sales of case study 2

eCom Blueprint is a course that Gabriel published in January 2019 and he has now just released a new updated version of the course. The brand new eCom Blueprint 2.0 includes a new case study and also a new Facebook advertising strategy based on CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization).

I took this course myself just a while ago and it has turned out to be one of the best investments I have made in education so far.

Since this course is now completely updated, you should not a) miss it or b) leave it for later, but rather join in right now.

The course costs $397. For once, a course that is ridiculously cheap compared to the value you get from this course.

Why eCom Blueprint 2.0 is different?

If you don’t trust me, trust Google (Youtube is owned by Google). Conduct a search on Youtube and type “dropshipping” and look at the results. You’ll find out that most of the first-page search result is Gabriel St. Germain videos.

The reason for this is because people watch and engage with his content more than anybody else in the niche. This is the solid proof that Gabriel St. Germain knows what he talking about and people simply love his content.

His course is based on case studies, which means that he reveals his store and product. Most of the other dropshipping courses are based on only theory. Probably the same theory what the “teachers” have been learned from another same kind of courses so they aren’t doing nothing more than recycling the same ideas.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 - Summary

Overall Rating

5 / 5




eCom Blueprint 2.0 includes 60 lessons, 10 hours of video content, & free updates for important changes. The price point $397 is very affordable comparing to the value you're getting out of the content. Even access to a very active private Facebook group is alone worthy of the investment in my opinion.

ecom blueprint 2.0 Gabriel St-Germain

Check it for yourself

Find more information about Gabriel St-Germain eCom Blueprint 2.0 on the actual course page.

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