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You get these high-quality mini-courses

Bonus 1: Solopreneur Success Course ($297 value)

 Solopreneur Success Course Topics Covered:

  • 3 Inspiring Solopreneur Success Stories
  • 5 Amazing Tips Successful Solopreneurs Want To Keep Secret 
  • Staying Motivated as a Solopreneur
  • 3 Tips For a Healthy Work-to-Break Ratio as a Solopreneur 
  • 5 Helpful Tax Tips All Solopreneurs Should Know 

Bonus 2: The Winning Mindset Formula ($297 value)

 You'll learn how to develop a winning mindset so that you can achieve everything in life that you want.

 The Winning Mindset Course Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Your Brain
  • The Power Of Your Mind
  • What Do You Want?
  • Why Statement And Setting Goals
  • Create Plans To Achieve Your Goals
  • Control Your Thoughts To Develop Your Winning Mindset
  • Use The Right Daily Routine To Develop Your Winning Mindset
  • Best Practices For Developing A Winning Mindset

Bonus 3: Focus Course ($297 value)

 You'll learn the very steps that highly productive people use to stay focused and get more done.

 Focus Course Topics Covered:

  • 5 Tips For Staying Focused
  • Creating A Work Ritual To Get You Focused
  • How To Create The Perfect Environment For Staying Focused
  • How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused
  • The Best Work-Break Ratio According To Science
  • 5 Tips For Staying Focused Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Bonus 4: Overcoming Obstacles ($297 value)

 You'll learn how gear your mindset to overcome the obstacles and turn it into success.

 Overcoming Obstacles Course Topics Covered:

  • 5 Powerful Mindsets for Overcoming Obstacles
  • How Your Mindset Affects Your Success
  • Are Obstacles Really a Bad Thing
  • Tap Into Your Natural Ability to Overcome the Odds
  • What to Do When Obstacles Seem Like Too Much
  • Why the Most Successful People Are Masters at Overcoming Obstacles

Bonus 5: Overcome Phone Addiction  ($297 value)

You'll learn how to reduce phone addiction and become more productive.

 Overcome Phone Addiction Course Topics Covered:

  • How to Test if You’re Addicted to Your Phone
  • 5 Healthy Cell Phone Habits
  • 5 Steps to Use your Phone Less
  • Spending a day away from your Phone
  • Best Ways to Spend Less Time Scrolling

Bonus 6: Access to My Private Community ($397 value)

My Private Community Benefits for You:

  • Get One-On-One Coaching from Me
  • Connect with People Who Are on The Same Journey 
  • Share Your Progress And Get Tips From The Community

ALSO, You will get my bonuses bonuses are tailored to you by CEO Aurelian Amacker and Jussi Hyvärinen. You will get a 30% OFF subscription + these bonuses if you decide to you start with is an all-in-one marketing platform that includes all the tools you will need to run your online business, such as sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, website builder, etc.

Your annual savings compared to Clickfunnels is whopping 1463%

Bonus 7: The New System to Launch an Online Business ($497 value)

The New System course is presented by Aurelian Amacker.

  • Video 1: Launch your high ticket offer and make your first sales
  • Video 2: Grow your business (build your audience and your team)
  • Video 3: Scale your business (FB ads, affiliate programs)

Bonus 8: Launch it! Create your course and sell it for up to $997 in the next 7 days! ($497 value)

Lauch it! is an online marketing course presented by Aurelian Amacker.

  • Video 1: How to create your course and sell it for between $7 and $997
  • Video 2: How to create a course that sells
  • Video 3: Make your first sales in the next 7 days
  • Video 4: Double your profits!

Bonus 9: Two Funnel Templates ($497 value)

  • Get 2 high-converting sales funnels templates that have generated thousands of dollars in sales
  • Just add your own offer and your own copy — you'll be live in minutes

Bonus 10: Two Email Swipe Files ($197 value)

Lauch it! is an online marketing course presented by Aurelian Amacker.

  • Video 1: How to create your course and sell it for between $7 and $997
  • Video 2: How to create a course that sells
  • Video 3: Make your first sales in the next 7 days
  • Video 4: Double your profits!

Bonus 11: A Long-Form Sales Page Template ($997 value)

  • A 'plug and play' sales page template based on a tried-and-tested copywriting method

Bonus 12: Free Migration of Your Entire Business to ($997 value)

  •'s world-class team will migrate your pages, products, and customers from any platform at no extra cost!
  • Simply contact their migration team and tell them what they need to move to
  • Sit back and relax. They’ll be in touch with updates throughout the process

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Please note that these bonuses are totally up to you whether you choose to use these bonuses or not. There is no obligation involved.

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