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What is Amazing Selling Machine and how it has changed my life?

Jussi Hyvärinen

Amazing Selling Machine is the number one Amazon online training program. It is an 8-week online course that teaches you how to build a successful Amazon private label business.

I joined ASM 7 in 2017. I was experiencing very hard times back then. I had recently lost my job and I was forced to look at other business opportunities as going back to corporate life wasn't an option for me. Luckily I stumbled upon ASM7, which was just going to be launched. Since then I have created a highly successful Amazon business and now I'm more and more focused on helping others to achieve the same kind of results with my Amazon consulting business.

Now I can run my business wherever I am and that is the beauty of it. Amazing Selling Machine didn't just change my life, it has done that for numerous people. Amazing Selling Machine has created more millionaires than any other online course out there.

Introducing Amazing Selling Machine 12

Amazing Selling Machine is a Proven System to Start, Grow, and Scale a Highly Profitable Business Leveraging the Power of Amazon Online Platform.

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You can dramatically speed up your success and achieve much bigger results in your new business by using a proven system that has produced incredible results for people just like you.

Amazing Selling Machine 12 is a complete step-by-step program that walks you through every part of starting, growing, running, and scaling a business leveraging the power of the Amazon e-commerce platform.



You start a business because you want freedom. You want freedom from working for someone else. You want freedom to do what you want, when you want. You want financial freedom. To provide for your future, your family, your security, and your life adventures is a big reason to start a business.


Be your own boss

When you work for others, your income level is steady. This will bring predictability to your daily life, but on the other hand, your earnings will never take radical leaps. In paid work, you exchange your time for money.                                                               


Do things what you love

You have the freedom to spend time on the things you love whenever you want. It can be, for example, travel, various hobbies, or the possibility to spend more time with your family and friends.


Live and travel wherever you want

The whole idea of the course is to teach you a way to make a business so that your business is not dependent on your location. It can ultimately change your life.

Amazon continues its massive growth

Amazon has been growing more than 20% every year and the forecasts for 2020 are even higher!

You can profit from this fast-growing industry by building your own private label business and take advantage of all of the future growth of Amazon.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/266282/annual-net-revenue-of-amazoncom/

The time series shows the net revenue of Amazon.com's e-commerce and service sales from 2004 to 2019, in billion US dollars. In the last reported year, the multinational e-commerce company's net revenue was 280.5 billion U.S. dollars, up from 177.86 billion US dollars in 2017.

Amazon.com, an American electronic commerce company originally founded in 1994, is the world’s largest online retailer of books, clothing, electronics, music and many more goods. As of 2019, the company generates the majority of it's net revenues through online retail product sales.

The massive opportunity is available today in Amazon because of the changes brought about by COVID-19. Due to the COVID-19 situation, more people than ever before are looking for ways to secure their financial future AND work from home. 

The only thing that you'll need is your laptop and the right knowledge to sell on Amazon!

Amazing Selling Machine 12 contents

ASM12 is jam-packed with the latest knowledge about selling on Amazon


Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

The actual first module teaches you how to choose a marketplace to start with, that is, whether to start selling in the US, Europe, or somewhere else and how to open a Seller Central seller account. The main thing about the module is a product research, how to find a first product to sell. The process teaches how to create a list of product opportunities, and finally choosing one product to launch.


Module 2: Suppliers, Samples and Your Professional Online Presence

Once you have found the the product to sell in the first module, the second module is all about to find the right supplier for the product and how to place orders for product samples.


Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand

Once you have found the best supplier for your product based on the samples, it's time to order the first inventory of products to Amazon. That is taught in this module.


Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets I

When the products are on their way to Amazon, it's time to build your own brand around the product. One of ASM's king ideas is that building a brand is of the utmost importance to make success on Amazon. Many other courses don't pay attention to branding as much as ASM12.


Module 5: Building Your Brand Assets II

In the fifth module, building of the brand continues. This module teaches you how to make a product listing on Amazon.


Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

This module teaches you how to make product launches on Amazon. ASM has its own product release method, which they call Launch, Blitz & Rank. The method is used to launch the product on Amazon and rank it higher so that the product starts selling well.


Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

This module introduces how to use Amazon advertising platform and introduces advanced marketing techniques such as Lightning Deals


Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The last module will teach you how to scale your Amazon business to the next level. Amazon is a very interesting platform for being scaled up easily no matter how much. It is possible to add more products to Amazon and thereby generate more sales or expand into different markets like Europe or Australia.


Here is my invaluable Amazing Selling Machine bonus package

If you're looking to accelerate your success with the Amazing Selling Machine 12, to make the process of building your Amazon business faster and easier then my special Amazing Selling Machine bonus package is for You.


Amazon Mastery bonuspaketti
Bonus 1
$2000 value
3 Live One-to-One Coaching Sessions

What is the most valuable thing for your business when we are talking about coaching? It is one-to-one coaching where we can focus on your business and your questions. I have studied Amazon business for years and I have in-depth knowledge of it including e.g. tax questions.

One 1 hour one-to-one coaching sessions per month for three consecutive months.

Expires 6 months from the date of registration with ASM 12.

Private email coaching
Bonus 2
$2000 value
Private Email Coaching

Sometimes you will get stuck with your Amazon business and you don't know to go forward. This bonus is made for that particular reason. This bonus might be a life saver for you. You can ask me any kind of question related to your Amazon business. 

You can send me one coaching email per month for six consecutive months and ask me up to three questions.

 Expires 6 months from the date of registration with ASM 12.

Find your best product
Bonus 3
$500 value
Find your best product

What is the biggest single reason that any newbie Amazon seller will fail? It is the product - namely the wrong product.

You will pick five product opportunities during the course and I will analyze which one is the best and WHY or should you ditch them all. I have evaluated hundreds of products and helped numerous brands and companies in their Amazon business.

That is really the best Amazing Selling Machine bonus you can get. Product is the number one thing in Amazon business whether you make it or break it!

Paras Wordpress teema
Bonus 4
$2500 value
Done-for-You a Wordpress brand website

Why you'd need a website in Amazon FBA business you might ask?

When you list your product or make changes to your existing listing Amazon usually asks proof that you are a legitime seller. You have to provide to Amazon your website with the necessary information about your product until they allow you to list your product or make changes to it. If you don't have the proof you won't be able to move forward.

Your website makes your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of your Amazon customers also. Many customers will check your brand's online presence before they buy anything from a new seller.

I will design and implement a beautiful website, which is ready-to-go for your brand. All you have to do is to provide me the copy and your brand logo and product images. You just have to pay for your hosting and domain using Siteground and I'll take care of the rest. I'll build the website with Elementor Pro using my Expert license so you don't have to pay anything extra. Note! This is NOT a BLANK Wordpress installation but a COMPLETE FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE with e-commerce capability.

Remember, a website is a main asset for your brand which you have a 100% control over for years to come.

Amazinig Selling Machine bonus
Bonus 5 
€150 VALUE
Sponsored Products Revealed

The biggest expense by far for most Amazon sellers is advertising. Many sellers are struggling because all their sales income is going to Amazon advertising and they are not making any profit.

Why's that? Because they don't know how to run the Amazon advertising campaigns in the right way. You will only a basic Sponsored Products training in the ASM (Sponsored Products is the Amazon advertising system).

Fortunately, there is a solution to this - my Sponsored Products guide. In this guide, I'll reveal how you should implement Sponsored Products advertising campaigns to get the most out of them and lower your ACOS values to a reasonable level.

The information in this guide will help you beat your competitors in Amazon ads and generate additional sales, as well as significantly increase your profit margin at best.

How to get these incredible bonuses?

Here are the steps:


Sign up for ASM through the green button on this page. It is my affiliate link, which means I earn a commission when you join the Amazing Selling Machine (at no extra cost to you). This is the reason I'm able to give these bonuses for you for free.

You can purchase using the full payment option or any other payment option. Whichever option you choose, you will be eligible for all of my bonuses here, including everything that is being offered inside the Amazing Selling Machine 12 (including their bonuses).


Once you've signed up, email your receipt to info@finnzon.com so I can confirm that the purchase is in order.


After checking everything is in order I'll send you the details of all of your bonuses.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me at info@finnzon.com or click the chat button in the bottom corner of this page.

About Jussi Hyvärinen

Jussi Hyvärinen is one of the most renowned Amazon sellers in Finland. He has started his Amazon career in 2017 when he took Amazing Selling Machine 7. With his teachings, many Finnish companies have sold thousands of products since.

He has a deep understanding of the Amazon business, and he has participated in many top-notch Amazon courses like:

  • Amazing Selling Machine 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Traian Turcu’s Amazon Masterclasses
  • Traian Turcu’s Amazon Accelerator
  • Amazon Mastery by Toni Raehalme & Viktor Villand
  • Ben Cummings’ Search Find Buy

Here’s what people are saying about me

Olli Uuksulainen


Jussi guided us to Amazon in a challenging situation!

"We received quick and competent guidance as the demanding project progressed towards launching. We intend to continue cooperating in both advertising and brand building. I can recommend Jussi to other Amazon sellers."

Hanna Latva

Amazon Brand Owner

Professional and fast service

"Jussi is an Amazon pro who turns a loss-making product into a success. I asked him for help launching my product because I lacked the time and know-how. Jussi took care of the launch process from start to finish and got much more than I expected: really professional and fast service. My product, which no one had ever heard of, is now number one in its category, and sales continue to grow."

Heikki Räisänen


We doubled our sales on Amazon

"We had been selling on Amazon for a long time but we were totally lost with all its complexity. We needed help on how to increase visibility and sales. Jussi immediately had a clear grasp of things to do and how things work there. We have been very happy with his help."

Amazing Guarantee: The 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Backed by our unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, you have the opportunity to explore ASM and experience all it has to offer completely risk-free.

If at any point up until 30 days from your original purchase date of ASM you decide that this isn’t the right business for you, you can call us at 1-888-415-0615 Monday – Friday 9 AM – 9 PM CT or email us at support@amazing.com. Just let us know that you would like to refund and we will issue you a full refund of any payments that you have made for ASM.

However, what if you want to experience all eight modules of the web class? What if you want the opportunity to actually launch your business using our training to see if it’s right for you?

What ASM students are saying?

Anica Kath

John and Stormy Collins

Hutch Vogl

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A Personal Note

It’s good to remember that success required hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. Also, things don’t always happen fast and nothing comes for free. However, if you are really willing to change your life, it is entirely possible.

You can regret it later if you miss this opportunity. That's why you should act now.

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